Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dr. Sushi's Words of Wisdom

Ladies, this is for you, live and direct from Dr. Sushi, my friend who i have talked about on this blog on numerous occasions. Okay, i haven't actually "talked" about her but i have mentioned her with regards to me still being sane in med school.

Anyhoo....when the studying gets too crazy, you take a break and talk about guys!!! Here is the final presentation of Dr. Sushi's talk in her own handwriting. You guys are blessed, i tell u. Here i am just impacting knowledge FOC.

What say u? Make sense or make sense?

I dey go sleep. No be me kill Jesus. I don tire.


  1. LOL hahaha..Sting your friend is funny..I like the like me more than I do oh..abeg

    Sting how come I dont get updates about your blog post? did u block me? huh? u better behave and do something..jk

  2. I didn't block u o....not sure y or how that even works.

  3. Makes too much sense o. Lol. I like it. Nice break-down.

  4. I imagine she makes her points in exam essays like this....

    She makes sense in a way shaa :) but some clarification pls: are we talking 45/55 or 40/60 or 30/70 :p

  5. if there was a "like" button on blogger i will click it right now


  6. crazy blog
    the typical woman
    on a mission

    the counterpart of Bridget Jones Diary

  7. MADE SENSE!!!
    but I'd like to tell you another thing that makes sense - It's the newly launched community for African Bloggers.
    I'd love to see you and other fellow Nigerian Bloggers there. We really need to connect.
    Wishing you a great week ahead.


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