Thursday, June 21, 2012


  • Thinking of doing a blogger meet up in December in Atlanta, who is interested? 
  • Thinking of doing a blog give away. Don't know what to give plus i yam broke (for now)......
  • Thinking of why my butt and my feet hurt. I get the butt part, i've been sitting all day. It's called study butt, google it, but my feet? I don't get that. It feel like i have been trekking for 4 hours, it's actually throbbing.
  • Thinking i might just be an undercover heathen because whenever my "christian" friends say some certain things, i am seriously sitting there trying to diagnose them with a mental disorder. I swear! I might be on to something with this one person though. Seriously.

 The AC in my apartment is in the living room and the cool air doesn't get to the room. WTF? So i am forced to sleep on my couch even though i want to be on my bed tonight (and yesterday). What's up with this weather anyway?

I've started cursing as much as i used to a few years ago. I was getting better, but i seem to have relapsed. Oh well.

 Question: So what do you call someone who is a "church boy" but says waiting to have sex until you are married is archaic? 
Answer: A damn hypocrite

You chop, clean mouth, kneel down and ask for forgiveness, then turn around and do it again. All you need to do is keep asking for forgiveness because God will always forgive you. O din ma.

Ticket to hell for two, please. Thank you.

Hey Uwa ♥ :D


  1. so im guessing you are gonna finally reveal yourself.... kudos, NY would be a more exciting place to do your final reveal (im just saying that becuz i live in NY). Well i have my opinions about religion and overtly religious people, but i would keep my opinions to myself.
    i came out of hiding to comment on your post, now, back to hiding.

  2. Pain in the butt, in the leg, in the neck... im struggling with it all!

    Wait 2 tickets to hell ke? Sanctification required ASAP!

  3. ahahahahaha.....sting, GO BACK TO STUDYING YA BOOK!

    YES! it is so damn hot! :)


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