Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anti-cupid campaign

Holiday is over
holiday is over
no more sleeping in
no more goofing off
errrmmmmmm.....there's more to this song, but i haven't made it up yet, so just manage this for now.

So yeah, play time is over. My eyes are red, i'm vexing for cupid right now. I had a whole 3 months doing nothing but bumming around. Did i see his brake light? No!!! Instead, i met Satan's little brother. Now that school is about to start, he has carried his fat little cherubic ass my way. Stop it o! I will wound you if you come any closer with that arrow.

Seriously though, i needsssss to focus. This year is not the time to play or be fooling around. I have donned my big girl piants (panties is too tush) and i'm ready (well, not really but i will be ready tomorrow.) I'm thinking of learning how to meditate to help me with stress and maybe some yoga in the future. I've re-subscribed to Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and T.D Jakes podcasts. I need to get my Jesus on. Hey!!! Don't judge me. I need it.

I spent all day yesterday proof reading a 48 page dissertation. I almost kpemed. Initially, when i agreed to proof read the thing, i thought it was a 3 page paper, not a dissertation. Anyway, that's what you do for family. Then i rounded up the day by going to pay $18 for food that was not so good, all in the name of going to dinner with friends. It's all good sha. It was nice to see my peoples again all looking so fresh and so clean. I give us 2 weeks before we dry up again like kpanla.

I'm off to go do not a lot of anything. If you see cupid, warn him to leave me alone o. I don't want to be responsible for killing a pint-sized love terrorist. I mean, he goes around shooting people with a bow and arrow. Who does that?!!!!


  1. If I see Cupid I will give him $100 to shoot you big time.....
    Then I will give him an extra $100 to find a nice guy who will make you smile (even as you read your thick school books).

    Book or no book ......romance is good for the soul :)))

    I'm wishing you the best this coming session - in acada and in lovey-lovey.

    Take a deep breath and dive right in. Many have gone before you - dem no get two heads. I am surrounded by doctors (in-laws, friends, relatives etc) and I have two who were notorious for partying throughout school - I no dey lie.

    You can do it.

  2. haba! wetin cupid do u? ehn? we'll just tell cupid to hold for a while and come back wen u r ready!

    proofread dissertation? kai...major headache...eyes spinning...!

  3. LOL cupid ooo...
    all the best as u start this new school year

  4. Unfortunately, cupid respects no one and he aint scared of you cos he can never die
    All the best in the new session

  5. yup.... meditation and yoga helps ALOT. I'm thinking of joining a yoga class, if u susbscribe to netflix, there are a lot of yoga videos to help u :) goodluck with the year :D God dey. p.s. where do u get the t.d. jakes podcasts? itunes?

  6. Lol @ cupid!
    Have a wonderful semester, and im looking forward to having u come down in d midst of ur oh so busy schedule!
    Lol @ getting ur Jesus o--how can u be judged for that? LoL--u go girl!!

  7. lol stop hating on cupid! who does that :p

  8. Cupid is no respecter of people, place, school books, medical school etc and from the way u sound, i wouldnt be surprised if the day u get SLAIN handsdown by cupid is already at the door!

  9. hihihi, i have a feeling cupid doesn't respond to threats lol
    bydway, is cupid masculine or feminine? #justwondering

  10. This is serious. "Getting your Jesus on". May the lord have mercy!!!!

  11. I think that picture may have just scared cupid off for good, lol!

  12. @Toinlicious: Cupid is a guy :)

    @tps360: He has has mercy. I wouldn't be here without it.

  13. Aww...give cupid a chance please, lol..

  14. Cupid is so gonna sneak up on you when you least expect him to. Like you, i do have this feelings of nostalgia after a holiday or something when no new romance comes in sight... Wishing you the best this new school year. I can already feel the change in your air :(

  15. All I have to ask is....

    Will you proofread mine too?....

    Pleaseeeeeeeeee.... :D

    All the best in the new semester...x

  16. @Tega: U dey find my trouble o. I'm officially afraid of dissertations at this point. How u dey?

  17. I'm kuku hanging in here

    I know your trouble is plenty but for your 'extensive' dissertation proofreading skills...i will take this bull by the

    Small small with school o...x


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