Thursday, January 26, 2012


Am i wrong for thinking people who do something wrong ought to be punished? For example you do something to me (something major), why should i have to wait for Karma? Karma is slow. Why can't i just give you what u deserve right now? Why should i turn the other cheek and take the high road? Is there a prize for that? I'm just saying. I like swift justice. It makes me feel better.


  1. I agree, but I'm selective about it. For some people, I want them to experience what's coming to them right away (to make me feel better of course) and then others I give them some time because I know they are going to fall into their own self made pit without my help.

  2. hahaha....because it is much more satisfying to watch karma work....u never know when she/he is coming...

  3. swift justice definitely makes me feel good and relieved but sometimes Karma is just the best form of justice.

  4. hehehe, you mean apart from the Bible rules?
    I love Karma tho but yea, sometimes it's too slow. For me, it depends on the crime and i really like watching them squirm (literally or otherwise)...knowing they've done you wrong and you could do same/worse. I guess i prefer piling coals on their heads :-)

  5. Revenge is best served hot..totally agree but Christianity teaches that it is the Lord's. Guess i have to bow to that.

    I once read about this muslim woman whose face was permanently scarred and eye blinded when a rejected lover poured acid on her.
    Years after the guy was caught and tried. Judgement - she was given acid to pour on his eyes. She did it. literally en eye for an eye. (shudders) I dont know if i could ever do that.


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