Sunday, June 1, 2008

Men and Sex

As a female, i have always wondered what men feel as they have sex. Given the differences between the male and female anatomies I assume we don't experience the same physical sensations or whatever u want to call it. I have asked a couple of guys and frankly i have never been able to get a coherent answer. Maybe it's too (insert whatever u feel like here) to describe in words.

I'm guessing it must feel so ridiculously out of this world good that's why a man would sleep with his own daughter and try to ruin her life in the process.

If it doesn't feel like crack induced euphoria, someone please explain to me why a man would fuck his housemaid under his wife's nose, disrespecting their home and the sanctity of marriage!

It must feel pretty damn good to make a man leave all the other women in this world and decide to have sex with his wife/girl's best friend, or maybe he's just an equal opportunity fucker!

All men Cheat!!!

Talk about cynicism. I don't buy that statement for one second. There's too many men in this world for that to be true. Yet a lot of beautiful woman accept that as fact, and sit at home with a stiff upper lip while their men go around fucking the entire female population of whatever city they live in. I'm too smart to buy into that bullshit. Better go buy an iron sheath to lock ur penis in unless you would wake up one morning and it would be gone.

Seriously, what is it about sex that makes men risk their losing their lives as they know it. Look at Kobe Bryant.... How embarrassed he must have been been and i bet she wasn't the first too. He can't be that unlucky that he would get caught the first time he cheated. How about good ol' Bill Clinton. Awesome president who couldn't control his wiener. Sad!

Sex is overrated!

Nah, it's not. It is very well rated, thank you very much! But i don't see how it would make me lose my common sense like a lot of men seem to lose theirs.


  1. You know what I love about this post: the fact that you remained realistic without being cynical. Thank you for acknowledging that yes, alot of men cheat-but not all of them do. I dont buy that BullCrap either.

  2. Anyone who gives in to their temptation to cheat is weak. Some, like your first example, are also sick in the head.

    I've always thought that finding a man who will be faithful to me (and will be able to handle temptation, should it come) will happen as I'm determined to be like that too. With God on our side sha, it'll happen.

  3. Hmmm... Very well written, I have to give you that.

    Having travelled halfway across the world gave me a new outlook on this too.

    Men just don't see sex the way women do. They don't see the emotional side of most things, much less sex.

    For them sex CAN be purely physical, or as my boyfriend once put it...a way to gedt rid of boredom.

    Men who cheat is another story though, it depends on so many aspects if you look at it really. If a guy goes out just to have sex for the pure pleasure of it, without considering his wife/girlfriend/partner, then he's really got some psychological issues and I would go with you on that. I would probably castrate the bastard as well.

    I think alot of women are to blame for the way men act though, women shouldn't UNDER-rate sex and learn to enjoy it. Damn, it's the only real pleasure you can get for free!

    Then again...all cultures differ and women are not always brought up in the same way.

  4. Sex. Is. OVERRATED. Period.
    The sooner most men realize that, the less cheating we'll get. But... wishful thinking...

  5. sex is not overrated.. true though, alot of men think with their willies and sometimes as a man, it takes ALOT of self respect to say no. The same applies for the wife/girlfr's best friend too, if she was your true friend, she wont sleep with the man..alot of women lose their common sense too, way too much infact..

    its a truly complicated world sometimes, but thanks for accepting that not all men cheat.

  6. seeeee thats y i loooooove ur blog...infact i love u more than i love ur blog..(k i know dat doesnt sound right...i'm just too excited).
    Pls tell them o, tell them....infact u've inspired ma next post......

  7. i def pray to have one of the non-cheating men too cuz i dnt want to believe that belief.

    i guess i'll come back to read up on what guys have to say for themselves on this post.

  8. my dear how have you been? sorry i have been AWOL for a long while but you can be rest assured i am back now.
    first and foremost it is impossible for you to know how a man feels from a sexual point of view. secondly i thank you for agreeing that not all men cheat.
    my sister i feel your pain but like i would continue saying men cheat and so do women so basically both sexes are guilty.just pray not to end up with someone that would cheat on you.

  9. hhmmm. For some people, men and women, it isn't about the sex, you know? It's more a psychological thirst for danger and weird excitement that drives them to do the most ridiculous things. If these people didn't cheat and have ridiculously immoral sex acts, they would exhibit their strangeness in other ways. Oh well, how body, my sista?

    Take care!

  10. Hmm...I can't explain cheating either, but I know it's a temptation to explore what most men consider "unexplorable." It's likea quest to conquer or something. I believe that when God is the center of a relationship it will be easier to overcome such temptations.

  11. Sex actually is overrated. Do u honestly think cheating is all about sex?? I think the sneaking around and doing something u're not supposed to do and not being caught gives one an awesome feeling. (I have been the other girl b4 and their was no sex involved actually)

  12. I agree. sex is sooooooo overrated. and yeah i've always wondered how guys feel when they're having sex too he he.

  13. "All men cheat!!!
    .... don't buy that statement for one second."
    Good, 'cos not all men cheat.

    Sex is overated. Well, opinions are personal......a good starting point is, What does sex mean to men (& women alike)?

    Interesting subject.

  14. Funny enough I always wonder what men feel during sex as well....hmmm...doubt even they could describe it...

  15. Sting...I mus say u havent lost the realism made me such a big fan...thanx 4 remaining objective

  16. "All men cheat"...such a lousy excuse! I don't buy it ever.

    "Better go buy an iron sheath to lock ur penis in" about hilarious. LMAO!


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