Friday, April 12, 2013

Blogsville Weight Loss Challenge

Hello lovelies,

Back when we used to have "Blogsville" I started a challenge called Fatbusters where a bunch of us signed up to see who could lose the most weight (and be healthy of course). I don't think i lost any weight to be honest, but some people lost quite a few pounds. BBB and Bumight were talking about it on twitter yesterday and what do you know, I just joined the gym on Monday....I know!!!! Everyone in my life is really healthy, my brother is a runner, my sister has a personal trainer and has lost over 40lbs since she had her baby last year, another sister who is a navy chief is in charge of fitness for the recruits (or something like that) and she just told me she was getting certified to be a personal trainer (I have shared her picture on this blog before). Let's not talk about my 60 year old mother who puts me to shame with how fit she is. I can't even attempt her workout regime. Plus other "people" who won't let me hear word about being physically active. Besides, how are you going to encourage patients to exercise when you are worse than a couch potato.

With all that long story, we have decided to do the Blogsville Weight loss challenge again. I already set up the blog. We have 3 people so far -  Me, Bumight, and BBB. If you are interested in joining, leave your email address in the comment section or email me at, so i can add you as an author to the blog. The only thing you would need is a scale, cos we have to post a picture of our weight every week, to track progress. At the end of three months, the person with the most weight loss wins. I wish i could say you win a prize, but i think being healthy and getting fit is a prize in itself. No starvation diet or fad diets allowed.

I would like this to be done every 3 months where new people can join in, old people can remain if they chose. If you are a fitness expert or you are a healthy and want to contribute healthy living tips to the blog, also send in your email so i can make you an author. I want people to be able to post whatever they think would be helpful to living a healthy lifestyle. Our Nigerian foods are not very healthy cos i think we eat too much carbs, so alternative ways to cook stuff are always welcome. So if you don't want to join in the challenge but want to contribute to the blog, you are welcome also.

As soon as i have between 5-10 people, we will start.

The goal is to get moving and be healthy. I would love some washboard abs. Uh hum!


  1. Hiya! I'd def like to post recipes or workout tips although I won't be doing the actual challenge.

    1. Cool....what's ur email address? You can post it here or email me and i'll add u.

  2. Replies
    1. I know right? Great motivation for me to keep going to the gym and eating right.

  3. Great idea! I'm in! I have lost 8kg since January 12 this year and this will help I'm thinking.... posting my weight will be a bit tricky cos i weight so much LOL

    my email is

    1. I can understand your apprehension about sharing your weight. Don't worry it will be okay when you start seeing the weight drop off.

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  5. Why didn't you automatically sign me up na? I thought we were friends :(. LOL. Yes please. We're in this baybay! I think I have gained weight since the last time we did this sef. *covers face*


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