Thursday, June 10, 2010


Seriously, i think second only to menstrual cramps, the worst thing about being a woman is having to wear a bra! I would pay $100 for a perfect fitting bra. I have a couple that are 80-90% acceptable but none is or has ever been 100%. I refused to wear a bra until after secondary school. Well, truth be told i didn't need one. I was a 32A up until 2003-2004. Where this additional growth spurt is coming from, i don't know. This is not the once a month increase, neither am i pregnant (trust me. The last time i checked, my name wasn't Mary). I've always had a hate-hate relationship with bras anyway. The only time i wear them is when i'm stepping out the house. Well, since i've been living with my sister and her fiance, that is not feasible. Thank God for sports bras.

Sigh! I'm going to go back to nursing this headache i've had for the last two days and ponder why at this old age, my boobs have suddenly decided to grow some more. Next time i come back to this world, i definitely want to be a man until then i'm just going to pretend that i've never heard of childbirth, cos only God knows how i'm going to go through that one.


  1. LOL. The things women have to go through. You're not alone.

  2. I am sorry about your headache. I hope you feel better...

    Women, we deal with things sha...

  3. Lol that's what they invented epidurals and Csections for. (*gasp*) (OH NO SHE DIDN'T!) (Why, yes I did.)

    Hope you feel better. And er.. pass some of that growth spurt this way please and thanks.

  4. my boobs are so big
    i must wear a bra
    i hate it
    i foresee a breast reduction in my future definitely

    sorry about d headache

  5. hahaha it is not easy to be a woman.

    Hope you feel better now.

  6. hahahahahaha, how about pple like me that are called COWBELL?
    Na there you go fear na..
    Hope you feeling better?
    Take care

  7. Had a classmate in Uni, who would remove the bra at the least opportunity. So annoying did she find it.

    Bras and Menstrual pain, what can we do?

  8. I rarely wear bras too unless I am going out, they can be so uncomfortable. But what can we do really? LOL..

  9. I can imagine ur displeasure with bras...why don't you try a "professional" bra fitting? Hopefully, that'll give you the 100% bra comfort that you seek...all d best...

  10. #givesmehope

    What did you say?
    Growth spurt?
    Breasts GROWTH spurt?
    Please where can i sign up biko.

    I find myself looking foward to pregnancy just to be a c-cup. le sigh
    One mans meat they say.....

    Oh and sorry about the headache.

  11. Thanks guys for your comments and checking up on me. Not sure why i'm still having headaches, but i'm fine though.

    @miss.fab: A c-section is not something you want. Trust me. I heard recovery from it, is difficult. If i could pass all of the growth spurt to you, i would :)

    @Justdoyin: A professional bra fitting has been on my mind for a while. If i'm going to wear the contraption, i might as well wear the right size, abi?

    @Mizchif: Pls come sign up right here. #takeit lol

  12. becox u get 'OSHODI OKE' ...suppose na 'oshodi esale'..THEN my & bra for become 5&6 o!...*grinning*! man? think so?'s JUST 12-16hours of labour pain o!..but for the men, is years of pain until the kids are all grown up & financially independent!...hehehehe

  13. Women go through too much, next life I want to be a man.

  14. seriously i went bra shopping for a traansparent strapped bra, and the sales girl became my victim of pms, i'm like "don't you have any without padding" and she says "sorry ma'am that's all we have" and i'm like "wtf, I don't neeeeed (emphasis on need) all this padding, don't y'all get it" sigh

  15. i go out sometimes without bra and ive done that through out this past week.its almost ironic that i looked forward to wearing a bra when i was younger and now i just hate them.

  16. @Ms. Nitty: Which one is Oshodi Oke? 12-16hrs of labor?!!!! You say it like it's no joke. I no know o! 12-16hrs...... hmmm! No be say na only one pickin i wan born.

    @Andrea: I'm glad we are on the same page.

    @lahlah: Thank you o! I hate padded bras with a passion. Like, why?

    @Leggy: I used to be able to go braless, but that was back in the day. I can't try that stunt these days.

  17. You should try being a man! It's soooooooo coool! I could list all the examples but...errr...i'd rather not infuriate you. hehe

    Btw thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll. This month your blog referred 34 people to my own blog.

  18. Omo be thankful you have the option of not wearing one. I have permanent bra marks on my shoulders now. Haven't tried to wear a strapless dress without a bra (I know, huh?), in a long time. I may have to use brown powder on my shoulders or something like that.

    My mum taught us this 'ritual' for dealing with MP. She taught us to count the days and start taking ibuprofen-ish kind tabs like a week or two before. Honestly, it works. You may feel like a drug addict, but if it stops the pain...

    @ miss.fab - C-Sections seem fantactic but you really should avoid them if you can. Honestly...


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