Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend plans

This is my agenda for this weekend. I'm supposed to go over 6 lectures of Path and 3 lectures of Micro 3 times. It's a very tall order, given how many slides each lecture is, but i'm behind because i spent two+ days this week sleeping and wallowing without doing any school work. It's payback time. Envy me. Plus i've got two H & P write ups and my ILP to do over the weekend. No, really, envy me. My life is wonderful.

My walkman came :) I fed my soul :) :). Truth be told, i prefer my ipod. This thing makes some serious noise as the tape is rolling. It's serving its purpose though, so i can't complain.
Have a good weekend guys.


5.30pm Sunday Evening
I am so freaking behind. I am going to be in deep shit if i don't pull it together somehow. If only i can say i have been on my P's and Q's but i have not. I've been bothering myself over STUPID SHIT!  God save me from fools who are working on their own destruction with eyes wide open. Fools in the case, being me. I need deliverance.

Hanging out with Clippy my female binder clip robot :)


  1. nice plan..
    p.s u just got tagged on my blog..s

  2. Here's wishing you strength to get through.

  3. blessings....
    dont forget to take breaks and eat. also study with a note book and pen and make notes as you go that we you won't have to revisit the lecture to recall important points.

    happy studying

  4. I second Rhapsody..Dont forget to answer the call of nature cos it can make your sleep.jk..Do take it easy and have a nice weekend..

  5. LOL! That brought back med school memories! You can do it! I had a board like that too! 4 years flew by like no joke! If you need advise hit me up... I"m only 2 years out myself.

  6. oh my! To think that the trusty walkman of the 90s now looks positively antique. lol. Enjoy and best wishes with the studying!


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