Thursday, June 3, 2010

Overeaters anonymous (OA)

Shey i told you people i want to lose weight, abi? Well, let me tell you what someone who wants to lose weight has consumed today

Breakfast: Yogurt and almonds
Snack: Chocolate chic granola bar
Lunch: Potato Salad
More Lunch: Lasagne
Dinner: Rice, peas salad (Kidney beans, chick peas, corn, sweet peas, tuna and chicken breast) and Steak with bacon wrapped around it (i forgot the formal name for the thing)
Dessert: Royal fudge Ice cream.

I'm full! Tomorrow now i will be lamenting. I can't remember the last time i ate so much food in one day (unhealthy food for that matter). Shey when i see 158lbs on the scale tomorrow, i will be having heart palpitations, meanwhile na me put food for my mouth, nobody force me. I wasn't even that hungry when i was consuming all this food, neither was i bored. I just wanted to eat. Wahala dey o! As i dey type so, belle don full. I can barely breath.

Question of the day: When deciding to date someone, do you base your decision on how you FEEL about the person, the person's character, the person's interest in you or a combination of stuff? What if you have multiple toasters at the same time.... how do you decide on the final person. Would you be practical or go by how you feel?


  1. I'm going to beat you.

    This is what I ate today:

    Four slices of toast bread (dry)




    2 crackers with peanut butter

    3 Kit Kat bars (oh shit!!!)

  2. lol.... woooh!!! I need to center myself and go back to my fish and salad. It was working for me.

  3. yesterday (which is the date of this post) i ate

    Breakfast: Dodo

    Late Lunch : Beans & dodo

    Dinner : 2 glass of water

    Multiple toasters i will decide by how i feel mixed with common sense....

  4. you see your life! or are you meant to be loosing the weight by faith or bluetooth?

    *shakes head@more lunch*

    Sting oh Sting, repent before your waistline go comot for alignment

  5. Mada, try zip your mouth small I beg you.
    When considering someone from so many contenders would think that your feelings come into play ,but would advice that it should just be like 30percent.then the rest should be with your head to consider the other qualities.
    Hey.. You could get to like anyone.. It takes time and the right circumstance. Don't just consider what you feel but think with your head.

  6. is not easy.

    Try keeping a food diary. Use so you can watch what you eat. I use this tool all the time and it helps keep me in check so I dont overly gain weight.

  7. Also for today:

    Breakfast: One boiled egg and redbull (180 calories)

    Snack: 1 oz beef jerky (90 calories)

    Lunch: beef strips and honey baked potatoes (400 calories)

    Dinner: Moimoi and a two glasses of wine spritzer (430 calories)

    10 pm snack: left over small bowl of pasta (90 calories)

    Exercise: 30 minutes elliptical (306 Calories burned)

    Total calorie intake for the day (food- exercise):884


  8. your diet looks all for me,I just dont eat NATURALLY! I eat like once a day-breakfast, which I hear isnt really healthy :-(

    As per your question,I base the decision on how I feel and more importantly,how the guy takes me,and how he thinks ;-))

  9. i have a very erratic eating schedule, some days i go by without eating anything and then others i just

  10. lol...losing weight you say?...ha! my sis...just follow your HEART, THEN HEAD!...Love no blind again o! de blindness make am cross road na motor jam am gbam! SO SHINE YOUR EYES WELLU! WELLU!...hehehehe.. SERIOUSLY, follow your womanly is always silent & patient hear it's voice..goodluck.


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