Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peace, Love and Happiness

.....and light!This and much more I wish for myself and for all the good people of this world.

I want a tribute video for my birthday. I shouldn't have to die before the people who love me tell me how much I mean to them, on my facebook wall or at my funeral. Tell me now! I told u guys i was strange. So what are the chances of me getting a tribute video? If i say nothing, Zilch! But if i say something to the right people or person, i just might get it. I don't think there's a right person though at this point. I'll probably just make myself one, that way if i die, it can be played at my funeral :)

See....i like to make life easy for people, even at my death.

I think about death and dying ALL the time. I often wonder when my time is going to be up and how i'm going to go. Best way to die, is in your sleep without any illness. Sudden death! Sucks for the people you leave behind, but great for the dead. A lot of people are skittish about death. In case u haven't heard, the mortality rate is 100%

We had to practice giving bad news last week before our "bad news OSCE" (practical exam)  this week and while i was role playing with one of my classmates, he as the "patient" asked me if he was going to die. I just started cracking up, which in turn made him laugh, and we were being evaluated so we could see what we needed to improve. When i heard the question, all that popped into my head to respond to him, was "Yes!", but i couldn't say it like that and i didn't know what else to say. Anyhoo, i did "outstanding" on the real thing, or so says my standardized patient who is a doctor in real life, so i'll take it he knows what he's talking about :)


  1. Lol @ in case you hadn't heard the mortality rate is 100%. You wished for yourself the truly important things in life. Happy Birthday!

  2. baiday is october 29th, but thanks anyway, i'll take an early birthday wish.

  3. so u guys have a course on "giving bad news"...dats interesting!

    how r u doing?

  4. I talk about dying a lot. I love life and still have a zillion things to do but it's gona hapen anyways so y not talk abt it. my fam think's i'm morbid. if i buy somthing new, i usually say "i av to wear it before i die" or, "i need to visit Abu dhabi b4 i die"

    Yay u for "the message" delivery thing

  5. @downtheaisle: It's not a whole course, it's part of medical ethics and palliative care, but yeah, they teach you how to deliver bad news, and then you get tested on it as part of your grade. I'm doing ok. Long time no see on this blog. I'm feeling special that you left me a comment :) Hope u r good?

    @Toinlicious: That's the truth! Thanks.

  6. ah death, one of my favorite topics, especially to YY.
    heheheh a tribute ke? Let's see how that pans out.

  7. Is this like a reminder or what? anyway death doesn't need introduction it comes uninvited, knock and

  8. This is an amazing food blog that you should check out and add to your food blog roll.


  9. Thought provoking post. Stay well o.

  10. A course in giving bad news? makes sense i guess. Any course in bedside manner too? lol!

  11. A joke:
    The captain calls for the sergeant. “I have some bad news for Private Johnson,” he tells him. “His mum died last night.
    I’d like you to break the news to him gently, you know: he’s a good guy. “Tell him to come and see me.”
    The sergeant nods, salutes and departs for the morning roll call. “Listen up,” he says in front of the men.
    “The country has been assigned cleaning duties in the south yard. Douglas, you are needed at the depot and Smith, at the Mess.
    By the way Johnson, your mother died yesterday: report to the captain.”
    Later that day, the captain says
    to the sergeant: “Sarge, that was a pretty harsh way to break the news to Johnson. Next time, be a bit more tactful when things like this happen, you know?” The sergeant nods and says that he will. A few days later, the captain receives the sad news that Private Allen’s mum died of a heart attack during the night. He sends for the sergeant and tells him to
    inform Allen - tactfully – of the tragedy and to send the unfortunate soldier to him. The sergeant nods, salutes and departs.
    At the roll call, when all the men are lined up, he pauses for a minute then says, “Right, listen up! All of you who have a mother,
    two steps forward! Not so fast, Allen!”

  12. LOL. I didn't see that coming. Good one. Thanks for the laugh.

  13. We don't have a course dedicated to just giving bad news, it's a part of another course.


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