Saturday, March 17, 2012

While i was away...........

  • I found out one of my classmates was/is a Porn star.  
  • I baked banana bread from scratch 
Errmmm...i didn't intend to blog about this so this half eaten piece is all i have to show for my efforts.

  • I didn't miss blogging or reading blogs at all which was very surprising because i have been doing this consistently for 5 years.

*Sorry if i skedaddled without warning. I don't promise to stay.

*Heads up!


  1. LOL @ the comment about the Nigeria Blog Award site... cracked me up

    ps: Real Porn star? as in a medical student too? He/she get power ooo

  2. welcome back.

    really? a porn star?? did u find out?.....hmm!

    laughing...u sabi find trouble shaaaa, u dis edo babe! laughing.

    take care :D u don chop am finish b4 u remb 2 snap am foto abi?

  3. Haha! Was it a guy? Is he sexy? yuM!!

  4. porn star? oya full gist - thats what everyone wants to know anyways.

  5. Porn star? Gen gen *eyes bulging* You cannot drop a gist like that and disappear so pls details! Lol

    & hw did u find out?

  6. Oooooh I love banana bread. Always always make it. I hope you liked it too

    School must be crazy as usual... *hugs*

    And as per that your porn star classmate... Talk about a major hustle gig...LOL

  7. I hear porn stars are paid very well, so guy/babe must be made eh?

    As for the NBAs you sure?

  8. @Myne: Unless my eyes deceives me, tres sur.

  9. Medical Student = Porn Star???
    Where does she/he find time?? Aren't you guys supposed to be mega sega tega busy?

  10. Besides, I just checked NBA and your blog is there. It is listed as Sting. I clicked on it and it linked me back to your blog.

  11. @ilola: Hmmmm. I didn't see that this morning, but good to know.


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