Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cautionary Tale

What's this?

This is what too much studying does to you. Extra body parts. BEWARE!!! Don't say i didn't warn you. Leave that book alone.......


Okay, fine. It's possible i was born with that. But could happen. lol.


  1. extra nipple?!
    I have on both of my fingers..because I guess I had sixth fingers on both hands and they had to be chopped off...*shrug*...This deserves a post, I think

  2. Firsstttttt..... ok madame sting... i think you need to go to bed and give studying a break for a min, before you start doing some more weird things.
    and thats a Doctors Order...

    (well technically, im not a doc, but you get my gist)

  3. Blessings....
    At least you are able maintain a sense of humor, thats good.

    Keep your head up and balance inserted into everything.

    Have a blessed day.

  4. Hmmmm..
    How you?
    Missed you..
    Take care

  5. loooool. Speaking of which, I loved your last Prokaryote being promiscuous joke... reminded me of Orgo where chlorine is promiscuous as opposed to bromine when reacting with alkanes (i think or is it the other way round?) smh, in short, i just liked the nerdy joke. Okay, i retire my case. lol.

  6. oooooooo and I wanted to give u an e-hug --------- *hugs* you will be fine, you gat this :)

  7. You suceeded in getting our attention with your sense of humor..nice one

  8. LWKMD...too much studying se. Sorry hen.


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