Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wacky Words of "Wisdom" from an Overactive Mind

This is what happens when you "live" inside your head. I'm usually alone and can go a whole day without speaking to anyone and a consequence of that is that i think a lot. I have some moments of profound "wisdom" from time to time but 2 seconds later, i forget my really cool thought. So i decided to start writing them down. They really are not that deep in any way, no profound Dalai Lama type statements.  These are just fleeting thoughts that passed through my head in a span of 3 days.
  1. A little thanks goes a long way (Duh!)
  2. Sometimes all you need is a really good look in the make you drop that cookie. 
  3. The fear of fruit flies is the beginning of washing your dishes immediately after every meal - I was afflicted with the eighth plague, invasion of the fruit flies after leaving dishes in the sink on multiple occasions. After spending a weekend armed with febreze battling those buggers, i learnt my lesson well.
  4. Common sense really is common. Just stop and think. If all else fails, accept that some people are just dumb or very good actors. 
  5. Not everyone is looking out for your best interests. Sometimes, there is a hidden agenda and it might be unconscious too. 
  6. Choose very carefully the people you chose to share your troubles with. Your biggest problem might just be fodder for someone else's gist.
  7. Never trust someone who breaks other people's confidences with you. They will do the same to you - No seriously, run from people who have a habit of telling you other people's secrets. Don't be fooled into thinking you are special and they will keep yours. My sister had a friend like that even though i enjoyed hearing the gists, i was very wary of her and warned by sister about her. Boy was i right!!! 
  8. Forgiveness is good but a little punishment never hurt anyone. It's called giving you a taste of your own medicine. Maybe next time, you will stop and think.  
  9. Rules are meant to be broken. but sometimes it helps to follow the rules. They were made for a reason - Anyone ever heard of those pesky "early" relationship rules? We should talk about them sometime.
  10. Learn to play the game and play it well. If you can't beat them, you might as well join them and then beat them at their game.
  11. Act like you know what you are worth but before that, know exactly how much you are worth (Whether in Naira, Dollars, Pounds, Euro or even Jewellery, Shoes and Bags). LOL. Seriously, know your worth and don't sell yourself short. 
  12. If he wants you in his life, he'll work hard to keep you in it.  - True story!
  13. What doesn't kill you, could very well scar or maim you. Show me the genius who said it makes you stronger so i can thank him with my closed fist. After all, it won't kill him, it'll only make him stronger.  
  14. Tylenol really does work....for minor aches and pains and fast too!  Hahaha...I'm an idiot!
  15. Surround yourself with the people who love you and accept you, flaws and all. 
  16. Feed your soul with good music. 
  17. For every guy that's just not that into you, there are 5 more who are. You might just not be into them but at least you know there's nothing wrong with you. Sometimes, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.
  18. The fear of failure is the beginning of wisdom and many sleepless nights - Don't i know it! 
  19. When all else fails, look inwards. Your strength lies within. 
  20. Liking someone is not a terminal illness. Just because I like you today doesn't mean i will like you tomorrow, so arrange yourself. 
  21. Sometimes there's nothing else to do but to fall back, park well and stay on your lane.
  22. Dance uninhibited. Give in to the sway of the music.
  23. Life is too short but it can also be very long. Find a balance. 
  24. True friends are a treasure. Let them know how much they mean to you. 
  25. You are okay just the way you are. Learn to love yourself. 
  26. Never cease striving to improve yourself. Take each day as a learning experience. 
  27. Learn to laugh at yourself. It takes the edge of. - I think one of the best qualities about me is that i laugh at myself all the time. I have some dorky moments and besides that when things start getting too real, i start to make jokes about it. It's a cool coping mechanism which i do unconsciously, but it works. 
  28. Everyone needs someone who believes in them, even when they don't believe in themselves. Find your person. - I should tell you guys about my brother one of these days.
  29. Trust your instincts (especially about people). It will never fail you. - Every single time i've gotten into "trouble" with someone be it relationship or platonic friendship, it's because i didn't trust my instinct. I'm very intuitive and perceptive about people. I'm hardly ever wrong.
  30. Don't let life change you.- I've had really funny friends get older and suddenly become too serious, or a once generous person become less giving because they keep getting backstabbed etc etc.. Just be who you are in spite of what life throws at you.
  31. Learn to speak positivity into your life. 
  32. Put it out into the universe and you might just get it back. - I think this goes with 31. If you want love in your life, speak it. If you want a needle in the haystack guy, speak it.  Whatever you want put it out there in the universe. Sounds kinda of wacky but i believe it works.
  33. Great Value Creamy French dressing and Texas Toast Seasoned croutons in your salad. Oh myyyy! Try it. - Sometimes i eat a salad just for the croutons. No joke.
  34. Let him go. They ALWAYS come back when you stop paying attention. - Oh the stories i could tell you. People like to think that they are so different from anyone else, but i like to think that we are more similar than we are different.How else do u explain totally unrelated people acting in the same exact way.  That's why the field of psychology exists.
  35. Sometimes the expiration date is only a suggestion. If it looks good, smells good, and tastes good, you are good to go.- Yeah, those tacos tasted good although they had been "expired" for 2 months. Take this advice with a grain of salt because i will not be held responsible if you end up with food poisoning.
  36. Facebook is an illusion. Don't buy into it. - That's all i'm going to say.
  37. A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture can also leave out a thousand words. 
  38. Know when to leave it alone. Just leave it alone.
  39. Do away with useless friendships. No need to surround yourself with snakes and rats. -I am such an all or nothing friend. It's not necessarily a great thing because it means i have very few friends at any given time, but i don't believe in hanging on to people you can't trust or that don't have your back or your best interests at heart. I've seen things! I'll sit in my house and hear the life history of someone i have no business hearing about, intimate details that even with all my ameboness don't want to know, and this is coming from someone's supposed best friend or close friend. No need. Also, see number 7. 
  40. Learn to keep secrets, be it something that was confided in you or something you know about someone that would be detrimental to them if it came out. It's not everything you see or hear you should say. Have a filter.
  41. No man is worth changing your last name for. If he is really adamant about the name change, let him change his. After all, it's just a name.
  42. Whenever you start to smell yourself, biko, leave whatever you are doing and go take a shower.- LOL. That's all i will say on that.
  43. If you are talking to more than one guy at the same time, save yourself a lot of trouble and explanations in the future and call all of them the same nickname. Babe, baby or Mr. would do. - No, i am not guilty of this particular offense. I'm just trying to help you guys.
  44. There's nothing you can do about that evil pimple. Just accept that's it's going to show up faithfully once a month in the center of your forehead looking like it's alive. 
  45. You can't force someone to like you, neither can you force someone to want to be your friend. Accept the truth and move on. 
  46. It's never as good as the first time. - Should i clarify? :)
  47. Know your role! 
I got bored with it and stopped, as you can see, it ends at 47 which is such an odd number. 

Maybe i will bore you guys next with 100 things about me. Ha! I bet you would like that. Let's see how long it takes me to do that. I have books to read o, so maybe later or on my birthday or never. Dunno.

*I got an award plus i was supposed to blow my trumpet. Can we just accept this and my previous post in lieu of that? Right now the only thing i can think of to be "proud" of is that i am resilient enough not to have sunken into the depths of depression. I thank God for small mercies.

*So which ones did you like or not like? By the way, number 41 was a JOKE!!!
I bet i got a lot of people worked up over that. Hahaha!!


  1. 5,6,7,12,16,18,
    20-fb status worthy
    30-i say that all the time this point in my life...i have a feeling i'm going to be keeping my last mother never changed hers....and i AM my mothers child!!

  2. Alot of these are facebook status worthy one of my faves is #24 i learnt that dis past month
    #41 i have thought about it before but we'd see

  3. me on the floor! i dont knw what to think of you, Sting!
    #20...still lmao @ arrange yourself
    #22, WORD!
    #27, it is my defense mechanism too.. I will make fun of myself before someone else does. It takes away the power they would have had over me.
    #35...hear hear people!! This is coming from the Doctor in the making o! That's a Nigerian side of you speaking, I believe! The expiration date is sometimes the capitalist's trap
    #37 is sooo spot on!!! deep and very true
    ...the rest? ROTFLMAO
    I need help understanding #46..;)

  4. 11,13 & 17 has got me rolling on the floor laughing for real....
    18,19,23,25,27,28 & 29 are real food for might just be living in my thots
    Point is, i really enjoyed this...nice one. Trust me, an over-active mind is better than a dull one. I have an over imaginative one myself....

  5. Some of these are really words of wisdom, was amazed when you just kept going, lol...

  6. LOL
    4 - Common sense IS NOT common oh. You need to see the way some adults behave to appreciate that!
    10 - My policy at work
    11 - GBAM !!
    12 - GBAM! GBAM!!
    23 - Life is too short for regrets BUT Life is too long to keep on repeating stupid mistakes (i.e. picking the wrong men everytime)!
    25 - Self reflection is important. If EVERYONE (including your loved ones) says one is a bitch/ ho/ ashawo/ spendaholic/ chauvinist/ rude.......); one needs to arrange him/herself kia kia
    36 - GBAM (raised to the power infinite)
    41 - Kinda true..........I have a double barrelled surname. I cant do away with my papa name oh...he did too much for me!!!

    Nice post

  7. WOW...and you call these is many of them I can relate to and working on. And I always say "common sense is not that common" at least not
    But damn you kept rolling out the list, lots of writing girl.

    it's always a delight to read your blog.

  8. Wow girl, i like the wacky way your brain works.

    #40-42 made me laugh out loud. in fcat come nad collect your award. I still do the armpit test on a lazy Saturday lol.
    #14 has never worked on me compared to the Analgins. Don't know why and a damn shame cos Novalgin is no longer in the market :(

  9. I'm probably should write a book or counsel people wey no wan hear word...These are well thot out wise (and funny) words...

    We can all so relate!

  10. ....but 41 is my favourite of them all. Why did you have to go and say its a joke

    Some of these words of wisdom make sense... I wonder what you were thinking to think them up


  11. @Nutty J: I said it's a joke cos I didn't want to be lynched. LOL

    I was thinking plenty things to come up with these. Plenty, plenty things :)


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