Thursday, June 26, 2008

He's just not that into you

Unless u've been living under a rock, i bet you've heard of the book "He's not just that into you" by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo (and they say africans have weird names, check out their last names). If u've not heard of the book, then u have really been living under a rock but since u've now heard of the book through me, then all is well and u are forgiven.

My sister bought this book for herself 2 yrs ago and it has been in my room for the last 6 months but i never bothered to open it until yesterday when i was watching a VH1 show and they said something about the book.

Oh my days........ Ladies, this book is common sense knocked into u. You know how all these guys be acting, and we try to make excuses for them and keep on keeping hope alive, hoping he'll change.... Na lie. He's not just that into u. Trust me, if u read this book, u'll stop bullshitting urself. Unless u have promised God that u won't stop deceiving urself as a penance for all ur past sins, then my sister, you are On Your Own aka OYO.

You have no one to blame but urself when he keeps misbehaving aka meskaforming aka misyarning and u have to cry urself to sleep every night. Well, it's ok to cry. Tears are healthy anyway, they help relieve stress. BUT...................... I have always believed in the saying that the one who is worth crying over will never make u cry. You girls know what i'm talking about. How many guys have made u cry? Guys whom u would have moved heaven and earth for, yet they might as well not give a shit about u. I have LET many guys make me cry. I knew better then, but i was pretending i didn't know . Keep hope alive!!!

Well, i have read this book (i never finish am sha). Good thing i did. The book will not tell u anything u didn't know already. It will more than likely confirm suspicions. You know how sometimes u ask someone for their opinion and u know it's not going to be favorable or it's not going to be what u want to hear... Well that's what the book is. It will tell u what u don't want to hear even though in ur hearts of heart u already knew.

Chapter heading includes
  1. He's just not into you if he's not asking you out
  2. He's just not into you if he's not calling you
  3. He's just not into you if he's not dating you
and much more (I no fit write all now, the pple dey pay me?). Go read the book ladies. It should be like a reference material like a dictionary, u know.... BTW, the book has just been made into a movie. For all u none reading pple, no excuses. Although i doubt the movie will do the book justice. It will just be another comedy or some bullshit story (IMO). I might go see it though, so don't mind me.


  1. Again again!

    Seems like i must be one of those inhabitants of the place under the rock. lol! Never heard of the book, sounds like a good manual tho, i'll see if i ca get my hands on it.

    Pls hurry back and do the women, emontions & fuck buddism, can't wait!

  2. I loveeeee this book. Iv read it twice but u just gave me the urge to read it again. A visit to Barnes& Nobles is in order
    i anxiously await the next post btw

  3. I just read your post about braces. Congratulations! I remember how I felt when I got mine removed. People were begging me to stop smiling so hard..but after the thousands of dollars and intense pain-I could care less! Dp u have to wear retainers?
    Oh and I was craving some suya soooo much yesterday

  4. dis is a fabulous post, i don't even know where 2 start commenting. i enjoyed it thoroughly. never read d book itself, but i've heard everything dat was written n it 2ru other means. really waiting 2 see d movie, cos it's got so star e wan die. drew barrymore. jennifer aniston. ben afleck, scarlet johanssan (how dem dey spell dat name sef) etc. they over buku.

  5. "The one who is worth crying over will never make u cry."

    It's so true. I wish someone had said this to me b4...

    I'm aware of the book and keep meaning to buy it. I will soon.
    I've wanted to do a fuck buddy post for a while now. I'm not sure when I'll do it. But I'm looking 4wd to yours.

  6. Heard about this book, but somehow Ive known most of this for a while. Cant say I did with my first crush though. Sigh. You live, you learn.

  7. I have heard about this book...and will def buy it to read. My friend read it and became a world class cynic...heheheheh. I hope that doesn't happen to me. You def got my curiosity awakened.

  8. you know what...all that has been said in the book is sooo true.
    Well may be because I grew up seeing older male cousins treating females like trash, I made up my mind that I wasn't going to be anyman's statistics(has its down side as well o!).
    By the grace of God,I can smell a player 50 miles away(I tell ya my sense of smell when it comes to that is "supernatural"!!!) moreover you wouldn't even dare sef..."who you no see my mean face?"lol...
    I see it happen time and time again to my gal friends,I warn them upfront to call it quits before they get in too deep,but you know how it is when hormones are doing the thinking and not the brain...and then there hearts come crashing and I have to be the one doing the "don't worry every thing will be alright talk" sha!
    I will go look for this book...It should come in handy...

  9. I have heard of the book...,now you gone make me go get it...or u might as well mail yours to me..wink!

    Na only two men ever made me cry in my life...and the lesson wey i don learn...hmmm..orisirisi!

  10. Despite the fact that I haven't really dated, I've had a lot of friends get in really bad relationships and through those I learned to live according to HJNTIY principles (even though I haven't read the book). Like you said, it's all common sense. We all know how we (as humans) should be treated, and in many cases we'd never let our friends let a guy treat them a certain way but we let another guy treat us that same way.

    The minute you have to be making excuses for some yeye man's actions, that's a sign that something isn't right.

    Sometimes though we like to fool ourselves because we want so badly for something to work. Hopefully we are able to see the light before it's too late.

  11. I actually went and bought the book when one of the authors was on the Oprah show(in my past life when i used to watch the show). I couldn't finish reading the book cos some of the things said just started to irritate me (around the middle of the book). I haven't gotten back to reading it though. I might just read it just for the heck of it.

  12. it's a fabulous book. Makes you clutch your pearls like omg I made that excuse for him! LOL!

  13. LMAO! That book was hella funny sha..especially when those women were in some serious denial and Greg would advice them and they'd get mad at him.
    But yup, the book doesn't say nothing that you dont already know.
    They have another one called It's called a breakup if it's broken or something like that.

  14. Argh.. i saw dis book and just passed up the opportunity to buy it!!
    Oh well.. bookshop.. hre i come.

  15. I am yet to read this book but I saw him on Oprah and the guy made so much sense, you know?

    And this other post you intend to wa.

    I will come back to read sha, lol!

  16. i am yet to read the book too!

  17. Lol, very true. It's common sense truth that you don't really always want to hear. Good stuff.

    First time here. Liking it. I'll be back!

  18. Fuck buddism? I will wait to read what it means.

  19. I read that book i still remember when i read was on a road trip from Michigan to a very long ride.I couldnt put it down. Every time i read something that explained something some guy had done to me....i would say to my thats the reason why?lol.
    Very informative book i must say and it just gives you the truth!!

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  21. wen does the movie come out...i love to read, but i hate self help books. I prefer novels... one of those under the rock ppl cos i neva heard of it...

    lets hear abt women and emotions...

  22. I have a sneaky feeling that I'm the first and probably the only guy who is ever going to write a comment on this post. As you know, women are emotional beings and some decisions women take just defy logic. Any woman who reads that book and learns from it deserves my ultimate respect but guess what, most women will read it and still fall prey to the next smooth-talking asshole who comes thier way. I like your blog. I guess those of us who blog about relationships pick the same background colour, black.

  23. I have heard good reviews about the book. I haven't read it personally but I think I should read it especially after this post.


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