Wednesday, June 20, 2012


While YOLO sounds slimy to say, at least to me, I totally agree with the sentiment behind the acronym. You only live once o. I am the queen of uncomplicating my life. If something is stressing me or whatever, i go straight to the source, what the source does with the information, is no longer up to me.

Anyhoo, i just slept like 6 hours and i could sleep 6 more. Yesterday was brutal on me. Thanks for the congratulatory messages on the birth of my goddaughter/niece. I get the live vicariously through my sissy and it doesn't hurt that her kids look like me. Well, i think they look like her but we look alike, so she says they look like me and family friends think so too. Yesterday, she sent me a picture of the baby sleeping and was like "see your face". I told her she was trying to bribe me because she changed the pronouciation of the name we agreed on. Yes o, I was a big part of the baby naming process, both first and middle name. The first name was not her job but i hijacked it and kept pushing for a certain name, which she liked also, so i left her to work on her husband. The middle name was hers to pick and i suggested like a hundred names. She just kept rejecting them. At a point i was like, "where d one wey u dey suggest, all you do is just reject like one boss". Of course, all the ones she suggested, i didn't like also. Finally, one day i was like what about this....and she's like i like it! Simple. I told her the meaning (which was more important) and we were good. This was a month and half ago ooooo.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and she was telling me my sister decided to go with a different pronunciation of the name, but same spelling. I say ehen, she don come again.  She did the same thing with my niece and ended up picking this very common akata sounding name. I suggested a less common variation of the name, but she no gree. Now she blames pregnancy brain. So this time, i told her i could not trust her to decide alone before she names my god daughter Shaniqua. Anyway, it's a very pretty, uncommon  name which means intelligent. I think it's kind of stressful naming a child sha. So i need to start to gather my options.

Honeydame, you can see me in my office so we can talk about how this betrothal will work. I would have loved to charge you a high bride price sha, but fortunately for you, Edo people no dey collect better money for bride price. Although, i have warned my father not to try that on my behalf. I shall be showing my igbo colors when i get married. If he doesn't charge the bride price, i will help him.


  1. That picture hit a sore spot.#leSigh. If life were ever that simple. As for names, I am very selfish, I refuse to share any more names until i have my own children. I have given away two boy names already and seriously regret it.

  2. Lol, help him fix your own bride price? Indeed!
    You'll be too busy making sure your gown, hair and make up if perfect!

  3. That's a great way to live life, simple and uncomplicated. Of course cos there's not only you, it gets so still.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Trying to umcomplicate my life here too. You only live once. Yolo

  5. I have to go with Ifunaya..sometimes it's not that simple.. but..I'm working on it... IF I miss someone.. I'll text

  6. Just uncomplicated my life this afternoon yo...Y.O.L.O is so apt. why waste time complicating things when u have just one opportunity?


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