Thursday, August 4, 2011


I've been chewing on a lot of things lately, some important, others not so important.
  • School: I think med school and God's grace go hand in hand. I don't know how i am feeling that in another 18 days i will be starting second year. On good days when i have mental clarity, i feel like i am finally making progress but more often than not, i'm not looking forward to the madness. It's a totally different life when i'm in school and when i'm at home. Our registrar sent us an email and at the end, she said "hope you've been having an enjoyable and productive summer". I definitely have not had a productive summer because i did not do a single thing. How that is going to affect me in future, i don't know and i worry about it for a minute from time to time but not too much. I tried to volunteer with AID Atlanta and the Dekalb County Board of Health but i was turned down because they had no use for short term volunteers. So i'm basically just chilling, enjoying my family and free-time as much as possible because in a few short weeks i will be thrown head first into the lion's den. Daniel survived and so will I. 
  •  Liking someone: Some people forget or are unaware that just because someone likes you today doesn't mean they'll like you tomorrow. I don't hesitate to tell people that. So don't be thinking you can start acting the fool and feeling like a G because you think I like you. Liking someone is not a permanent condition and it is subject to change. Some people use their own hand to spoil their market and this goes for girls too. Some girls just think by virtue of the fact that they are female and a guy is showing interest, they can start to act like brats. You think the guys are foolish abi? Feeling too cool with yourself can lead to the death of a crush. 
  • Marriage issues: I finally admitted to myself that i don't want to get married anytime soon. I thought the older i got the more my brain would shift into that line of thinking but it hasn't happened. I don't understand when people get it into their heads that they are ready to marry and pick the next thing that comes along that looks good on paper. Sometimes they barely even know these people, yet they chose them as partners to go through life's journey with. I can't help but think some people take this marriage business lightly. I read somewhere that your spouse is the ONLY family you get to choose, so chose wisely. That is deep. I mean, someone of us have crazy family members we have to love regardless. Family is family and you have to love them no matter what (well, most of the time cos i don't 100% agree) but given the choice of picking a husband to add to my family, why won't i take my time to make sure i am picking the best person for me. Am i just going to chose blindly and hope for the best? In Atlanta, within the last month, 3 men have killed their wives. This is such a common occurence these days, i have to sit and wonder what is going on. So in addition to asking God for a good man, we now have to pray for a husband that won't end up killing us, abi? The person who is meant to love and cherish you, ends up taking your life. What a sad story. 
  • Dating bad boys, jackasses or simply the wrong person. My friend was telling me yesterday that he doesn't understand why girls pick bad guys to date and why they stay in relationships that are obviously bad for them. My response was that most girls are not crazy. No girl in her right mind would date a guy who comes at them being a jackass from day 0. A lot of guys put their best foot forward when they want to date you and start doing things they normally wouldn't do until they feel they have it in the bag, then their true colors start to show. Now, how long it takes their nasty sides to show is where the difference lies. As for staying in a bad relationship, that is a complicated issue but i know that until someone decides on their own that enough is enough, the whole world can line up and tell them to get out of the bad situation, but they won't listen. The heart wants what it wants. I liken such situations to being a on rollercoaster ride. You can't get off in the middle of the ride regardless how terrible it is, you have to wait for the ride to stop in order to be able to get out. Sadly as we all know, not everyone is lucky enough to get out unscathed or even alive in some cases. 
  • Copyright Issues: What do you do when someone publishes your blog content without your permission or even your knowledge. I found out that my blog feed was being published on Ablanla blogs because i saw it being mentioned on twitter. The person who did that did not even have the courtesy to ask my permission. The only thing i could do at the time was reduce my blog feed and some guy (who is suspect is the owner of that site) asked me about it. Then Mizchif complained about the reduced feed and i decided not to punish my regular readers and i set my feed back to full. Now, i have emailed the owner of the site asking that my feed be removed from his site and of course i did not get a response nor was my feed removed. I don't think it's right and I am very irritated by the blatant disrespect and disregard for me and my blog. I think the owner of that site is a thief and he should thank the good lord that i don't have the resources to pursue this issue. Seriously, what can i do to protect my blog from these blog thieves? Mrs. Newlywed is having similar issues of her own which is why this issue came to my mind tonight.
  • I NEED a new phone and i'm with T-mobile. I don't want the blackberry though. Any suggestions would be welcome. 
  • I also need a computer but don't want a mac or HP. Suggestions welcome. 
*I just searched for Abanla Blogs on twitter and apparently their page has been suspended. Good! Maybe someone did something after all but their site is still functional and i happen to be a "top user" on the site even though i never visit there. 


      1. LoL--U have def been chewing on quite a LOT of things lately. And about that husband/wife being the only family u can choose and choose wisely is so right!
        And about skool, honestly Im getting so used to med students on about this, I have quite a number of them and honestly Im beginning to feel like I go to skool with them sef, starting with my sister! LoL--enjoy ur 18 days left o, play well well sef! LoL

        *btw I have been meaning to tell u, most pple visit my blog through yours. LoL #Random.

      2. Get an Android - I use the Lg Optimus with Google and its pretty cool.
        And for computers - the Sony Vaio.

      3. wow, abanla blogs???? have never heard of the site...that is just so wrong

        And yea, the marriage bit, a lot of people don't think it through,

      4. Geez girl. On the copyright issue, you have taken the first step. You can go on the site and post a stinker.

        I am with you on the liking someone thing. Feelings flip over all the time so no biggie and stop acting bratty!

        On phones, an iphone? or the new Nokia or any of the smart Nokias, they are cool.
        On computers, try an Acer. I use one and I especially love the white keyboard. Its 12.1 inch screen and has a dark blue translucent hard back. I have had it for 2yrs and several months and I am still in love with it!

        Enjoy the rest of summer.

      5. Marriage is a scary business-I think we all have to approach it with the tight intention.

        On this copy right thingy, I am seriously starting to get pissed off. I found a profile of myself complete with every picture + recipe I have ever posted on a .com called itsnaija yesterday.I was too shocked. I have no way of contacting the owner of the site.smh.

      6. These days many people rush into relationships and marriages just to keep up with the Joneses. (It's the trending thing, my mates are getting married,therefore I need to get married).

        If we take so many years (7 yrs of primary, 6 yrs of sec,4-6 yrs college) before we choose or are ready for a career, we should definitely take more than 1 year before we choose a life partner.

      7. @Prism on relationships & marriage, very well said. Marriage scares me so bad. Not gona do rush into somthing & rush out 2yrs afta with a battered body/soul just so I can be "mrs sombory". So help me God.
        On liking som1. exactly! "Liking" is not a permanent state. If I like u & u misbehave too many times, I'm gone. shikena
        On bad boys, I guess some chics may think they can change men. News flash: you can't change any1 who doesn't wana change.

      8. Good luck with school, it will be done before you know it. As for marriage, I totally believe there's no rush, getting the right person for you is more important than the time or how many of your circle had got married first.

      9. many thoughts on your mind. soon be over

        ....marriage?? your time

        ....bad guys??..still baffles me

        copyright problem??...leave a STRONG comment in the copied post, leaving your link

      10. Re School: Remember Medicine is all consuming and not for the faint-hearted.
        Re Marriage: I still think this not for everyone. If more people admitted they were not marriage or parent material, there would be less cases of abuse
        Re Liking Someone: Definitely not a permanent condition. Even parents can dislike their kids' behaviour from time to time
        Re Copyright *sigh* If someone is stupid enough to copy another - without giving due credit; they deserve to be disrespected.

      11. This abanla blog is scaring me o, is it for real


        i can imagine the shock you felt seeing your work on another site, this days one has to be careful knowing it looking like this SCAMMER is everywhere in blogville

      12. Back to the main issues discussed:

        Medical school: If you can make it to your second year, bravo to you. The main problem is getting into medical school so they say, the rest is easy, hang in tight

        Marriage isn't for everyone, it takes a lot of compromise, there are days it's all fun and then those days you question your LIFE like what the heck am I doing here, the truth for marriage is to marry your best friend because you can tolerate a lot from them, so I say

      13. get a mac. Once you go mac, you won't go back.

      14. New Phone suggestion: go android! I don't know if Tmobile has them from HTC or Samsung (those are the top in terms of software etc)
        New Laptop suggestion: Toshiba or Sony.

      15. LOL @ your blog being published somewhere else. *smh*

      16. so true about the "liking someone" ish. it sooo isnt a permanent condition lol

      17. Some serious rumination going on here Sting.

        Thank you so much for taking off that reduced feed thing. I'm also mad about this abanla blogs matter. How will somebody sit down, type a full blogpost only for one mad person to pull the whole blogpost and publish on their site? There must be something that can be done.
        Do we have to sign a petition? I will sign first.

        Oh and your med school woes, i think you'll be fine. Really. All the research and volunteering you've done in the past still count and will be on your CV. Someone like me that schooled outside the US i don't even know where i'm going to start from.


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