Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Gist

Truth be told, i can't keep up with blogging and school right now. I've been on "Spring break" for the past week, but you wouldn't know it by the amount of work i had to do and still have to do before Monday. I wanted to get as much board prep in before Monday. Path and Pharm have been neglected and  as soon as i finish this post, i will start on the 12 lectures of Path i need to go over before Monday.

I could leave my blog up and just not blog, but that doesn't work for me because it's such a huge source of distraction. I'm either reading posts or comments or just coming on here because it's a habit. I really was surprised at how easy it was for me to give it up. Maybe i have used blogging as a crutch all these years and need to let it go. I know i wasn't gone for any significant amount of time but i certainly didn't miss it at all and the real reason i even came back at all is because i was irritated.Yes, i can be a troublemaker. I know.

With that being said, i will give you guys a quick run down about my Porn Star classmate. I don't want to leave you hanging like that. So, it's a chic. Very pretty, girl next door, professional looking chic. Yep. There's over 200 of us in my class and i don't really know a lot of people. There are still some people that i have never seen in my life, especially people whose last names start with L and below. We are divided into groups alphabetically for a lot of thing and our locker numbers are given alphabetically also, so unless you are into socializing with your classmates (which i'm not), you tend to only really know the people who are in groups with or in the same organizations with and stuff like that. Add to the fact that i'm not a class goer, i really don't know a lot of my classmates. However, there are some people you just know or you know their names because they are into everything. This chic is one of those people. So even if i couldn't point her out in a crowd, i knew her name. A couple of weeks ago, i had even worked with her on learning how to document in the medical record, because they had divided us up in a weird way that week. I didn't know how her name though.

Anyway, last Sunday we (a bunch of med students of African descent) were at my next door neighbor's apartment hanging out and eating good food and it came up that we had a med student who was a porn star. I was like "Nooooooo". When they said her name, i was shocked. This chic even ran for SA last year. They then pulled up her videos from google using her Porn name and i'm like, i know this chic, but it still didn't click it was the girl i worked with until i called my gossip partner (who worked with us also) and he was like that's the person we worked with. The thing is, it's an open secret. Everyone knows. I think i'm one of the last people to know. She works as a resident assistant, so even Residents and Attendings know. There's talk that some Attendings have said they don't want her on their service when we start 3rd year. I don't know how true that is. Funny enough, she is the "little sib" to one of the other Nigerian girls who was in the apartment that day and i was teasing her about it. Each first year is paired with a second year = Big sib/Little sib relationship

The crazy thing is this isn't something she did in the past and has stopped doing. There are videos of her from after she already started med school, even one from Dec. I don't know if she does this while school is in session or while we are on break. I would guess it would be while we are on break though. While people were busy doing summer research, she was busy shooting videos which is a lot more than i did with my summer. lol. It just goes to show you really can't judge a book by it's cover. I mean, seeing her put her whole fist into someone else's vagina.................I was speechless! I really was shocked by the whole thing, really. She does girl on girl porn by the way, if that makes it better. She is not a lesbian as she has a boyfriend and also hooked up with some dude in my school. But she sure seems to enjoy what she's doing. I no know o. I can't judge her because i don't know her story but it's really scandalous for someone who wants to be a doctor. However, she is not the first med student porn star.

While we are at this amebo thing,  i might as well tell you guys of the Gray's anatomy type shit that went down not too long ago. A married (female) third year was caught having sex with her surgery resident in the on call room. Big no-no because you are not even supposed to have any kind of relationship with your residents. Somehow her husband finds out, and she ends up getting a divorce. Married 3rd year = Person A.

Married (male) 3rd year (Person B), has been cheating on his wife since first year with classmate (Person C). Wife finds out, they end up getting a divorce. Person C has the reputation of being the class toilet (I didn't make that up). She is affectionately referred to as "Slutty Annie". LOL. Although my friend said that since she has retired, she should now be called "Retired Slutty Annie". Anyway, Person B and Person C became "official" after Person B gets a divorce from his wife. One day, Person C is looking for Person B because he is not where he is supposed to be and wasn't answering her calls. She drives over to his apartment and lets herself in because she has a key. Walks into the bedroom and finds Person B having sex with someone. That someone covers her face with the sheets. Person C angrily yanks the sheets off her face and who does she see? Person A. Person B is a Mormon by the way, and i always thought those guys were stand up guys. They get married early and are very family oriented. I was very shocked. I guess they are human and you really can't put anything past anyone. 

Anyway, that's my amebo gist. I will more than likely take my blog down again. There's nothing going on other than the fact that i have to concentrate on school and i have too much on my plate. I can't afford any distractions right now. I have heavily de-cluttered my life and freed myself of redundant "friends". A lot of my guy friends have been showing their asses lately and i have zero tolerance at this point, so it's delete and block. What's the point of having someone as a friend if they don't add to your life? No time o.Gotta keep it moving.

I'll try to stay gone until after the semester is over which is mid may, then i start studying for Step 1 immediately. I'll probably pop in and out again. I apologize to the people who use my blog list to blog hop. I'm just trying to get through this med school business the best way i can.

If u are a serious amebo like me and would like to check out my classmate...let me know. I might throw her porn name your way :). Might! Definitely wouldn't if it was her real name, but i guess her porn name is fair game.


  1. i would love to know lol (amebor like me)

  2. i cant believe a future doctor would do that, like how the hell does she intend on finding a job after it all said and done. geez talk about respecting ur self, she is only thinking about getting by now and not her future

  3. ahahhaaa, my sistah don turn to amebo like me huh? :D

    I like this gist ooo. Haba! can't believe a future doctor is a porn star! I mean, is it not against your ethics? it's a noble profession, so won't she tarnish the image of doctors?

    As for person A, B, C.....they deserved each other! Talk about Nemesis!

    Good luck with your studies, and exams, would be waiting anytime you come back. :D

  4. Hahahahaha omg! Dame has finally killed me. I'm literally lmao here. Dem grey's anatomy pple def deserve each other. "Affectionately called slutty Annie"?! Lol some more. U just made my morning

    Sorry about the school workload. We'll def miss you. Study hard & do us proud xoxo

  5. Wow.. am officially an amebo… luv ur gist…. Pls we need the real and pron name pls pls pls….

    Gud luck with skul… God will surely see u through in flying colors….

  6. I will miss you o, but sha understand. Study well and all the best.

    I knew all those grey's anatomy runs aren't just Shonda and her writer's imagination

  7. Aww... Will mis you for the time being but hurry and get out of Med school with honors...

  8. Wow when you said The Gist i didnt know we were to take you quite

    Stop by my blog anytime and let me now what you think


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