Monday, November 21, 2011

Officially official

It's official!!! Med school is going to drive me crazy. I have not only perfected the act of talking to myself, i now talk aloud to myself......IN PUBLIC!

I just finished writing an exam. Microbiology is about to send me to an early grave, walahi! If there was a thought bubble above my head during the exam, you would have read things like

"I'm just going to lie down on the floor and die right now"
"Kill me now"
"my heart is breaking"
"I give up, i don't know"
"Why are asking me that, how do you expect me to know the answer"
"Can i just lie down on this floor and die, please"
"Get away from my screen, i don't care if it's 15mins remaining"

All those thoughts and many more, passed through my head in the space of 90 mins. I don't know what i could have done to prepare better for this exam, short of eating the notes and textbook and assimilating it that way. That has never been known to work. Grades are up, too scared to check, hence this impromptu blog post.

Those freaking bastards!!!! I don't even know who i'm referring to, so no need to ask. I just feel the need to curse. A habit which i am supposed to be trying to get rid of.

I need to get this freaking cornrows off my head but my hair stylist is fully booked until thanksgiving. She and her expensive self. I have to pay $70 plus tip just for a touch up. Meanwhile it's $50 in Atlanta. Na wa. I'm tempted to take it out, wash my hair and cornrow it again but that would mean i would be using style to go natural since the last time i got a touch up was July.

My life!!!!!

*Ok, I have checked. I'm still alive. Whether that's a bad or good thing at this point, i couldn't tell you. 


  1. Madam breathe. You'll survive. You have thus far.

  2. Pele..take it will all be worth it at the end

  3. natural styles...maybe it's a sign ;-)

  4. awwww i hope it was smile worthy grade!!

    and yay for natural....

  5. Eeeeyyaa... Pele Dr.
    Just keep your eyes on the price.
    I think I am going to be a semi virgin too o. About a year ago, I subconsciously made a decision to retouch my hair just 2ce in a year. I havent retouched since June/July too and when I recently took off my weave, I was amazed. My hair is almost shoulder length and quite thick!!!
    I think I am seeing what those nachi-hair people are saying o!
    I def. can't go fully nachi buh semi too is good enough...

    Oya tell me, anything I can send to you from China that might make you happy? even if momentarily!

  6. Thanks people!!! My eyes are on the prize o.

    Honeydame, you are such a sweetheart. I don't know what to want from China that would make me happy. What should i want? Thanks for offering though. Much appreciated.

    I don't know about going natural o. We shall see. Sha.

    As for whether the grade was smile worthy....NO. But it was "deep sigh of relief and thank God it could have been worse" worthy :)

  7. This post made me chuckle,pele , i think everyone who goes through medical school deserves some meal or something..just eating the notes and textbook :)


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