Monday, June 23, 2008

Oya Smile!

God knew that i needed something to make me smile. Thank God for God.

Before i go into my gist of the day, i want to say a heartfelt thanks for all the WONDERFULOUS people who left a comment on my previous post. It's really ironic how life works sometimes. I had just done a post about lighting a candle for people who have passed, only for me to hear of my cousin's passing the next day. She actually died on her birthday. She had ovarian cancer. Cancer is a bitch!!! Her passing has caused my family to take a step back and re-evaluate the way we are to each other. I lost another cousin last year to sickle cell anemia and i still haven't been able to delete her number from my phone. I think if i did that it would mean that she's actually gone and since i'm the queen of denial, i'll just keep pretending. Hey, don't mind me, i have her obituary on my wall so i know she's gone but i can't just delete her number. Too final.

So back to my gist. After 2 LONG, sometimes painful, sometimes annoying, sometimes misery evoking, sometimes stinky breath inducing years of being a brace face, i am now braces freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Yayyy!!!!!! I am excited. It was a freaking surprise too. I get there, after the usual removal of wire and brushing of teeth, the orthodonist sits down and takes a look at my teeth, then i heard the magic words......... well, to be honest i can't remember his exact words cos i didn't want to believe my ears. So i ask him if i was getting my braces taken off today and he said yes. HEY (Shout it with me)!!!!! All the spirits in my head threw owambe party (no, i no be winch no worry). I was so excited. Then they gave me a bag of candy and some balloons tied to a water bottle. After paying over $6000 na that one they fit give person, nonsense and ingredients! I didn't get why they would give me a bag of different types of candy (my teeth never rotten reach) until the lady said, it's all the stuff u haven't been able to eat in 2 years. Well, i looked in the bag and i have been eating Twix for the last 2 yrs oh, i no go lie. Nothing can keep me away from my Twix and i have eaten some Starbursts. Nobody said u had to chew it.

I'm happy sha!!! Besides i got $100 from my pops to get some MCAT practice tests online. I'm a perpetual broke ass, so any free money is highly welcome. So the smile has been restored to this face. Whether i like it or not, i have to show off this $6150 smile. Na by force oh! There's more gist but i have this angry headache that is demanding attention. There's the f...k buddy update (una go laugh, i no do anything oh!) and the Gambian dude i just met who decided that i was a commodity to be purchased (dem dey see like that (it happens)). Will be back. Peace people.

P.S. How in God's name will you people know if i happened to die tomorrow? Just a thot that just went through my head. Well, i'll never abandon my blog abruptly so if i stop blogging without saying anything for a LONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG time, know say i don kpeme (die)! Muah!


  1. I seem to be getting very good @ this 1st thing, to the detriment of my studies dat is!

    Neways, a big yay with u. Congratulations o! I always see pll dat wear braces as very brave ppl. I know i need braces myself, but omo, to carry wire in me mouth for 2yrs, i no fit. So big up.

    Make sure u smile o, continue smiling, even when ppl start to ask wat the problem is. A$6150 smile is not a joke!

  2. For real, a $6150 smile is no joke. I'm so excited for you...I'm glad you can smile in the midst of all odds of life...

    And yeah, you shall have a long beautiful and prosperous life. Your children and grandchildren will sit around your table, and u will be filled with much joy at the Jesus Name. Amen. :)

    Have a wonderful rest of the

  3. Congratulations on the perfect teeth! How lazy of you not to include a picture o...surely a $6K smile deserves at least that?

    I want braces to close the small gaps in my bottom teeth. I have an ENORMOUS gap between my two front teeth plus a another huge gap up there so I don't think they can do much for the upper teeth. The cost just keeps me cringing sha...maybe I'll be able to afford a nice smile when I turn 80 (let's pray I have a tooth or two left by then!)

    Make sure you don't spend that MCAT test money on anything else now, you hear?

    I'm happy that you are well.

  4. You should have posted a pic of the newly released chompers nah.

  5. Am happy 4 u oh, are we bloggers gonna see d smile? Just take a pic, we don't have 2 c your eyes, just d smile.

    You will live long deariee.

  6. Thanks guys. I'm just happy those things are out of my mouth.

    @GNG: I actually got the braces to close spaces in my mouth cos i need to get implants for 2 missing molars. I needed to move my teeth to their right spaces cos i guess they had shifted cos of all the empty space. I also had a missing molar on one side of my mouth that has been completely closed by the braces, so i don't need to get dentures for that one.

    I already had straight teeth to begin with. The orthodontist even asked me the first time, if i had braces b4. So u can imagine i wasn't too happy having to pay all that money to fix the mess in my mouth caused by incompetent Nigerian dentists. So i think if u have a space in ur teeth, braces will definitely help.

    You guys want pictures? We'll see about that.

  7. Congrats on your 'new' tootsies. See... I said the 'highs' would be knocking b4 you know it. You just had to inject a bit of 'sting' at the end of your post sha, lol... How would we know 80 years from now if you just don't want to blog anymore cos your back aches from sitting and typing away? Lol.

  8. pls dear, no dey yarn dat kain yarn of dying. pls. i've seen & heard of too much death, dat d mere mention od dat word freaks me out now. pls, it's ur portion 2 live long & joyous.

    congrats on ur braces. i still don't know y braces. i've only known 2 pple dat wear it. one of dem, his teeth is too croaked dat no matter d years of wearing breaces would make any diff. lol. daz my own opinion sha

    & how come all d blogs i've visited 2day, mizchif is coming first n more dan 80% of dem!!!!!

  9. Sorry about your cousin,
    I hope your family's doing well...

    Congrats mehn! Ineed braces as well, but I refuse to go get them, and they're free for me cos of Insurance from popsy,but lailai

    Oya update about the buddy now,
    you know dat was a good question how would we know really?

  10. Congrats on the braces....

    So glad things are picking up for you....

    Why this talk about death of bloggers, just came from tobenna's spot and he said the same thing...

    Can't wait for the gist...ha!! am sure my gambian brother did his worst (hidding face in shame)LOL

  11. Stop being coy jare: post those pictures kia kia!

    (Thanks for the explanation though. It was really thorough and appreciated.)

  12. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin o. Kai, this life ehn! May her soul continue to rest in perfect peace.
    Yaaay ot getting the braces taken off. I wore braces in Naija and they called me all sorts of names ranging from 'iron teeth' to 'railroad tracks'. LMAO....
    *Say cheese* and show off that beautiful smile. Hehehehehe....

  13. What's wrong with you and Tobenna talking about a blogger dying sef...abeg o. Am sorry to hear about ur coz but take heart for she's in a better place.

    So you've been wearing braces? Very funny...would like to see a pic of then and now. You fit paste one?

  14. Congrats oohh. You've tried. 2 years... mmm...It takes special strength to wear braces.

    And thanks to popsy for 'raising you.' I recently learned that a 'raise' I thought I was given was a loan... hmmm...yeye dey smell.

    Sorry about your cousin ohh... We thank God for life and the people He's brought to fill it. It is well with you dearie.

  15. Congrats on the brace removal, might take you a minute to get used to the fact that you no longer have them. Te-he.

    About the death thing. GoodNaijagirl is my informant. She's my facebook friend and has access to my sisters. They'll let her know. Do your family know you have a blog??

    PS: Look me up on fb (Abbie Washington)

  16. *sniff sniff*

    I envy you...

    and me I never start...hiss....

  17. We thank God!

    Congratulations on the removal of your braces, Abeg show off those perfect 6150 teeth! this is funny i'm actually going to the dentist later today, the last time i went was 2years ago and i had 9 cavaties.

    Hmm maybe people think say i don pafuka finish o, this one that i haven't blogged in in long time. God forbid bad thing sha!

  18. $6000!!! whoa....i can imagine the killa smile u have now!

    wow she died on her birthday!! thats just so sad..

    God forbid, u no go kpeme o!

  19. looool!! Congratulationz on gettin ur braces off o!!
    Take a pic of ur smile na... flash am 4 blogville!


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