Thursday, November 3, 2011


I stumbled onto this video during one of my mini, unauthorized breaks (like this one) and even though i don't have 9 mins to sit and watch anything, i watched this video. It totally made me smile. I was grinning the whole time i sat there like a jobless fool watching the video. The prettiness of the twins, their accents, the way they sound exactly alike and how they complete each others sentences. I won't lie, i totally had accent envy for a second (ok, more like 30 minutes).

I want twins so bad. I'm putting it out there now o, Lord hear me. Thankfully, we have twins in my immediate and extended family (Mom, Paternal aunt, Maternal grand aunt etc). None of my sisters have had twins yet, so it might just fall on me. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers. LOL. I would like them to be good looking too (I really don't want a pair of uglies). Just being honest.


  1. They aren't identical are they? but very very cute!!

    From your mouth to God's ears.
    I don't want to be you during the first 4 yrs of twin toddlers..

  2. Their eyes, their eyes aka Bruno Mars

  3. They look identical o. I just siddon there they open my mouth!
    I have always wanted twins too an if I end up with YY, I will be surprised if I dont have twins.
    Mama mia has a set of twin siblings (none of her sibs or she herself has a set of twins,yet), Papa has 2 set of twins (none of his sibs or he himself has a set of twins, yet), YY has twin sibs (none of his sibs has a set of twins, yet)....none of my sibs has a set of twins yet
    I just hope it falls on me!
    As for Ginger an the first 4 do you think a 5-year omugwo plan sounds like?

  4. nice video..Hmm I'm not sure I want twins oh especially identical ones..I fear not being able to differentiate them oh. I have been around twins and we have a set in my family till today I cant different them oh..
    I use to say I will give them some kinda mark to know hand no dey sha

  5. I love twins just don't know if i want them anymore. My sister has 7month olds and they'r adorably cute but the stress? good lawd

  6. they look identical to me...awww so cute! i wonder how old they

    i always wanted twins..we also have twins in my dad's family. maybe God will answer me wen i get pregnant

  7. *coughs* er.. i am a twin oh, but i don't want twins sha lol. My mum said she almost went krazy with us lol.

    The girls are very cute and i love their accent. hahah you are funny sha, you said you just sat down like a jobless fool lol. I enjoyed it, so it wasn't joblessness per say : )

  8. LOL, they are cute indeed. All the women in my family and in my hubby's family have been praying twins on me. I know it's a blessing but I certainly don't think that's what I want for myself. A single one is plenty enough for me. But for those who wish twins, God has heard your cry, it will be given to you according to your wish!!!

  9. I realy dnt care much bout havn twins, i'd appreciat havn them thou. I have twins as eldest of my fam and I am their immidiate bro, I may end up havn twins too. And why nt pair of uglies? Atleast theyd be unique, u know.

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  11. They are really cute twins but I don't think I can cope with having twins... I'm too lazy for that kind of job jare.


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