Friday, January 27, 2012

Shit medical students say

This made me laugh....shits and giggles. Very familiar. I've said some of these things. I'm so tired! I can relate to the brokery. Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal cancer(Sounds like a big word/phrase, but it's really not). Someone explain something and you say oooooo, i get it and then the next second, 'wait, what did u just say". "I feel so dumb" That's another one. LOL. One of my friends is such a self-diagnoser. One day he has angina, the next day it's something else. Meanwhile, dude is perfectly fine. I'm the" i hate med school" girl.

Gunner! Yep! You hear that a lot. It's like it's a sin to be a gunner. lol.  "I haven't even started studying for this block". You hear that too, but that's just a big fat lie.

I was watching this with my friend and we almost died laughing after he said "Do you have sex with men, women or both". I have had to ask that to a standardized patient. My friend said he refused to do that and asked "how's your sex life instead". I stuck with the script and it was hella awkward especially since it was supposed to be a married man. You hear "do you think this is going to be on the test" or "do you think we should know this" all the freaking time. I ask that too and get asked. I wish i knew what was going to be on the test. Calling home to say you just know you bombed a test. True!

 THIS! This video is the gospel. I don't even know which one to pick out.

Ah! I really need to go study. I haven't studied since 4pm today. I'm so tired though!!! :)

*Who is a Gunner


  1. Too funny and the only Grey's Anatomy ref I could pick is...Yang and Alex's 'is this gonna be on the exam?'....and you always so sure you've bombed the the studying and not sleeping

    Good luck babe

    Oh...who is a gunner?!...laymen don't know o

  2. A Gunner is pretty much someone who would do anything to get ahead. The only thing i can think of in Nigerian lingo is Efiko, but that's like Efiko raised to power 100. I'll put a link to urban dictionary so you can get a better sense of what i'm talking about.

  3. Lol. I can imagine!!! And the one where she says, "This is nothing like Grey's Anatomy" has me rolling! Take it easy Dame! Go study! We'll be praying for ya.

  4. YAY Neuropeptide Y!!! I'm a grad student, but I'll pretend I can minutely relate lol

  5. I wrote my honors thesis on the effects of NPY on the PVH. So NPY is my homie :)

  6. just made my day! The first and last videos were my faves! I too have questioned my career choice, and as renal path and micro have been continuously driving me crazy, have wondered how much of what I'm learning I'm really going to use.

    Hope you're good...or at least hanging in there like I am =)

  7. Simple gal: I'm hanging in there o. Literally fighting for my life at this point. The first and last are my favorites too.

    Good luck on ur upcoming exams.

  8. I love this post, girl you are my inspiration o, keep it up!

  9. Thanks YNC, I appreciate that. I'm trying my best.

  10. Off to find shit residents say cs this just gave me ptsd sx. Why I am still awake when i have along day tomorrow baffles me too...
    ugh, rAMBLES

  11. At least you know you aren't the only one going through the madness :)

    Keep your head up!



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