Sunday, June 27, 2010


For some reason, i am really touched to know that the people at my job like me. First shift, the tech i worked with told me she loved working with me and she was sad i was leaving. Second shift, I just told the lady i worked with that the 11th of July was my last day and she said "what? You are leaving? Do you know how much we say we like you?" She said she calls me the silent tiger but i'm really quiet until someone (patient) gets on my nerves and i let them have it. I was really touched that they like me and talk about me in a good way. I already know the patients love me cos they tell me all the time. All i get are compliments from the patients about how sweet i am, a couple have said they want to adopt me and become my grandmother. Instead of me getting a swollen head, i am humbled. There are many times that i don't like myself. I don't see what the numerous guys who like me see in me. My family tells me what a great person i am, but i never listen or believe. I am my greatest critic and sometimes my own worst enemy.

Weird where i finally get my validation from. I bet when that lady told me what she told me this evening, she had no idea how much it would mean to me, but it meant a lot cos at work, i am just me. I like working there and help out as best as i can. No eye service, lip service or whatever. I just am my quiet, reserved self (God knows i'm the opposite at home. You can't get me to shut up). Anyway, it meant a lot to me that people would like me just for the simple fact that they think i'm a nice person (especially since it didn't come from a guy). I guess this just goes to show the importance of knowing your worth and understanding who you are as a person.  Enough of the mushy stuff.

In other news, 2 staff members fought at the job yesterday. I know for sure one of them is fired, the other one was taken off the schedule but i don't know if she was fired. The person who was fired was the aggressor or instigator of the incident, but in principle she was right and had a good reason to be angry. Everyone would have been on her side, if she didn't react the way she did. That incident just showed me how much you can lose if you let your temper control you. You always lose more than you can ever gain if you don't have control of your temper. Having a short fuse is my greatest flaw. I'm known this for as long as i can remember. In fact, it's one of my principle characteristics. I get irritated easily. I've been working on it, especially in recent times. I know it's going to be a long process but i am finally committed to doing things differently. I know better, i need to do better.

So between friday and Sunday, i have worked 40 hours, 8 on Friday, 16 on Saturday, and 16 today, Sunday. Just got home, still in my scrubs and i am here kneeling down beside my bed and typing away. Tell me i don't have problems. Maybe i belong in a mental hospital myself. Oh, before i forget, did u guys see the 2nd goal Ghana scored against USA during the extra time? Men, i trip for that goal. I was at work all day saturday, so i missed the live match, but at night before i got off work, they showed it again and i caught the last 2 mins of game play and the extra time. Nice way to end my day. If only it were Nigeria. It's okay sha, i still support Ghana wholeheartedly. Maybe next time for Naija. I think Enyeama is cute by the way. It doesn't hurt that he is good at what he does. Sexy!


  1. I feel that way sometimes too.. being "my greatest critic... and worst enemy"... and yet, u can rejoice freely in the compliment knowing that its God who has given u those beautiful attributes that others see... so think of urself in the measure u see fit!
    Yes that Ghana win was enthralling! *sigh*

  2. Honour is given to who deserves it...
    Am my worst critic also...
    Anger is a 5mins madness...
    Many 9jas want to change their nationality to GHANA...hehehe....
    40hrs of work? are trying o... have a 9ce week ahead.

  3. sweet post... focus on your strengths and manage your weaknesses... they sldn't drag you down..

  4. true...i criticize myself ever so often...and I pray someday I should be able to stop cis that cause low self esteem for me, cos i always feel im not good enuf :( But im working on it

  5. OluSimeon said it best, you know your strengths and weaknesses so focus on maximizing one and minimising the other. So many people have told you the same thing, the odds are that they are most likely telling the truth...sooo take a leap of faith and believe it is true and let that shape your actions and thoughts

  6. That's definitely very good validation. Good for you babe. Congrats. And all the best as you prepare to return to school.

  7. You're a wonderful person and I'm shocked you don't know that by now, but sometimes, your brain sha dey touch small, lol..
    How are you?
    Hope you good..

  8. you're such a mess LOL

    just like me i guess

    i saw the Ghana goals and im glad that they beat the USA because they were hyping them up like they were really good and they wernt

    the ghanaians really impressed me with their speed and moxy

    great showing by our fellow afrikans

    great to be by these parts of the woods again

  9. Always know your self worth. SO you can be worst critic but also your best cheerleader. All the best as you return to school.

  10. Mwajim Al: Your name continues to intrigue me. Thanks.

    @Ms. Nitty: I dey find money and i already have my ghanaian passport since 19 gbidi gbidi no date.

    Olusimeon: My homie, u left me a comment today ;)

    Sisi Yemmie: That's all we can do, keep working on it.

    @Miss Natural: You are right. I think i should stay focused on the positives, and cut myself some slack sometimes.

    @2cute: Awww.... thanks. My head is slightly swollen.

    @Andrea: Thanks. How's baby doing?

    @James: Glad to see u around these parts and you are right, i am a mess :))

    @Myne: I like the combination of worst critic and best cheerleader. Thanks.


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