Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This, that and the third

Hmmm.................. Where do i start from? Matter don hard. 5 weeks to my exam and i have started talking to myself. This is either the beginning of great genius or the first sign of madness. Take your pick. I pick madness. I am starting to scare even myself.

Makes me remember when i was little and my older sisters just left for the States. My mom has a HUGE gap between her kids. I had earlier thot she couldn't have more kids, but i just found out very recently that my dad didn't really want more (long story). Anyway, back to the gist at hand. When my sisters left, my mom was basically left with little kids and no one to talk to. She has never been the type to have close friends. I remember in the evening when we would be in the living room, i would watch her and she would be talking to herself. I asked her on numerous occasions and she would say she was just thinking aloud. I couldn't fathom why she couldn't just think in her mind like everyone else. Well, now i know. It's STRESS!!!!!

My people, i wan die. I'm haunted by the thot of this exam, morning, night and noon. This is me that is never scared of exam but this exam don show me pepper b4. Fear don dey catch me. I can't fail it again oh. To make matters worse, i can't complain to anyone cos they all think i'm too smart and brush me off without listening. I have never bought into the idea of being "smart", trust me i know myself and i don't feel smart. I mean, i'm not dumb or anything but i'm so pissed that nobody will listen to me. So i have resorted to talking to myself.

It was not a conscious decision. I was studying one day and the next time i heard myself say is "nothing good comes easy". Ok, no problem.
"You can do it, this exam will not defeat you"
"This is a challenge, you must fight to the finish".
"If that idiot can do it, then u can" (I bet u want to know who the idiot is?)

Fear catch me. First of all, when did i start sounding like my mother. WTH..... I think i'm slowly going crazy cos it's getting worse with each day. (bad english alert) Me that has not stepped inside a church since 2003 has suddenly become religious
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".
I had to laugh when i heard myself say that. I'm such a hypocrite. Thank heavens God is not a man, he for cuss me after i have abandoned him for almost 5yrs, now MCAT time, i'm quoting bible verses.

Seriously, what in the world is going on with all these pple that are trying to talk to me in the library? I just want to study. If they were cute now, i would not be upset. All the foine guys go see me waka pass, the ones wey no fine go carry their sugarcane legs come talk to me. It's not funny any more. The one i met today is not ugly but he's not cute the way i like them. He was really very nice though. I smell a playa! Trust me, my sense of smell is that advanced (these days). He's from Gambia and said he has never dated an African for the 5yrs he's been here. That's craziness i tell ya. To consciously reject ur own race. Anyway, i'm not attracted to him which is a pity cos if he was cute and i was looking for a f...k buddy, he would have been perfect. I'm just saying!!!!! I'm so hung up on looks it's not even funny anymore.

BTW, he is the second guy this week that is paying me a backhanded compliment. The first dude who is half Nigerian works in my lab. He was walking me somewhere when we saw an African lady. He was like she's African right? I'm like yeah. He said he could usually tell. I didn't think he meant it in a bad way cos i can usually tell when i see my beautiful Nigerian people. That is, until he said "you don't look like an African". I was like "what do u mean by that?" cos i been don dey vex. Then he said "cos you are very pretty" I was like What?!!! Then he went on to say i don't look African esp when i smile cos most Africans mean mug. I am not a smiler oh. I'm a bonafide mean mugger which my friends always complain about esp the guys cos they love my smile (for whatever reason). The boy don craze finish and he thot he was paying me a compliment. Nonsense and ingredients.

Then today, my "new" Gambian friend told me i don't look African cos i look fresh and my face is all smooth (he must be suffering from night blindness). I was like what are u talking about. He said, well u don't look like me. You are not black (he's really dark), just look at ur skin blah blah blah. I'm not light skinned in any way, shape or form so i have no idea what he was talking about. These guys better come up with better compliments cos me not looking African is not a compliment. Something dey do the 2 of them. Are they blind or they must have been living in dark caves not to have see the ton of gorgeous african pple out there. I think they were just trying to flatter me.

OHhhhhh....... this reminds me. I bet you guys have heard of Van Viker, the hot, cute, foiinnnnnneeeee Ghanaian actor. Christ in heaven. Pity he's married. It's hard for me to fantasize about a married man. This is the best picture i could find of him, which is such a shame considering how hot he is. I generally prefer dark skinned guys but i'll make an exception for him.


  1. I have never believed that standardized tests have anything to do with being smart...

    Babes, you can do this!
    Get post it notes and write the score you want down on it-then place it somewhere you can see everyday, and begin to claim it. Do what you need to do, and let God do the rest! Never underestimate the power of positive confessions and thoughts...

    Crap Im taking the LSATs soon and I havent cracked on single book!Crap!

  2. Ok, I've been talking to myself for a while; I don't think I can even use stress as my excuse.

    Good luck with your MCAT my will pass in Jesus' name (Amin o!).

    lol you superficial woman! It's all about chemistry and attraction to me but my track record has shown me that am attracted to guys who aren't that hot by socieity's definition. It's always more about how good a guy he is than how "hot" he is. Maybe it's time you gave our homely bros a chance.

    And what are these nonsense guys talking about? Not only are many Africans beautiful, they also have great glowing skin (well the ones who don't wear so much makeup that you can't see it anyway!). I know you're a fine fine woman (so don't ever post a picture because I'm trying to win the heart of one or two of your male readers and I no need competition from the likes of you!)

  3. Dont worry my dear..u'll get the exam right!!

    at least ur not over-confident!!!

    sha sha i'm praying for u!!!

  4. @NDQ: I don't believe passing test means u are smart either. I need to do the post it idea cos my self confidence is shit right now. Good luck with the LSAT.

    @goodnaija: Thanks, i need all the prayers i can get. Only God can help me with this superficiality problem i have. My sister said i'm going to end up marrying a frog. LOL

    @tintin: Thanks tintin

  5. awww
    dont go ending up in a psych ward okay?
    good luck

  6. wow!! creative blog :) love it !!
    all the best !!! I know you have it in you!!
    thnxxx for stopping by...x

  7. "All the foine guys go see me waka pass, the ones wey no fine go carry their sugarcane legs come talk to me" LOL! You are funny.

    I get that "you dont look Nigerian" or even if they guess I am Nigerian its "you dont look Yoruba" Which I am. I have been told that me not looking yoruba is meant to be a compliment. See how these silly heifers insult my tribe o!

    Van Viker- Hot sturvz mehn!

  8. na wa see as den don yap african finish!we no fine,we no dey smile....

    goodluck o o!!

  9. Hey there's nothing wrong with marrying a frog if you adore him and think he's the hottest thing ever! Worst case scenario you have all the women wondering what they can't see that you obviously see in him and can't get enough of! (heehee, get your mind out of the gutter!) His look/style will start being the covetted one!

    And regarding your comment, I do understand your blog when you speak pidgin because I look at the context. Sometimes it's not till I read the whole entry that I get what you mean.

  10. Babe, must your background be yellow and ur font green? LOL. The thing dey pepper my eyes oo! (Or maybe it only looks like that on internet explorer).

    If talking to yourself means madness than I must need to be committed because I have full blown arguments with myself....and I argue out loud o!

  11. I talk to myself o, even turn it into a song if I see that I'm about to be 'sprung'. Vickers is really cute. Saw him on the Nollywood channel yesterday.

    Hon, you are on the right track. Keep thinking positive about your exams. That's half the battle won even b4 you sit down take the paper.

  12. Aha... 13th comment on Friday the 13th. It is well, I am specially blessed...double blessings coming my way and yours. Amen.

  13. @vera: My background is supposed to be black oh!

  14. Aww babe goodluck with ur exam....ill pray 4 u n I wish u success. I think er1 talks 2 demselves sumtimes......

    K ummmm I think u shud b kinda happy he said u dnt look african...have u seen how some nigerian women draw eyepencil from der forehead 2 der ear? Or shud we talk about how they rub foundation d@ isn't der colour? O maybe we shud talk about der dressing? K or der red lipstick with blk liner? Babe where shud we start 4rm?..
    I knw I don't look african sha, me im sayin ma own.

  15. Aww... You really seem stressed.

    I enjoyed your post btw lol but I do wanna wish you good luck with your exam.

    Just remember, you can only do so much as you give yourself credit for, so BELIEVE that you are smart and that you can do it.


  16. gosh where have i was the exam?

    and van vicker is one sexy morrasucka!

  17. Yes, I have found my match.

    When people say ahn ahn, is it not u...u will clear it..meanwhile the whole year ive been managing to make average for the whole of the year...tell me how u get a first with that!

    As for the actor guy...i think he's hot too

  18. Van Vicker!!!!!!!!
    I have a very interestin "thing" for dis guy.. he is so so so so so so so so GORGEOUS!! i mean danng.
    Ok let me shut up.
    I didnt come to rant about him.
    (BUT HE'S HOT!)
    Actually wanted to tell u not to worry.. u can so pass dem exams without a flinch.
    All the best love

  19. lol at the back handed comments. Unlike you I used to smile and say thank you when people would say, you are cute for a dark skin chick.
    Yes, I was completely dumb!
    Good luck with your exams K. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

  20. i totally understand when pple think u're so smart and u have no problems (while inside u're fretting!)

    I think you'll do great, just do more and more questions and u'll be fine(and go over the wrong answers when u're done too!)

  21. This is the hottie that got me converted to Nollywood... Van I salute you... As far as acting goes thats another story... LOL


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