Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick Update

Is it too early to start complaining about school? I already have A LOT to complain about. It's amazing how easy it is to become tired again. I figured with 3 months of doing nothing but bumming around, i would be rejuvenated and good to go. For where. All that energy was out the window on Night 2.

Anyway, that's not why am here. Yesterday was my baby niece/god-daughter's birthday. She turned two, so she's not a baby anymore but she's my baby! I borrow pose with her seriously. Anyway, she's such an important part of my life, it would be remiss of me not to write about her on this blog. Sadly, i can't share pictures because her 2nd maama (who is officially her real maama) forbade me. In case you are wondering, my mom is baby's first maama and i'm her third maama. Trust me, it makes sense. That child loves my mom to death. She's very attached to her. Anywaysssssss, i was drinking some cold water, and you know that sound you make (ahhhhh...) after you drink cold water? I made it and it reminded me of her. It's amazing what these kids notice. When she drinks water, she always makes the sound whether the water is cold or not because she noticed my mom doing it. It's so cute. Right before i left, she started asking for me to do "ring a rosie" with her. She doesn't talk well, but she is able to communicate what she wants. In this case, clasped her hands together, was babbling and turning around, so i knew what she wanted because i had done it with her before. When she did it another day, i knew what she wanted immediately.

Her understanding of pidgin English is on point and she's starting to repeat pidgin words, which is the funniest thing ever, because believe it or not, she is already starting not to pronounce things the Nigerian way. I don't know how that happens. I really don't especially since everyone around her has a Nigerian accent. We figured it's from TV and Day care. I have no clue. Anyway, i love that child and whenever i'm sad i watch videos i made of her and it always makes me laugh. I still think it's amazing how much she looks like my sister. She is so pretty. It's funny cos after she was born my sister was like, "You are going to be her god mother, right?"  and i was like"why not?" Then she said "You know you said if she wasn't pretty, you wouldn't be her god mother, but she's pretty". First of all, i can't believe i actually said that but i'm sure i did. I must have been joking. lol.

Now that i've finished gushing about my borrow pose daughter, i will jejely go back to my books. OMG, micro is so boring. I want to almost kill myself. Almost!!!!

Before i go, i was thinking about Bella Naija and Linda Ikeji. Which do you guys prefer? Bella Naija actually started out like Linda Ikeji, until she took a journey down Tush and Elite lane. Now i think the site is boring and i can go a week or more without visiting it. Most of the things there don't interest me. I love the wedding showcases but those only serve to remind me how much i need to have if i want a nice wedding, then some of the relationship articles are alright. Other than that, i don't enjoy it as much. Linda Ikeji on the other hand, i visit everyday, like i don't have anything better to do with my time. I hope she continues with what she's doing and builds on what she has going for her because many people are like me,we like amebo work and don't really care about tush events we will never attend.

To the Izz: Happy baiday! You'll always be my boo-boo :)

I'm outie. Thanks for all ur comments guys. They make me laugh and that's always a good thing because med school makes me sad.


  1. Awww, now I want to see the picture of the baby, lol.

    I agree with you about BellaNaija - it's become too gentrified for me, :D I spend more of my time at Linda's, although she is also not without her problems, lol.

  2. I still remember when Linda Ikeji just started blogging and wasn't nearly as popular as she is now. Surprisingly, I liked her better then. She was more down to earth and open then than she is now. Not saying that is no longer any of those things.

    Enjoy med school. By the time that doctor pay check starts to come in in the six figures, the problems would be so last century. :D

  3. Yeiiii..Happy birthday to your goddaughter......
    sorry about isn't easy.
    Hummm... on the bella/ Linda thingy, good point, I still visit both sites sha.

  4. Happy birthday to your god daughter, I think I've seen her pic before?

    Good luck with school, and less of the gossip blogs, lol...

  5. I'm with you on the bella naija/linda ikeji thing...i don't ever go to bella naija anymore.

    I feel the same way about my little nephew...he is so cute and precious

    Good luck in school, i'm praying for an easy semester for you

  6. Defo Linda Ikeji, I can't remember the last time I was on Bella Naija. Their own sef too much, and the articles are a little bland.

  7. I like Linda's blog way more than bella naija, but Linda can be a bit mean-spirited at times with some of the posts she puts up.

  8. nt rili got into Linda Ikeji...go to bella naija for the weddings. i love saying awwws!

    btw, school will end one day sha! me sef hate it!

    hbd to ur god daughter.

  9. baby's are simply precious! i dnt really care for either of those two blogs lol

  10. I'm with Kitkat. Aren't children wonderful? I have been borrowing other people's own a lot. For the moment, it's nice to return them after a while.

  11. Scorpio, are u saying that walking down tush and elite lane makes one boring???? (make i put small fire under ur bum

  12. And before i forget, let me add this. As we dey make u laff now wey med school dey make u sad, make u no just forget to put small money for our account as re payment when the BIGGGG doctor salary begin flow enter. i rest my case

  13. @Amaka: In this particular instance, Tush and Elite = Boring.

    Sure, after i pay off my $250,000 med school loan, i will cut u all a check. How does that sound?

  14. Awwww, my own borrow pose son is also 2yrs old and believe it or not one of his first phrases was "ha fa"

    As for Linda and Bella, i'm so proud of Bella, remembering where she started from and where she is now. On the other hand, it is a tad bit boring these days. Sometimes all those glitzy pictures only serve to depress pesin.

    Linda on the other hand seems to be doing all the work herself still, sourcing all this juicy gossip for us and keeping us abreast of happenings, while also sometimes revealing a personal side which i think is brave, because she don chop beta insult for that her blog.

  15. Oh and micro.....hmmm...... get ready, all those gram positives and gram negatives will drive u crazy before the end of the year and by the time you have to integrate it with pharm, before you get to the 3rd gen of cephalosporins, you may find urself on the psychi ward.
    Goodluck my darling :*

  16. just doing my blog rounds and i swear i could just hear you say something like "if your baby isn't pretty i won't be its god-mother". Gaddamnit! :)) and please don't try to tone it down with the whole 'i was joking' thingy (been there, done that)...we all now know what we always suspected... that is, Madam Sting stings more like a scorpion than a bee. :)


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