Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sting vs. Anonymous

Anytime I feel as exhausted and overwhelmed as I currently do right now, which is pretty much all d time, I just want to find that anonymous commenter and slap her. You seriously dared to question d madness that is med school? I haven't slept properly in over 2 weeks. Just know that u r the object of my frustration from now on. LOL. Not! It's dt serious. Yeye girl :)

Meanwhile, I'm watching the gang rape case. I'm praying something comes out of this. A few years ago my ex's younger brother had the girl he was asking out gang raped by 4 boys right before his eyes. The guys had come to rob them. This happened in Doctor's quarters in uniben. It's a really sad state of affairs in Nigeria and in the rest of the world because this happens everywhere, all the time. May God help us all.


  1. amen. i pray justice prevails after all said and done

  2. You're a funny girl. All the best o...

  3. Its shocking the things that happen. I hope they are brought to justice, so they know that things cannot be done with impunity...

  4. Very sad...I'm following the news too and I keep praying that justice will prevail.

  5. Don't let anonymous bug you jare. She cant wrap her head around your ability to multitask.lol.

    Amen to the capture of those beasts.

  6. That Anonymous is in trouble.
    This rape thing is very serious. AMEN my dear



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