Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The biggest lesson i Learnt today.... never to go to clinic with a dirty white coat. It looked clean when i picked it up but as soon as i sat down in clinic, i just kept getting whiffs. It was horrible, especially since i had to see patients and examine them. Checking Eya's blog comments kept me entertained during the few down times i had. I guess it's a good thing that i don't need validation from anyone and as long as you are not close family, i really don't care if you like me or not. I saw a comment i didn't think was cool and i stated my opinion on it. Ahdaisy aka Adviser Nowamagbe was the one who took the insults personal by telling me i had an inferiority complex. If that's not an insult, i don't know what is. This is for you, the unintelligent anonymous who said i insulted her first by calling her an idiot. When they said you should focus in school and gain comprehension skills, you refused. I guess it's too late now, you have my eternal pity.

As for the person who accused me of leaving anonymous comments, that is very laughable. So i leave comments under my blog name and then leave anonymous comments also? Really? You must think i am so jobless. I guess it's hard to fathom that other people might have a problem with that chic. God forbid anyone else has an issue with her, no it has to be all Sting. Now i see why people are afraid to say their true opinions on blogs and rather go with the crowd. I could have as well gone the anonymous route when i left my initial comment, but i stand behind my opinion 100%. No one is feeding me so why should i be scared to say what is on my mind. If i am wrong, i will be the first to apologize because i don't have unnecessary pride.

Now this comment....
You only blame our Ahdaisy when you don't know Sting, Sting is trouble. If Ahdaisy is weak minded, Sting can chase her out of this our fun blog. #TruthIsBitter

When i read it, my initial reaction was to burst out laughing, then i got pissed the fuck off. I would like to know when i became trouble and started chasing people off blogs. This comment is implying that i am a bully and a troublemaker and i take offence to that. It is an attempt to rubbish my opinion and relegate me to the "oh don't mind her and her wahala" box. Not so? No wahala. To whoever left this comment, get ready. You want to talk about trouble, you will see trouble anywhere you enter. That's how people open their existence to bad karma. You asked if i had ever being to church in my whole life. Since you know me so well, you should answer that question your damn self. I guess God only exists inside churches .You will probably be the first in line to hell way before i get there.

Maybe i am so self unaware and don't know that i am a troublemaker. I would like to know who i have troubled in the last 2 years. The last time i remember being a part of any blog drama was the gay issue, so what is this fool talking about? I'm not supposed to have an opinion, or you would prefer i hide under the cowardly anonymous like you? What is it? Like i said just watch your life and your big mouth. Make sure you come back and tell me how you like it.

This is the comment that pissed me off. The last line of the comment actually. It took me aback and i had to read it like a couple of times to make sure i was understanding right.

nyway, have you met his family? Has he met yours? Is he interested in your future? Do you make any plans about the future together? Have you discussed kids even if its indirectly? What does he introduce you to his friends as, wife? Girlfriend? As far as Nigerian men are concerned, they both mean the same thing. Does he say "meet my fiancĂ©" or 'na my wife be this'? Cos the latter means he is just trying to make you feel happy with yourself, meanwhile nothing o.. How did he propose? “Baby, marry me na"? Again that dnt mean sh*t!

My husband told me some days after we met that he was going to marry me. As in he said, 'you are my wife' like two days after we met. I finally agreed to marry him 1yr 6 mnths later. I so do not believe in short courtships. Some people say it worked for them. For me, it's too risky. I also dnt believe in extra long courtships. So maybe you were a little desperate or carried away by some of his paparazzi. So now that your eye have clear small, start asking the right questions. 

It might be he did not drop the key cos there are several skeletons having a blast in his closet. Or maybe it's nothing, . But I dunno. There are some mistakes we just have live with. 

Dnt abort the child, you are old enough to take care of it. Have a talk with the dude and see where he stands before you bring up pregnancy, if you are preggers. His response will determine whether you have entered one chance or not.

I dunno sha, I am better at advising MARRIED Women.

 After writing this epistle of a comment, you then finish with I am better at advising MARRIED women, and someone wants to tell me that is not a sub?!!! If it was an innocent comment, why write in it caps. Come the fuck on. It wasn't necessary and it was very condescending. Let's call a spade a spade.

Let me end by saying, i think it is very interesting that after Eya started moderating comments, she approved ALL the comments bashing me but the one comment i left responding to the above anonymous, where i pretty much said she should ask herself the church question since she knows me so well, she didn't approve the comment. Noted. No wahala. You guys can keep your "fun" blog where all the people with marital and relationship woes come to fellowship. It must be a lot of fun to read such stories every freaking day.

It's a good thing i have a blog abi? I think my space is big enough to accommodate me and my wahala since Sting is trouble. It's good, i like it like that because i am not afraid to say the truth and i will not be kissing  anyone's ass.

Let me give anyone who feels they want to discredit and label me incorrectly a friendly warning, i will not take it lying low. If you don't like me, sucks for you. That's your headache. Please don't come to this blog anymore, actually you are free to come and hate-read and die slowly inside because there actually people who like my blog. If you are one of the people who pretend to like my blog and then say crap about me anonymously, then God is most certainly going to punish you. I don't have to be inside a church to know that and none of you freaking hypocrites have a monopoly on God, so fuck you anonymous and the dead horse you rode in on.

Anyway, what do i expect from a place where a lot of MARRIED Nigerian women congregate. You guys are the architect of a lot of women's misfortunes and your own. You make people who are not married feel less than and drive them into bad marriages, all in their bid to be called wives. SMH.

I remain thankful for my life. God has blessed me.

I am going to go read about hypertension before i get one myself cos of this bullshit.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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