Sunday, June 24, 2012

Win a Soul for Jesus

Hey beautiful people,

It's a wonderful day to be alive. New week, I have a 3 day orientation coming up this week, which i am not ready for. I still have to download all these apps on my ipad (mandatory), do a 1 hour EPIC training, study for the CPR exam which i have on the first day of orientation. This would be my 5th time of doing this training and i know for a fact that if someone needs CPR, nobody better look at me. I'll try to take it seriously this time (maybe). I need an assistant in my life. That would be very nice.

I almost committed blasphemy today. This random dude has been sending me "christian" messages on facebook. I only have myself to blame because i accepted his friend request, which is very unlike me. I looked for him to delete him afterwards but i didn't remember his name and i had deleted his message. I got another message from him today.

"Daughter of zion how do u do pls can u reach me wit these number XXXXXXX  or XXXXXXXX. We can take GOD WORD to bring changings to ur generation. God bless u dear. Isaiah 3v10."

"What do i see in u, u may ask. I see GOD perfect Glory workin in u for perfection, so Glorify Him wit ur beauty. Win a soul 4 JESUS CHRIST, provb 11v30. Or better stil luk 11v23."
This was actually his first message. you can see all the messages someone ever sent you whenever they email you again.

Apparently, he is not too fond of the letter S or maybe he just doesn't gbadun punctuation, not sure what's going on there. Na so dem take they win souls these days? Abeg, someone put me through.

I was about to ask him if he was sure i was a christian but i was like let me just delete this man before i start to denounce my religion all in the name of being contrary. So i just jejely deleted him, make God no go punish me because of my mouth. 

I'm about to reset and start studying again. You guys should enjoy these frequent posts o, cos when i start rotations, i don't know how often you will be seeing my brake light.


  1. Good luck with your studies.
    As for the Christian messages...i just don't get it.

  2. lol i know dis dude lol he sent me d same message so wierd lol i had to delete him asap

  3. HAHA...When you start responding..thats when the messages will change...
    Better delete and block.. your soul matters.

    Cheers to the Orientation... !



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