Sunday, June 3, 2012

Late Night Brain Dump : Episode Tres

I'm tempted to delete my blog again until after my exam
but truth be told, it is not a distraction
My only distraction is tiredness
and boredom
and being sick of studying
The closer the exam gets the less energy i have to freak out. 
I can't even freak out and be stupidly worried. 
I'm just so chill about the whole thing, i'm actually worried about not being worried. 
Craziness, i know! 
Denial and avoidance. 

I have been sleeping on my couch, again
I haven't done that this year,  but since i moved my study table to my living room by my amebor window,
I just end up crashing there. 
My body doesn't like it anymore
Too much aches and pains and mysterious muscle pains. 
I'm going back to my bed. 

I always wonder why some people start their posts with "to the one or two people who read/follow this blog"
How do you figure that out? 
A lot more people read your blogs than leave comments. 
I would know. 
There are blogs i read regularly but never comment. 

For the first time today, it occurred to me that some people might chose their specialty not because of what they want, but because of what their significant others wants or doesn't want. 
Someone asked me what i wanted to specialize in and i said urology (just to be funny)
and he was like no, no, no I don't like that. 
So you will be asking men to drop trou and seeing their kini? No..I don't like it at all. 
How about you consider Peds, Cardiology or Neurosurgery
 I was like, why do i care what you like? Are you serious?
Dude is a friend of a friend
So imagine if he was my significant other and i really wanted to do urology? 
Wahala for dey o. 
How are you going to tell me what i should specialize in? 
You dey follow me dey read the book? 
As i dey suffer so, where u dey? 
Waka X10
Let me see the man that will come and put mouth in my career path with regards to what i should or should not do.
Unless he is a doctor and has constructive advice/suggestions, 
I don't want to hear it, just keep it to yourself. 

Tomorrow is a new day, new week.
Looking forward to sleeping on my bed and getting a full nights sleep. 
If i do end up deleting my blog, don't worry, it's only temporary. 
I usually have to shut everything down when i want to focus and we are at that point in the game

Also, looking forward to being part of Joel Osteen's service live 
You can do that on the internet. 
I love Joel Osteen mehn! He is soooo helping me get through med school.
Anyone who doesn't believe in God is on a long thing.
It's the fanatics i can't stand.
The religiously religious.
Common sense be damned. 

Have a greatttttt week guys and i will see you on the other side. 
Other side of what? I'm not exactly sure.
But i will be seeing you.

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  1. Lmao@ waka x10. Guys dropping their trousers to see their kini would be fun tho hehehe.

    You'll get through this xoxo


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