Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's Talk about the Touts on Wives Connection

I am going to write this post, then i think i am going to take a break from blogging and blogs for a while. I was SO tempted to delete my blog yesterday. People who have read my blog for a while know that i do that from time to time usually when i need to focus on school, but this time it would have been for a different reason.

Myne asked me not too long ago if i would stop blogging (or something like that) and i said no, because this is something i actually enjoy doing. However, in the very recent past i think this blog has gotten an expiration date. After the incident on Wives connection when some faceless coward made the comment about me being a trouble maker and you can only blame Ahdaisy if you don't know sting, i was just done. I don't need this. I really don't.

I stopped commenting on that blog because there seems to be a lot of touts, power rangers and minions who visit there and who have a follow-follow mentality. You need to be able to think for yourself and not just jump on a bandwagon. I still read the blog though because it is entertaining. I don't pretend to have answers to people's problems so why bother advising anyone. The only time i ever left a comment since that incident was for the lady whose husband had erectile dysfunction. It was a medical issue and since i have a bit of knowledge on that topic i left a comment.

I was reading the 2 face critique Eya posted yesterday and got to the comments and starting seeing people saying all sorts of crap about me. Ahdaisy was insinuating that i was the one who left a nasty comment for her, and did i not say i was never coming to that blog again (i guess she's the blog rep), and people jumping on the bandwagon and calling me out. I didn't even get to see some of  the nasty comments about Ahdaisy because Eya had deleted them before i got there, but all the comments mentioning me were still up there for my viewing pleasure. I am not a coward and really don't have the time to be leaving anonymous comments for anyone. Apparently, certain people don't like the Ahdaisy chic for whatever reason. I had a problem with ONE comment that she made, i said something about it, and she no longer exists to me. Why would i go and be anonymously leaving her comments. She's a non-issue. Trust me when i say that if i have something to say i will use my blog identity to say it. No one is feeding me, paying my med school tuition and i don't blog for money, so what's that deal here? I'm supposed to be sacred of some random chic who has her own blog but wants to die on someone else's blog? You are so good at giving advice, why don't you set up your blog to do that and maybe make something out of it? You see how people don't have common sense?

Those anonymous commenters who left her those comments should have enough integrity to come back and say they did it, and it wasn't Sting because i don't have time for all that nonsense or for someone who feels that she knows it all. I don't know it all and i don't pretend to, neither do i think i am better than anyone for any reason.

I was motivated to write this post for two reasons. Firstly,  i just read The Salt chronicles (Desperate Naija Woman) where she talked about moderating comments. Eya was the first person to comment on that post and that's why i decided to write this post. She knows the kind of touts that visit her blog because she solicited them from Linda Ikeji's blog, which is why during the MARRIED controversy when someone was mouthing off about how Linda Ikeji's commenters have found their way to Eya's blog, i thought that was laughable. How do you think i found out about Wives Connection? She was actively advertising on there.

Knowing the kind of people who visit your blog with the fact that you allow anonymous comments, doesn't that come with some sort of responsibility to at least moderate comments? Why am i being accused of something that i didn't do, yet you delete certain comments and leave others? If it's all in a bid to generate views and comments, that's fine. In all fairness, I will add that the comments about me were deleted after I sent her an email to complain.

Secondly, there's nothing i hate more than being accused of something i didn't do. As Eya did not address it, I have decided to. Believe me if you like, don't believe me if you like, that's not my problem. I have said what i have to say. Wives Connection touts, please find another target for your nonsense, leave my name out of your mouths and best believe that if i have a comment to make about your master, you will not have to guess who made it. 

Someone was just saying the other day that things have changed since people started blogging for money. This was not the blogging community i knew and liked being a part of. Even when there were disagreements, it wasn't this bad. There's just too much bad blood going around. You don't know who your enemies are. If my blog was something tangible i could pick up and take far away to where no one knows me, trust me i would. Maybe i would have some peace and enjoy blogging again.

I am just turned off by the whole atmosphere. I don't want any comments about this post. Anyone who doesn't like it can kindly kick rocks. I am taking a break and if it wasn't for Lazy grad student, i would delete this blog while i take my break.

Good thing our weight loss competition starts tomorrow. Let me focus my attention on something that is actually going to improve the quality of my life and not all this nonsense. One last chance to join.

P.S I know i called for peace the other day and hopefully this came across as a very peaceful message. Not a single cuss word, lol. I can't even be angry about stupid stuff anymore but that does not mean i will stand back and let people accuse me falsely. Life doesn't work that way, at least not in my side of town. :)
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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