Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fish Brains

I now have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a lot of women have fish brains and when it comes to reasoning and comprehension probably are not functioning any higher than JSS3. Quite sad and disappointing actually especially since quite a few of them actually have university degrees. A bunch of educated fools. God forbid, because those are the worst kind. At least if you were an illiterate people can make allowances for you.

I generally like people and find them interesting, but some people are just disgusting. I guess i can't deceive myself anymore and say i don't have haters. LOL. I love it. I'm about to start my 4 day weekend. Woo hoo! How awesome is that. Life couldn't be any better.

For all you bad belle's out there, make una no go die put for my matter o. I'm enjoying my life.


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    1. I'm sorry u wasted your time writing that epistle. Don't bother yourself next time.

    2. I think the best advice are from people who know nothing about your life and want to play amateur psychoanalyzers and come up with far fetched nonsense.

      Rioght. Ms. P, i went to read your advice cos i have so much time on my hands. It was an interesting read, i will be honest but it was a classic case of talking out of one's ass.You seem like someone who would give good solicited advice, when you actually have background information to go by. In my case, you were not even in the ballpark of anything that pertained to me.

      People are not made from cookie cutter molds, so i don't have to fit the little psychology you think you know.
      I think therapy is great though, would you like to pay for mine since you think i might need life long therapy?
      It was still interesting to read and i thank you for that.
      I also know who you are. Thanks for that also. Why make things so easy?

      Let's all enjoy the weekend and quit trying to figure me out.
      It's fruitless. This blog is my hobby, but don't be deceived into thinking you know me because you read my blog. That's a joke.

  2. S-T-I-N-G!!!!!!

    koolo, koolo temper #labaja voice#

    When I said some women had fish brain and there are haters in blogsville in my older posts, many disagreed.

    1. I FINALLY see what you have been saying all along. Nobody is allowed to have an opinion unless it's the popular ass kissing opinion in this place. The fool who left a comment was trying to mention my family or something like that, i didn't bother reading as soon as i saw that because I don't even want to upset myself.

  3. lmao i just love your honesty, It totally okay to have haters they make the world go round. a lot of this women have follow follow tendencies

    1. Haters or people who think i must come from a dysfunctional family or being really hurt in my life....either way, works. I guess everyone has to be alike and if you don't conform something has to be wrong with you.

  4. Fiction and/or too many movies, not necessarily JSS:

    If you're doing something someone doesn't approve of, you're the villain, and of course what better influence for your villainy than having a dysfunctional childhood?


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