Sunday, June 10, 2012

Late Night Brain Dump: Episode Cuatro

I'm starting to feel really stressed out. This only happens when i allow myself to think about the enormity of this exam and self doubt takes over my mind. Instant headache. I've decided to take a break and go braid my hair tomorrow. Mostly because i'm sick of this crap called hair on my head. It is so annoying. The last time i braided was 2009 and i hate it. The long hours, the pain, everything just sucks. I don't want to deal with a wig or a weave so i'm left with no choice than to braid. My hair is a demon child of satan. I want to shave it so bad but i can't be going to the hospital all bald and shit.

It's a good thing i built up my self-esteem at the right time, which i was when i was a teenager because i have never felt so unlike myself as i do right now. My hair has gone to shit, i have gained weight (i sit down for 14 freaking hours a day), I almost feel ugly. Almost, but not quite but we are pretty close. I just added my next door neighbor on facebook. I'm weird cos i barely have anyone in my school as friends on facebook. Just the people i really talk to and then again, not all of them cos i am very facebook bipolar. I have abused that deactivation button. Anyway, she and another of my neighbors who is also in my school but not my friend on facebook, stopped by to say hi. Next door neighbor was like, i saw your pictures on facebook and like wow, and before she could continue, the other one said, "yeah, she said she saw your pictures and you used to be so pretty". I just bursted out laughing. She tried to explain that she didn't mean it in a bad way and i told her it was okay and i understand i look less human these days. I was actually amused by it.

I am seriously contemplating postponing my exam and taking my vacation month first. I would have to speak to the registrar and tell her i need more time to study so she can rearrange my schedule. That way i can take the exam in July and get some time off then come back in August. 90% sure at this point. I really don't want to take this exam when i'm not ready for it and i don't think i'm ready or almost ready. I could do it just to get it over with, but i don't want to do that. I want to put my best foot forward and be satisfied that i did all i could. I'm not there yet.

There are a bunch of idiots yelling in the parking lot. I don't know if they know that their voices carry. I don't want to hear all your ghetto ass drama. Gonorrhea? Hmmm.....People who have unprotected sex these days are just lame. I have no words.

I learnt some cool stuff from my last post. So what i grew up knowing as Amuge is also called Awin, Icheku, and Licki licki. I remember when i was younger we had a househelp who kept trying to describe a certain fruit to me. She said it was the best thing she ever had but no matter how hard she tried, i had no clue what she was talking about. She kept calling it Udara. So i said, whenever you go home bring me one so i can see try this fruit. When she came back and gave it to me, i was like oh! That's what we called it. Not sure why and it looks nothing like the American cherry. The beauty of Nigeria. So many different cultures. I love it.

What happened to Asha? She needs to come and mark HoneyDame's register. Hope she's okay sha.

Oh one important thing. I am strongly of the opinion that people need to stop putting their new born babies picture on facebook. Maybe it's not a big deal but i have a problem with it. Most newborn babies are not the cutest things to look at. Some definitely are but others you need to give them time to grow into their faces. I know all babies are "supposed" to be cute, but come on. I think the worst thing you could do (okay, maybe not the worst), is to put your child up for people (including me) to ridicule behind your back. I never say a baby is cute when it isn't but a lot of people do. I guess it's the right thing to do.

Besides the looks, do you know how EASY it is to pull any picture off facebook? It is scary easy. I mean, i've been looking at random pictures on facebook using my phone and somehow, i find said picture downloaded on my phone and i didn't even do it on purpose. Anyway, to each his own. I just feel like if you have 1,000 friends on facebook, don't put your baby's picture up. Not everyone is really your friend.  You have a lot more frenemies than friends. Maybe i'm just paranoid or maybe i have seen one too many babies that need to grow into their faces before being displayed to people you haven't spoken to in 10 years or more. I'm just saying. Friendly advise.


  1. i was wondering what happened to Asha as well she has disappeared off twitter too....the licki licki fruit is called black tumbla in Sierra Leone that's where i first encountered it....feel you on the facebook photos though, even my profile picture sef is set to just me so you can see it but can't comment on it...when i found out how easy it was to download people's photos that was the time my albums went down...some phones even tell you where someone is logged on from i never have my location but my friend once emailed me asking her why i did not inform her i was visiting a certain country and i am like who told you and she says her phone saved my facebook prof photo include the country where i was logged on from in her contacts list!!!!

  2. NO..I think your right!
    When it comes to my baby brother... He has nar a picture on the web.. not even an eye. or the back of his head...

    1. OOhh.... P>S> I know the African cherry as "Agbalumo"

  3. I am wit you on the 'un-cuteness' of newly born babies lol. Recently i made a comment about the baby picture of my friend's son - now a handsome 5 yr old. i saw his newborn pic and was like 'boy you were not a cute baby' and another friend who was there was scolding me 'how can you say someone's baby isnt cute' Lord have mercy.

  4. The official english name of icheku is "velvet tamarind" they also use it to make thai tea - yummy yummy! and apparently it's common in Malaysia

  5. Ha!!! I am totally with you on keeping newborn's pictures off fb! It is very very creepy!
    I hope u are able to sort out this exam ish o. ((hugs))
    And i really really hope Asha is fine

  6. Babe, i really hope you can get it together as per exams, your posts so reminds me of my friend's days in medical school..she is a doctor now so you get there too. I really do hope Asha is okay , she just disappeared, even her email is no longer working..kinda worrisome

  7. Some babies, I will not talk cos I'm sure my babies will be beautiful hahaha...

    I hope Asha is OK too. I'm guessing blogging became too distracting.

  8. i really really hope you feel better, i have a feeling agbalumo has a better english name, we just dont know it, lol Cherry will have to do for now

  9. hehehehe, my experience was similar to Ginger's, I looked at a friend's baby and thought, omo you no fine o (child you're not fine) as others cooed and aahed over him, I just kept schtum only he's now a cute little boy.


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