Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hair Pressure

My immediate older sister is going natural - 90% transitioned
My immediate younger sister just decided to go natural

My hair line has gone AWOL

Talk about pressure!!!

What is going on?

Universe, did i do something wrong?

*So my younger sister texts me today that she's going green and i responded by asking her how and what does she mean. Apparently, that's what they now call going natural. (I don't know who they is, i just said it). She still hasn't told me why she decided to go natural because this is so sudden. I cannot imagine her with natural hair and i know she doesn't like stress so we shall see.  I really don't think going natural is a cake walk, you have to be mentally ready for it. I can't fit for that kind of wahala right now. Mba.

**But there's a tiny part of me that wishes it were easier so i could do it.

In the interest of full disclosure i actually was natural from the 2003-2005 but i didn't think of it as "natural". My hair fell out after i came to this country as a result of braiding right after i got a perm in preparation for leaving Nigeria. I took the braids out Dec 2002 and all my hair had fallen out. It was short. So for the next three years i got braids constantly and did not get a perm. The natural hair movement hadn't started back then. I'm sure if it had i would have hung in there and never gotten another perm :( Oh well.


  1. lol it is not an easy walk...tried it before and ran back to relaxer in 5 months

  2. I am so not mentally for that. It is not for the faint-hearted jor. All the best to your sisters.

  3. I'll make my final decision when my hair cut clocks a year in March. The first months are actually easy, more like wash, condition and go. With time as the hair grows, it needs more care, and for no-fuss me, it's more challenging. All the best as you decide.

  4. The universe is trying to tell you something. wink wink

  5. It's not fair. I look away for a minute, then there's a slew of posts to catch up with. Anyhoo, I've been natural since March or so last year,and I chopped off all the perm in the summer. There are loads of videos on YT if you want to go down that route...for me it's easy cos I'm a wig freak, my hair is cornrowed underneath. All the best :).

  6. Really??? They call going natural going green? That's a new one, never heard it before.

    Believe me, it is not as hard as you think o. Don't let the rules and product junkies fool you. Once you develop a good routine that works for you, you are good to go.

    The reason why people think its hard is because they might have been used to maintaining relaxed hair all their lives and change is not easy, especially change in routine

  7. I agree with Ilola.
    It can be as easy as you make it. The change in routine will take some getting used to though.

  8. natural is going green??...well i guess i've been green for a yr...i dont feel bad for not recycling whew!!

    i love being natural...ive never wanted to get a perm since i cut my hair boy short

  9. Blessings and happy new year....

    If your hairline is going awol it means you need to give your hair a break from braiding. Too much strain and if you do not then eventual the hair folicles will die a permanent death and you will no long have hair there. Your hair and scalp needs a rest. Whatever styling you are doing its too much trauma for your hair and scalp.

    Perhaps you can give it a break by using alternative methods of stylying such as wigs and hair wraps. For a while lay off the braiding, weaving and gluing (assuming thats what you have been doing).

    stay blessed.

  10. Happy new Sting.

    laughing, i understand you ooo... personally i like going natural ..but....have to make my kids happy...and i kind of like it.....but..i miss washing my head everyday ooo and am tempted atimes to go under the shower when the urge is so strong! ..ahahhahaa... yeah...just can't make a decision..am at a cross road o jare......would be checking to see when you graduate ......take care sistah.

  11. lol

    @ilola has said it all...some people like complicating life.. the natural hair journey inclusive...sigh

    I love keeping things simple..and I found a simple routine (for me) and thats wat i am sticking too. I also have Princess' hair to deal with so i can't even do complicated if I wanted to.

    but in general whatever you decide pls lay off braids and cornrows till your hair line recovers.

    I am on a "braid fast" as we speak..tempted to break it sef but my hairline says other wise...

    lol @going green..

  12. Hey, this is Dabs from www.naijahaircangrow.blogspot.com, I stopped by :)and your blog is interesting!!Thumbs up!Now to the issue at hand,as you rightly said going natural is no walk in the park.I will give you the advice I give ladies who tell me about their pressures to go natural; Get healthy hair first!!going natural will not end your hair woes, it might just begin new ones. Practice good hair practices with the hair u've got now and when it's healthy and strong you can take the next step which ever it is. :)

  13. I don't judge anyone on what they choose to do with their hair. my hair is very soft and relaxers made it lifeless and thin. 4 years without a relaxer and my hair is stronger, fuller, and soft. Now if only I had great edges.. and I didnt love the volume of a weve.. lol

  14. P.s. I have a cuzzin who had headaches when she was natural. relaxers afforded her an easier hair life. so yes. do what works best for you. or consider a texturizer for the in between


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