Friday, November 25, 2011

Audio Post (Yay!) + Thanksgiving dinner

Embarassing moment by Nigerian Scorpio

Garri and Moi-moi. Loved it!!!
My dinner guest


  1. Lol at your audio post... couldn't stop laughing, you must have been very embarrassed.....the good thing is, you probably will never forget the lessons you learned that day from turning the water on to wash off the soap to the examination carried out on the baby...

    You should file it under your 'Ha ha' moments...

  2. Lol. Being able to laugh at yourself is such a great quality.

  3. The ability to laugh at yourself is one of life's gifts that not all ppl get.
    Now I want moi moi, smh

  4. LOL....Sting :O you sound so familiar? i think my ears are deceiving me..huh?

    Nice looking moimoi and that your guest thumbs up, guest that cant eat na im you go invite..:)

  5. LoL...I was almost carried away by your sweet voice o, but that incident was just too funny, lol...

  6. Lol... best thanksgiving dinner ever! hahahahhah

  7. Now that was a funny

    men! u won't believe i have the exact set of moimoi tins. My mother in law got them for me from lagos..

    chei now u are making me feel like making moimoi o.

    sweet voice by the way...

    "i didn't know jack" lol.. omo naija.. that got me..hahaha

  8.'re always hilarious...I love when I can laugh at my self. But you kept saying how foolish you my lady, sometimes the most ready study came just to wing

  9. loooool funny story, thinking of my embarrassing moments hmmmm, I'm already ashamed of myself, lol


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