Saturday, August 27, 2011


Anything to make me feel better about my life. I wish coloring all the pages of my micro notes would make it easier to understand, but it won't. At least they are pretty to look at, so i'll just keeping looking at them and wishing i could rewind time. I want my summer back. I'm not ready for all of this.

P.S. Peep a glimpse of the offending micro.
* Yeah, u guessed right. I have nothing to blog about (well, not really. There's always stuff). I just don't want to study.

Black Girls Are Easy: This is a very interesting blog, btw. Sometimes he doesn't make sense but most times he does. I like the insight into a male perspective.  His latest post is on texting and relationships (serious paraphrasing on my part). I'm so not a texter, although I can text from now till tomorrow. I mean, as i speak, i have used close to a 1000 text messages this cycle and only about 340 talk minutes, but talking is still my preferred mode of communication. I don't like to chat either but i do both because that's the way the world works now. I definitely will not be impressed with a guy who wants to chat me up primarily by texting. I hear the preferred method now is bbm. I've never had a blackberry, so i wouldn't know. Seriously though, after the initial contact and all that, isn't it lame to continue to text or chat when you can speak? I think another issue i have is because of the way i communicate, i get misunderstood a lot when texting or chatting cos it doesn't convey tone. So you have to know me very well to understand when i'm kidding or when not to take me seriously.


  1. that's a lot of colors!

    thanks for the compliment about the dress I made for my daughter

    I hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. Hey sis! how you dey?

    want to hala you colours...abeg go read o jare & STOP talking about wanting your summer back!...3months never do you ehn?

    happy birthday to your borrowed-pose daughter....& take am easy on the cupid nah...ALL that names for pesin pikin?..haba nah!..hahahhaa..the guy don really offend you shaaa...about your survey?...i tick ALL of them o jare!...hehehehe.

    p.s,,,see, EDO babe sense?..i take one comment box reply all the posts i don read..smh @ my laziness...hahahha ..thanks for teh comment you left in my last post.

  3. ha! i forgot to click the follow-up button...hehehe.

  4. lol @ Ibhade. Nice to have u back. I have missed my personal person. Na really Edo girl sense. I like ur style.

    No mind the boy. Na yeye dey worry am.

  5. Lol oh the days of coloring book....about to go check out that blog now...i feel you on that too after the first week and you all conversation is still on chat/text then the guy/girl is not ready yet

  6. Me i came to do amebo, following the link of a post that just showed up in my reader but now i don't see anything. Come and explain biko.

  7. hmm... hope the colors help. I read that the color red is the most helpful when it comes to study. We associate red with errors so focusing on the color makes us wary of making mistakes.

  8. I check out that blog occasionally but i dnt like it so much cos it's kinda raunchy.

  9. Oh gawd I just got butterflies on seeing your pix of stationery... *now dashing to walmart to get mine* I love when school starts ONLY because of stuff like stationery... makes it all worth it *don't laugh at me* *hides face*

  10. Blessings......

    Make everyday summer saving and taking trips to the tropics.

    "Black Girls Are Easy" is an ignorant comment/statement. A woman is easy because she chooses to be. It's a choice thing not a color thing. This just reeks of self-negation.

  11. Those colors make me feel like drawing something...except i'm not too good an artist.
    i'm ditto-ing Ibhade here, you had 3 months of hols and you wanna complain? don't let me...(cant even finish the sentence) lol.

    That Mercy husband black no be small! Wish them all the best :)


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