Sunday, November 27, 2011

WK 15 of 17............Yikes!!!!

*Runs frantically to blog* (Although in reality, all i did was push my notes aside, take 2 deep breaths and open my laptop). We'll just pretend i ran here, cos that's what i did mentally. Anyhoo.....

I felt a panic attack coming on. I don't know when i started getting those. Ironically, that's one of the topics that are covered under Anxiety disorders in psychiatry this block in which i have a lovely exam, bright and early Tuesday morning, but i digress. I'm sitting here studying, my cornrows which are braided too tightly are KILLING me, my mind is going a mile a minute trying to figure out how i'm going to get everything (not just psych, everything in two weeks!!!!) done, and my heart starts pounding, and i can no longer breathe, so i push my notes asides and run here. I need to calm the hell down.

Week 15 of 17.........I'm officially freaked out! 
This is exactly how i feel inside minus the coffee plus the biting of nails (mentally)

 My cumulative micro final is scaring me. The bootleg thanksgiving break is over today and i am behind in Path (already). I had so much stuff to catch up over the break. I did my best but it wasn't enough. Tomorrow, the madness resumes in full force and there's no going back. Mschewww. Med school sucks! Seriously, this hair is killing me. Why do i have to go through this? What did i ever do to those women? What?! Yeah, i chose the option of getting my hair cornrowed since my hair stylist was booked full and i needed to get the hair stuff out the way. I will be a complete natchy by the time this is over. No lie.

My next door neighbor/school mate offered me apple pie yesterday and i refused cos i figured i don't need extra calories in my life. Now i wish i took it cos i need to medicate with food and there's nothing that fits that description in this apartment. Boo to healthy eating. I need some junk food. She's still awake, i can hear her in her kitchen, i should text her and rescind my rejection of her pie. lol.  By the way, i don't know how much i like the living situation cos she just moved in in october and now i can no longer have loud amebo sessions anymore. Which kain thing be dis now? I have to be cautious of what i'm saying in my own apartment again. I'm not loving it o. She just told me yesterday that i'm always on the phone. I was like "am i?" cos i wasn't aware of that. I guess i talk more on the phone than i'm conscious of or she just catches me when i'm on the phone. Still, i don't like censoring myself like this, ahn ahn.

This mindless blogging is not working. I'm going back to study jor. Be still, my pounding heart. Do you want me to fail?!!!

I'm activating faith instead of fear (Thank you Joel Osteen)

To those of you who missed my pishure...i will consider putting it up again. I think my anonymity is shot! That picture was supposed to be blurrier that what it actually was. I just wanted you guys to see that contrary to popular belief it's not a robot in an agric farm somewhere typing this blog :) and yes, i do look like a MADAME.

Ermm...what's a Madame supposed to look like?

#okbye. This book is not going to read itself plus i'm suddenly ravenous like i haven't eaten in days. Who says ravenous in really life? I'm a weirdo.


  1. hahahhahahaha.....breathe easy ma'am...
    My earlier comment still holds...that picture that me I saw o!!! U looked like a baby...:D
    Maybe it is the cornrows, or maybe you just have a babyface....:P

  2. So this baby face thing has followed me to my blog again? You!!! HoneyDame, if i catch u ehn?!!! Hmmm...just be running. I don't have a baby I guess i look "innocent" but i reject the baby face description and no, it's not the cornrows.

  3. Picture iWant!!!!!

    And take deep you be doctor should know to do that


  4. I want to see the piksure too oooo... heard the voice last week, confirmed you weren't a robot, but I think the picture will make me a firm believer...

    Abeg find cake to dig in, it will help you calm down.

  5. if you look anything like the illustration you need a bottle of xanax and sleep.

    Have you tried the hot water towel hair damps that Naija braiders do? most pple swear by it for easing off tight braids. you take care alright?!

  6. Deep

    Yes o, I saw the pic. Now thinking of a fitting male relative.

  7. Blessings....
    Take each one at a time. Pace yourself, don't think of the whole rather one at a time. Make an schedule and tick off as you complete each task.

    good luck and try not to stress.
    stressing is causing the anxiety and you too young for that.

    take care...

  8. Madam sting, I hope you dont look like that picture up there...hehe

    I know this is late but please use the hot towel as ginger mentioned.I am a witness, it works wonders and try to cream it..Please take it easy, you are a step closer to becoming an MD. *now dreaming of visiting Dr sting and chopping all her money or better still will hook your pretty educated face with my cousin so that d rishes and educasion will remains in our famiry you know na..;)*..oops! mama please take advil or something and long breaks..Blogger is always here to support you..:)

  9. I wish could study for you but hate studying

    Just count 1 to 10, close your eyes and then come back to your books.



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