Sunday, October 16, 2011

Look Alive

Can someone be nice enough to explain what is going on on my forehead? I've never suffered from acne, expect for a certain time last year when i would get one single pimple in the center of my forehead, every month. Look at these ones looking all alive and shit, and i have to go to school tomorrow. This is crazy.

*Yes, those are my real eyes and half eyebrows. I couldn't find sexier ones to borrow for this photo shoot. In case you are wondering, I have my wrapper over my head. I have to have something over my head when i study, it's usually a hoodie unless it's warm enough in my apartment, then it's my trusty wrapper. It is totally a security blanket.

What am i going to do about these pimples?

P.S. For the sake of full disclosure and TMI, i do get the occasional period pimple, but that's not what this is. Does stress cause pimples? I think so. I don't know abeg. I'm going back to read my books jor.


  1. looooooooooooooool Madame sting. I'm laughing because you are one of those people like my mum that only gets the occasional acne *ugh*, I am one of those disgruntled people that battled/still battles puberty acne smh. Yes, stress does cause acne, and hormonal imbalance. Don't touch it or burst it though, and you should probably get a scrub, probably not an acne one as I don't know how you may react to it, but just a simple natural face scrub for emergencies like this. :(

  2. They look like stress pimples to me. I love your security blanket and you don't look like I pictured me in my mind's eye.

  3. awww. do not touch them . i just finished suffering from mine, no breathing space at all on my forehead ..urghh but it will go away . wash your face twice a day gently , drink loads of water and most importantly take things a bit easier .......

  4. Though I cant see your full face, this is not the mental picture I had of look so demure here not the va va voom Madam Sting. As for the pimples, I am pretty sure it is stress. Dont use any products on it, just let it run its course. when I just moved upstate, they used to play ten ten (and even call their friends sef) on my was horrendous and now, I get it maybe once in 2months.

  5. lol I sent the pimples to you via my benin witches association :)

    pele, its stress, i can't tell you to rest though cos u gotta read.

    enjoy the pimples while they last :p

  6. LOL at the sneak peak!

    Yes, for me, stress does cause pimples but they show up on my shoulder and back and only in twos like yours... weird stuff!
    DO NOT touch it so it wont leave spots, it would leave when the time comes!

  7. sneak peak, soon we shall see the whole face.

  8. Against all advice, i find relief only after i burst the damn things. oh the joy of the eruption and pus/sebum. then dab cotton wool soaked in cleanser.

    The result, black spots :)
    So we are semi-demi-light skinned eh?


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