Sunday, June 15, 2008


Thanks for all the comments regarding my issue with my mom. I guess i should have said she makes me feel like i'm such a horrible person. i wish it was as easy as communicating better, but with my mom, anything and everything you say will be used against you. She just has the capacity to made me feel so bad about myself. Throughout my teenage years i genuinely believed that she disliked me. I don't know if anyone can imagine the impact that has had on my life. It has totally influenced how i see myself and how i used to allow people to treat me and the situations i got myself into. Therapy helped me a lot to deal with some of those issues. I know now that she loves me and i shouldn't take everything she does personal cos she has her own issues that have never been resolved. We get along better these days mostly becos i try not to do anything or say anything to get on her bad side. It's really stressful at times cos it's always like i have to have my guard up all the time cos i'm walking on egg shells. Anyway, that's that. I'm over it for now.

P.S. How does one go about acquiring a f...k buddy? I know u think i'm random, but if u know what's been going on in my head it's not so random. LOL. I'm such a foolish person. Anyhoo... there's this guy who was asking me out last yr but i am older that him so i said no sharp sharp. Besides, he wasn't cute enough for my standards so there was no need to be making those kinds of exceptions. Yes i'm superficial, bite me (but not too hard). Time passed, we fought, i cussed him out, we stopped speaking, he called me, we started speaking and we've been cool. He was the only one who came with my for my honors awards ceremony. We hung out yesterday and every time i looked at his large hands, i keep thinking of the size of his blingy blingy. Am i ok? I still don't want him to be my boyfriend but .......


  1. First!

    LOL. Can't believe I've hopped on this bandwagon. Ok..back to reading.

  2. Oki doks. Done...

    I'm glad you and dear momma have reached some kind of understanding..?..keep on working on it mi dear.

    And errm are you assuming that he has large hands or you don do the 'feel test' *Grabs a bag of popcorn*..LOL. Umm aniwoos you can always say something along the lines of..'I'm not looking for anything too serious right now, I just wanna kick it.'

  3. LOL.... I haven't done any feel test oh. I can see that his hands are huge now, he's tall too. I'm just assuming. I don't know if i would be so bold as to say that besides, i don't know what's going on in his head with regards to me these days.

  4. Bad girl! stop franking your face jo lol am just joking...btw thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. oh sting! You make me laugh sha! You should be focusing your on studies, not on some nonsense eff buddy. All of that to say I have no idea how one would do this, but I suspect it wouldn't be hard to find a guy who would agree to a "no strings attached" arrangement. And since there would be no strings attached, if a certain tall guy with large hands turned out to be disappointing, well you could just get rid of him easily.

    (*goes back to thinking only pure thoughts like all GNGs do* ;))

    Anyways, glad to hear that you've pretty much learned how to deal with your mom. I feel for you...your parents should never make you feel like they don't love you and it must have been awful to not know for sure. I'm glad you know now.

  6. methinks acquiring a f buddy is the easiest thing ever..its like every dudes dream...f-ing with no strings attached...does he have huge feet, if he does no need to wonder girlie!!!!

  7. say NO! To fuck buddies!!!
    Concentrate on the MCAT revising hun, and honestly any man would love that, it's a dream come true as exschool nerd said, but we don't want complications in our lives do we?

    With the mum thing, I see we share dat in common, I usually don't stay in the same place with her for too long actually, dat elps...I'm happy you've found a way to handle her, mine keeps evolving, as in she needs a study or a book dedicated to her case or something

  8. aww ma babe, come here, come get a hug..i just love u...dnt knw y..but i really do.....u really remind me of me sometimes.....just let ur mom do her, with time things will be fine.

    lol fuck buddy? *coughs* ummm i dont wanna spoil u o but girl do ya thang! his hands being huge doesnt mean his dick will be big o. Nxt time look at his fingers eh, come back n tell me which 1 is longer and then if u get d chance, look at his toes too n tell me d longest...........
    then ill let u know if u shud grab him fast fast.

  9. My dear, we all have issues with our mothers. trust me.
    Glad u are working it out tho.

    F...k buddy, not my thing sha, i need to have that emotional connection.

    Big legs, Big thing, does it work that way??

  10. Mi-lady try not to repeat what you dont approve of about ur mum with ur kids. That is the key.

    This bling bling thing are you sure it wont make u change ur mind??? Lmao

  11. lol...u need a fuck buddy..mmmm...sha be carefull u kno aids is real? use raincoat o! lol im sure u know this tho.. just dullin in these zones..all of u that screw suck!!!lol

  12. @naija finegirl: Bad girl ke? I'm an angel, don't u see the halo

    @gng: Trust me i'm trying to focus on the MCAT oh, but sometimes my mind has a mind of it's own. I don't know about the fuck buddy thing to be honest. Na mouth i dey! (Just talking)

    @exschoolnerd: I'm sure a lot of guys would jump at the chance, but i don't think i'm bold enough to make that kind of proposition to anyone. Knowing myself, i'll probably become attached to the person.

    @zena: I agree with u b4 oh. I don't know why my mind is betraying me like this. I'm concentrating on my MCAT trust me. The boy no dey run LOL...

    @DL: Thanks for showing me love. I love u too, even though u have no decided to be updating once a year. I still love u sha! I will look at all those body parts u suggested and tell u. LOL...

    @princesa: Yeah, i agree a lot of pple have mommy issues. I'm just hanging in there. I totally agree about the emotional connection thing. I don't think i can actually have a true fck buddy arrangement.

    @standall: We'll just have to see if his blingy blingy will help me change my mind. LOL

    @unwritten: Believe me, if u say u r dulling then i'm dulling, but maybe ur own worse pass my own small. I haven't written the exam yet. It's in july.


  13. f**k what!!!......dnt think it girl....bad idea!.....mums could be funny somtimes...good thing you are trying to undastand her...thanx for stopping by.

    i will be back for more

  14. Sting...I really don't care how this may sound...but bottmo line is please DON'T DO IT!!!
    for real man it's not worth the stress!!!

  15. its good you and your mom are starting to get on the same wave lenght.i am happy for you. i understand your problems cos i went through the same thing with my ma too and we only recently resolved things

    about getting a fuck buddy, the truth is you only get a fuck buddy when and after you fuck. 4 me it makes things less complicated. sound him out on it after sex sorry i meant after good sex cos thats the only way you'ld probably want to keep him as your F-bud.
    nothing do you.

  16. lmaooo....ur looking for a f buddy!!

    lol..thats very easy oh!

  17. lol so u can tell the size of a guys thing by the size of his hand...LMAO

    anyway blogville idol 08 is coming soon and its going to be fun!check out my page for more details pink-satin

  18. lolllllllll this babe u are too funny!
    f... buddy

  19. Gurl, dont let anyone allow you to talk down to urself not even ur mom buh be patient with her..Hope all works out well with you both..

    As for the man? be careful o!

    Cheeers! :)

  20. fuck just fuck em and know later if it was worth it or not...if not....go back to being friends and never talk about it again!!!

  21. my dear, manage o. fighting wit one's parents is a totally lose-lose battle. no matter how wrong they r, na u go beg & say u won't do it again. dem go still continue n dir annoying ways, weda u like am or now. am trying 2 learn 2 indulge dem. besides, wen i fight wit either one of dem, i lose sleep & get stressed up. abeg, i no need am.

    as 4 fuck buddies, chick, dem belle full every where. d first man u fancy who is giving u d eye, wink @ him n d deal is sealed. on dat first night, make him understand say u no wan 'long thing o', according 2 D'Banj. as 4 d finger theory, no mind dem. one bobo come surprise me one day eh. d man thin, him fingers thin & short. but wen bobo brought dat him 'thing', kai i wan scream! hahahahahahaha

  22. Fuck Buddy....Bad Idea, after round 2 fuck...I am sure i will be looking for ways to get a ring.

    But i don't believe that big hand big feet, tall man syndrome. The short bobo wey i know...our shoe size na the same..but when he brought out his eyes popped and dey still dey pop. Shikina


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