Monday, October 10, 2011

I refuse to Hear this Alone - Bini girl vs. Ibo Guy

Abeg, you people should follow me to hear this one o. My sis just sent me the audio and as soon as i heard the first line, i cracked up big time. I had heard this mess last year from facebook but it was quickly taken down. Some of you might have heard it already, it was titled "Bini girl....." I can't remember the rest of the title. To say i was SPEECHLESS after listening to it, is an understatement. I left what i was doing after i got the mail a few minutes ago, converted the audio from amr to mp3, slapped on a picture and made a video, so i could upload it for your listening pleasure, really. You can thank me now.

Yes, the chic is a Bini girl, through and through. There's always the possibility that she is not bini by tribe, but trust me when i say she was bred and buttered on the STREETS of Benin-City. Keyword: Streets. I know my people when i hear them :) (But i wasn't raised on the streets lol). I was SHOCKED at the words that were coming out of her mouth. This girl fall my hand die. This is a hot topic for me because my ILP is focused on HIV awareness and prevention. AIDS no go lia lia finish. We have a long way to go in terms of educating people.



  1. Dead and gone! Heard it 2months ago and it still cracks me up!!!! lol bini babes o.

  2. ROTLMAO! ahh...all my South South pipu! I hail thee! The whole intonation and speech thing is just off the easel!

  3. Definitely Bini (or maybe Warri)
    See as the babe dey prescribe cytotec and ampicillin.

    It's sad though, but there are a lot of people who have this exact mentality and that's why our HIV rates are going through the roof.

  4. Is she for real? I pity some of my Nigerian sisters, chei!

  5. This girl sef pass doctor! Prescription galore!

  6. laugh wan kill me die... this is so sad. What the hell???

    The girl is actually upset with the suggestion of condom use... na wa o

  7. no pls..someone tell me this is a joke...i did not even get the comedy all i could hear was ignorance..pity..
    only God knows what speedy measure to use knock AIDS awareness into some people's minds..

  8. Dead. so

  9. Sad. She prefers abortion to using condom. She prefers prostitution to marriage to an igbo man. lolsob.
    Meanwhile i didnt know woman water dey make 'man skinlight'. Should i start suspecting all light skinned men?

  10. And what is woman water? Is female...ahem! juices?


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