Tuesday, August 9, 2011

(Not so) Important Stuff

My well-earned, much appreciated and longed for 3 month holiday is almost over. Now i regret buying my ticket to leave home 3 days earlier than i really need to, but it was $100 cheaper and at the time i figured 6 weeks at home was long enough. Now i want those 3 days back. Actually 4 days cos i usually go back to school the night before school starts but i didn't think it was a good idea this time. I need time to settle in and breath before first day of school. I'm not ready o. I'm not ready!

My mom heard me telling my older sister that i hate med school and she has been on my case about that any chance she gets (to advice a.k.a talk sense into me). The fact remains that i don't love the process of medical school. It's like a hazing process and it can be very isolating especially for someone like me who needs to study alone to really be able to concentrate and get work done. You spend at least 12-14hrs a day studying by yourself. If you are good, you can wrestle out one day a week to relax but most of the time you have so much work, you can only get half a day if that. I usually just take mini mental breaks as i study, which is why i'm still able to blog regularly. I'm not a masochist o! There's nothing to love about med school at least not right now. With that being said, you guys know that i wouldn't want to do anything else. So i dey sofry dey complain.

I don't know if something is wrong with my thinking, but i'm always surprised/baffled/curious when someone says they love my blog. Of course, i always appreciate it but at the back of my mind i'm thinking why? I guess it's the detail-oriented part of me that wants to know the reason for everything. I'm not particularly witty, at least not on this blog. I might have a little dry/wacky sense of humor going on in real life, but i don't think it translates to this blog. I'm really curious as to why people say they love my blog. So if you've told me you love my blog, now is the time! Time to stroke my ego and tell me what you love about my blog or why. I dey joke o but i don't think anyone has stroked my ego in a long time so all ego strokers are welcome.

This summer has been uneventfully eventful. Hmmm..hmmm...hmmmm. Having too much time on my hands is apparently not a good thing. It makes me more tolerant of bullshit but it also gave me time to settle down and think and sort things out. If i had my sugar boy situated, i would have traveled to the UK or Naij. I really want to travel around Europe. Brokery is not a good thing sha. In my next life, i will be a trust fund baby. I totally was going to write something very important here, but my brother distracted me and i can't remember for the life of me what i was going to write here and it's bothering me. Pa! Pa! Pa! That's me slapping him mentally.

I took myself off to T-mobile and got a phone yesterday. I knew before i bought the phone that it had speakerphone volume issues but i still bought it because it has great reviews generally. I am totally into my speaker phone. 9 times out of 10 unless i'm around people, i'm on my speaker phone. I'm the person you see on the street talking into their phone without putting the phone to their ear. I hate putting my phone on my ear and i hate ear pieces. Wahala go dey o. I spoke to a tech support person yesterday and he told me to expect an update on the speaker phone as everyone is complaining about it. Other than that, battery life is not awesome, the phone has the getting hot issue, plus it's too expensive for a brokie like me. Why should i pay upgrade fees and tax, plus the bullshit mail in rebate which means i have to cough up money up front. I still like the phone sha, it's like a defective boyfriend who you hang on to because he's cute and has swag. Are you people sure i don't have home problems, cos a normal person would have picked something else. I have 14 days to decide if i should get insurance on the phone, an additional $7.99 a month on top a bill i already think is too high. Who dey call me for the phone sef? I think the amount i pay for my phone bill is ridiculous frankly and instead of me to be reducing it, i'm adding to it. I went and added a web plan and unlimited international text messages on top the unlimited text and talk plan i already had. Wahala go dey o. Na to speed up my sugar boy search come remain. 

Oh, i remember what i was going to say that my brother made me forget. I've dedicated myself to chasing belly laughs. That's my goal for the rest of year. You know those times where you find something so funny you can't stop laughing and you end up on the floor holding your stomach? I don't think i have laughed like that this year, but i had a couple good ones last semester with my friend. We do have some good moments. I wonder what my neighbors are thinking when they hear us laugh like that and it's over the stupidest (most stupid) things. Med school would be the windowless basement of hell without her but with her it's like we are on the main floor of hell where they put on the AC from time to time, so it's tolerable.

Ok, i'm done. The demon that calls itself my stomach is bothering me and has been all day. Which bad thing should i do this night now?

To all my new followers, i see you. Muah x3

*I was instructed to write this by this ham that calls himself my brother.
My brother is very handsome, he's tall, he's chocolate. He doesn't have any children, so you won't have to deal with any baby mama drama. Any girl will be lucky to have him. I thain'k God! everyday, to have given me such an awesome brother. He's everything a girl would want. Full stop.{Insert personal rant here} After all what do girls want, the beautiful ones and the rest, always end up going for the ones that beat them and cheat on them. They reject the nice guys because they say they are too weak and too nice. Instead of asking what happened to all the nice guys they should go to the mirror and look at themselves and say "I am what happened to the nice guys"

*This was my punishment for ignoring him and not letting him read what i was typing. I got a good laugh out of this cos he's a yam head. We were arguing who was whose right hand man. He said i was his right hand man, and i said he's my sidekick so i can't be his right hand man. He's the Robin to my Batman. He told me to be quiet and go and put on my Robin suit. SMH. Kolo.


  1. LoL! Which bad thing? my frend gaaaan sleeep! It is like 10:06pm on ur side! Hehhehe!
    LoL @ belly laughs! I was thinking u meant those kind of laughs that hurt ur tummy or cause tears to come outta ur eyes! LoL--such laughs are needed once in a while mehn!
    Enjoy ur 3 days prep for med skool Doc!

  2. That's what i mean exactly. Those kind of laughs where u can't stop laughing. It's actually 11pmish over here. I'm still looking for bad thing o.

  3. ok so i love your blog cos u'r so down to earth and u dnt sugar-coat anything. There's jst something so real and straight-up about the way u write.
    Take it easy with med school hun

  4. kitkat! You are back? How was naij? I get the down-to-earth comment in real life all the time. Hmm..Shukran! Thanks for humoring me :)

  5. Lol this was funny

    Yea I could use a belly laugh right about now...having had one in a minute!

    Urg...school starts in two weeks for me...smh...noooo

    *clears throat* How old is this your brother #okbye

  6. i love your blog...er..because...er... look, you asked me to say it and i have. so there. plus, you'd make a good pimp, selling out your brother like that. i need your services to hook me up! i can pay.

    and you write exactly how your thought flows, from one unfinished topic to the next and its kinda nice...and easy to relate. P.S: you'll make a great medical personnel (i don't want to say doctor only to realize you're studying veterinary medicine or something). :)

  7. your brother's part is so hilarious.....hahahhaha

  8. @Blessing:Trust me when i say he's legal in 50 states. I'm bracing myself for school, too.

    @Oroque: I didn't say you should say it o, unless u really love it, then say it :) I actually laughed at the medical personnel thingy. I'm not in vet school, I am training to be a dokitor of pipo. I can hook u up o. I'm a match maker with a poor track record, so decide if you want to take the risk. Ehen. Just let me know.

  9. @Rebirth: He's a mad man. I couldn't even write all the nonsense he was dictating to me because i was laughing so hard.

  10. STIIIING!!! Long time. I'm laughing at your bro here. Hilarious.

    I wish you the best as you head back to school babe. God be with you!

    And I love your blog. *cue in the weirdness :P

  11. You and your brother sha.... lol.
    You said you have new followers... Thats strange cos I have not been seeing the 'follower gadget' on all blogs for the past 2 weeks, I can't even view my followers via my dashboard. Is it only me or everyone? Pleasem reply this comment o. Thanks

  12. @Isha! There's no weirdness :) I appreciate your blog loving.

    @ilola: I've been seeing the follower gadget on all the blogs. Maybe you can remove yours and add it again and see if you see yours.

  13. i like the whole Facebookie theme you have going on, its clean and nice. i have heard stories about Med School and how much work is involved, Medicine is a calling and i give you hand for doing it.
    i have the same phone bill issue, i pay so much money every month, and i dont know what exactly or why exactly im paying so much, i dont call people often or even text that often, but i have unlimited everything sha.. i keep saying i would downgrade, but i never doo. its on my "never do, To Do list".
    Im worried that the summer is going so fast and i felt like it just started, it was more uneventful than i promised myself that it would be.
    The thing i like about your blog, is that it is so relatable.

  14. awww your brother is too adorable,
    his last line struck me, infact im going to write a post on that.

    Glad you break was fun, med school will end someday ((HUG)) hang on

    I love your log because its personal and i can relate a lot of times

  15. I like your blog because it has made me chuckle and anything that brings laughter pleases me. I also think you write candidly and i love that.

  16. LOL!!! Are you pimping out your brother? Hehe. I guess we have complain days, even when we love what we're doing

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  17. This is just too funny. I like your blog because you seem to have the "randomest" things happen to u, or stories to tell e.g. the man in the library, in a good way of course. Plus, u r in med school and ur stories are diff from the ones i hear e.g. grad school stories.
    I can't stop LOLing about ur brother's part, reminds me of something my brother would say/do, too funny.

    et enough rest before school starts, remember na God dey carry you for his back!

  18. One of the reasons i lurv ur blog is this
    "Med school would be the windowless basement of hell without her but with her it's like we are on the main floor of hell where they put on the AC from time to time, so it's tolerable" u just killed me with it. i mean, who describes like dat?! lurvs it lol.
    Your friend must really mean a lot to you tho. i wuld soo blush if some1 said dat to me *smile*
    & er did u say ur bro is single?
    i am too hihihihi *okbye*

  19. You and your brother are so cute, lol...

    I like your blog cos you remind me of myself sometimes. But you write much better of course. :)

  20. @Lovelife4sale: Yeah, i noticed the facebook look after the fact. It's here to stay for now until i see something i really like. Phone bills...argh!

    @Laurenta: Awww...thanks but he's not that adorable in real life :)...more like goofy that's if you can get him out of his man cave. I might tell him u said that but i won't hear the last of it. I'm glad u think my blog is relatable. Thanks.

    @MPB: Thanks. I appreciate that.

    @Muse Origins: I put it to you that my brother is pimping himself through me. He's just using style to do it. lol.

    @Mwajim Al: Seriously, when i start to tell people stuff they always say, "i'm not surprised, only you gets yourself in such situations". I always find myself in "funny" situations and i don't write a quarter of it on this blog. My brother is a goofball.

    @Toinlicious: I don't know where these descriptions come from o. That's how i referred to someone as the gateman to hellfire yesterday and my friend asked me where that came from. I told her since Angel Gabriel manned the pearly gates, there had to be someone manning the gates of hell, so i figured this person fit the description.

    @Myne: Thanks. That's such a huge compliment about my writing but we both know i can't write better than an author. I'll take the compliment sha. My writing has been endorsed by the highly esteemed Myne Whitman. Don't try me o.

  21. I responded to all the comments today....yeah! I deserve some ice-cream, cheese cake or something. Pat on the back.

    You all know i'm lazy so this is a huge accomplishment.

  22. LOL

    Belly laughs are good for the soul. So chase away........:)

    I'm liking your brother......Not for me oh!

    Can we see his pic?

  23. @NIL: lol.... I'll ask him if i can put his picture up.

    And Toinlicious: He's single. I forgot to respond to that.

  24. ok that was more than random...!

  25. @Barefeet: I specialize in randomisity. :)

  26. I like the honest-to-God blogging... And being a student, I appreciate the academic struggles.


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