Thursday, August 18, 2011

Plentieee Stuff

  • The kind sleep wey dey catch me this afternoon ehn! Odi very serious. This dude woke me up this morning at 7.25am and i had gone bed at 2am. I checked my phone and saw he had called at 2.24am and 4.30am. I was so pissed cos i woke up with a headache. Then i get on facebook and he sent me a message asking if i had seen ALL his missed calls. Wowzers. Just as i finished responding to him and asking him if he didn't know there was a time difference, he calls me. I tire for the matter. I just went ahead and blocked him after the call. I'm loving my new phone cos it has that feature. Don't ask me the kind of phone i was using before cos it was some bootleg pangolo phone that upped and died on me. Anyway, my friend told me to chill out and be nice to him so i unblocked him. He has until Sunday night to arrange himself, unless he's back on the blocked list. 
  • I officially started my coupon clipping career today and i saved a grand total of $3!!!! :) Hey, cut me some slack here, i just started. I've never thought to use coupons even though my younger sister who is a reformed queen of extravagance and a borderline shopaholic, started using coupons 2 years ago when she had her baby and she saved a TON of money buying baby stuff. Still, it never registered in my brain that clipping coupons might be a worthy venture. In fact, as soon as i get the newspaper with the coupons, they go straight to my recycling trash bag, i don't even look at it. So why the change of heart? Of course, i watched Extreme Couponing on TLC this summer and i saw the light. Besides, it doesn't hurt cos i'm a broke medical student with no source of income except my student loans which are waiting for me to be paid back in the nearest future.
  • Come o! Are you guys aware that there are some restaurants in Naij that double do i say this nicely? Erm....escort services? A guy can come eat and pick the waitresses abi na servers or hostesses up, almost like prostitutes? My friend told me about his experience with this issue when he went to Nigeria and i was very skeptical. I knew he wasn't lying but it was hard to believe. This is different from when he would go to the club and see runs girls there who were in the club just for the purpose of picking up men. He said he didn't believe it at first until his friends (just to prove a point) called a couple of the girls and were pricing them like you would price fish in the market. Wawawewa! Anyway, i'm not talking about that. I'm talking about restaurants whose "waitresses" are undercover runs girls or prostitutes. I mean, this guy told me about this early this year, but it didn't sink in until i was watching Ofe Owerri Special on NollywoodLove this evening. The lady runs a restaurant and her waitresses are hired with the knowledge that they will provide a "happy ending" for the customers that require it. She then splits the proceeds 50:50 with her madam. I said, ehen....see groove. I think i'm too sheltered for my own good. 
  •  This is an age-long debate but do you guys think you can turn a "ho" into a housewife? The popular saying is that you can't turn a ho into a housewife. I've been watching this show on OWN, i don't know the title of the show but it looks at prostitutes in Cook County jail, Division 17 in Chicago who are in program to turn their lives around. The setting/structure remind me of the psychiatric hospitals i've worked in, but that's beside the point. Anyway, so these ladies have peer coordinators who were once prostitutes and i think it makes sense cos these ladies can relate cos they've been there. So one of the peer coordinators has a husband who met her when she was 5 years clean and he knows she was a prostitute and all that. She seems to have turned her life around and he was willing to give her a chance. I don't think i agree that you can't turn a ho into a housewife. I think it depends on the individual and if they have personally seen the error of their ways and decided to give it up. Other than that, then the saying stands true. What say you?  *I just saw the title of the show. It's called Prostitution: Leaving the Life
  • Sometimes we need someone to believe in us when we can't believe in ourselves. I always say this and i said this to my brother this summer. I remembered the saying because one of the jail inmates just said something similar. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a GOOD, POSITIVE support system, regardless of where you are in life's journey. Someone to believe in you, when you can't believe in's awesome is that?!! I have seen the result of being there for someone, lifting them up, encouraging them, speaking positive words into their spirit. It's being a blessing to be able to do that for someone and to have someone do that for me.
  • T.D Jakes said he has the gift of Good bye. Well, i don't, but i'm working on it. It's a good gift to have.
  • 2 more blogs and i will have 400 blogs on my blog list. I deserve some sort of award. I know a lot of people visit my blog just to get to other blogs. Una go soon start to dey pay me. Also, believe it or not, this blog has 505 posts. Unfortunately, i had to take a TON of posts down when it became obvious i could no longer conveniently have a "personal" blog. So many things i would have talked about but my space has been infiltrated. I'm okay with it now sha. Surprisingly, i missed my paper journal so much this summer because i made the stupid decision to leave it behind, thinking i wouldn't need it. I had to make do with typing up stuff in Word when i really needed to offload (that word just sounds weird right there, brings something else to mind). Whatever works, shey?
    • Okay people, i'm going back to my Ofe Owerri Special. It's crazy how the last time i watched Naija movies was the first week of June and now that school is about to start back, i'm trying to cram them in. I'm a mess. I had 3 months to watch them and i didn't. SMH. 
    *It took me 5 hours to type up this post hence it's no longer afternoon, between watching TV, a movie on my computer, eating a giant piece of cake and just being lazy. I still have a headache!!!! It's going to be an early night with my phone turned off. 


      1. hahahaa.... u got me on that one of using your blog to get to other blogs...You, ma'am, live a quite interesting life.....:)

      2. Sorry about the headache and, pls, easy on the cake!
        I read all the way down waiting to see if u would say why the guy was calling all that much. you didnt. so i guess i just have to lower by standing antennea cos it seems i wouldnt be getting any tatafo on that.
        As for the restaurants in naija that double as 'u-know-what', that has been going on for a loooong time. its so bad that these girls actually panic when, as the night draws near, none of the guys have called to ask to take them home. they no even send if the guy come with babe sef, dey just keep flirting around as they bring u ur isiewu and nkwobi (now i feel like eating nkwobi!)Man (or in this case, girl) must survive abi?
        Goodluck on ur coupon cutting career.

      3. WOW! LOng post.

        Coupon clipping i cant comment much, we dont have the privilege here

        I shall be back to visit other blogs from your links when i am bored

        about the guy you should explain the time difference thing to him, he can't just pick up the phone and call you whenever

        As per escort services, dearie, anything is possible here o!

        So are you all set for school work?

      4. 505 posts, 400 blogs ob your list? You don try ooo.
        As for the restaurant stuff, I also believe I am too sheltered and will love to remain sheltered. Such news doesn't do good for me at all.
        I also believe a ho can become a housewife, but its up to her, cos no one can really change her, exceot she's determined to change

      5. After hearing about the aristo twitter melt down, I won't sneeze at any such stories like your friend's jare.

        Enjoy Ofe owerri...

      6. fantastic post! i like how you think the whole "hooker waitress" thing is, as you say, "groove"...i've been in three hotels in different parts of southern nigeria where the porter will ask you as he drops your bag in the room, if you want him to arrange "someone" for you. yep, openly too. no biggies, most guys just say no (riiiight).

        plus, for the record, i come to your blog to get to your blog...and its always worth it.

        P.S: just say yes to that guy who keeps ringing you up, if he's that persistent, he deserves a chance. :)

      7. Need to learn the art of coupon so ignorant of purchase savings...But good for u oh! $3 dollars can buy something now!

      8. add my blog to your list and u have only one more blog to add...:)

      9. Aseni: Your blog is already on my blog list :)

      10. Aha! now I have a faint idea of who lucifer's apprentice is. I would call him worse if it were me. hiss.
        Why do y'all have to give a bad flavor to ofe owerri? That's some correct soup you know?
        I also read about 'happy endings' at drive thru's in the States. Cant remember which particular eatery again. Guess it happens everywhere. There's just something unsanitary about the whole thing...eeck!

        Can a ho turn into a wife? damn right yes! I think their difficulties in adjusting to normal life isnt so much of them loving their previous life..but more of feeling unworthy of being loved and treated specially. so like the prisoner who's been in jail for 25yrs, she prefers the life where she's in control to this new one. My 2 kobo psycho analysis.

        Blog toll fee na how much?

      11. @Ginger: U r wrong. Dude in this post is not Lucifer's apprentice.


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