Friday, January 20, 2012

"Fun" stuff

I just had to say this, mostly for the sake of posterity. I had my first experience doing a male exam yesterday. What that means in simple english is you exam a guy's penis and scrotum (plus prostate too but we did that on dummies). It was an awkward, weird experience especially since we had to talk to them about what we were doing! I felt like my hand was burning afterwards because we still had to stay there while the rest of us examined the patient (it was 4 at a time, there were multiple other patients in other rooms).

I can imagine it was uncomfortable for the standardized patient because his penis shrunk I'm sorry. It wasn't funny at the time and i was very uncomfortable. The girl who went before me, her hand was literally shaking. lol. I can imagine how the guys felt. My silly friend who went a couple of days before me told me she was suppressing giggles (i wonder why because i didn't find the situation funny at all, i wanted to bolt out of there). Then she was like, what was i supposed to do, i mean, what do you do with a penis and i answered her with a straight face, "well, it depends on where you are and why you are holding the penis in the first place" lol.. She is such a dork.

Next week, we get to do female exams. We practiced on dummies this week. IF u have been reading my blog for a while, you will recall that i was unceremoniously initiated into doing pelvic exams last year by my clinical mentor. It's going to be a lot of fun watching the guys squirm. I'm still not looking forward to it at all. That speculum scares me in real life.

*There is this awesome study app called Pomlite life. It uses the pomodromo technique, where u study for a certain amount of time, then u get a short break, then after a number of pomodromos you get a long break. I set mine to get a 5 min break every 40 minutes, then after the 4th pomodromo i get a 20 minute break (most of the time i skip at least two 5 minute breaks because my attention span is good for a couple of hours, i really don't need a break every 40 mins but the app won't let me do longer than 40 minutes at a time without a break. It's really helped me stay focused and track how much time i spend studying or how much time i've spent of a particular topic. So far i've spent 13.3hours since the day started just learning 30 drugs and i still have 26 more to go. Love the app sha. Student readers of this blog, take note. 

** I'm about to pull a Diddy on you guys and channel the first lady. Watch this space :))


  1. hahahahahahahah.....why does examining male part sound like fun to me?!
    The standardized patients, are they paid for it or something?

  2. Of course they are paid and i think they are paid very well too. Trust me, it's not fun at all.

  3. Its sounds like fun though!!!! I'd probably be shaking too thoug :-/

  4. I think I would laugh too, especially at the shrinkage, lol..too bad...

  5. looool, lmao, I think I'd really laugh at the shrinkage, like look at the guy and ask him what's going on down there, lmao...
    The pomodromo bit, I should check that out

  6. Lol...he!he!he! Wat u do wit d penis depends on where u are...gud answer.

  7. lol... how is it not awkward for the guy?? lol....

  8. HAHA At least you weren't volunteered to be the examinee..

  9. hahahahaha that must have been all levels of awkward, i don't see the fun everyone is talking about. Feel sorry for the guy but if he's getting paid for it then na im sabi jare

    I start school in the fall and i hope i remember to come back for the app

  10. I had my penis examined once by a female doctor. It became awkward when I had an erection. We still acted professional though.


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