Friday, September 23, 2011

Learning how to cook soup

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that i didn't actually start cooking regularly until 2009. I "theoretically" knew how to cook a lot of different types of food because my mother was a tyrant about getting us in the kitchen to watch her, but most times she wouldn't let us cook or we just were not interested as she was more than willing to cook or someone else was there to cook. Since starting to cook, i've discovered i have a natural aptitude for it and actually enjoy it. Anyway, a few minutes ago as i was sitting here studying, i was thinking about how i need to step up my soup game because i can only really make Okra and Egusi soup and i haven't even made either of those this year cos i don't eat soup, unless i'm home and my mom makes them. Look at the pictures and notice the last line....I thought that was hilarious. It was supposed to be ".....into blood" not into soups.Too funny.

*If you wondering why i am thinking of cooking soup at 5am, let's just say i'm hungry. I need someone to start taking care of me, like a house husband or something.


  1. lolssss. I looked at the pix first before reading so i understood.....
    that does happen atimes when our random thought translates into words on paper.

  2. LOL. I need to learn to cook these things too! sigh! My aunties shall all laugh at me! I'm willing to learn though. Does that count for anything?


  3. the key to cooking is tasting.

    Soup is the easiest thing to cook, its the first thing I cooked at 13, i was terrified because my sister just said cook the soup and let for the market, on her way out i said, but what do i do, she said, "just throw everything in the pot season it and taste to make sure it cook. i was scare but i did it and it was bangingly good.

    have a fab one

  4. I know I should step my cooking game up too especially soup.
    Lol funny pic, when I'm talking and sending a text, I type what I'm talking about instead of the actual text message.

  5. Lol. Funny as ever.
    P.s. So my dept. is making us take neuroanatomy with the med students over the quarter term and we are dreading it. Any study tips? Much appreciated.

  6. LOL...@house husband. hahha... make some soup lady.

  7. Oh lord oh lord!!! Someone really needs to eat something! This one wey blood and soup don dey interchangeable, I fear!

  8. @MwajimAl: I won't lie to you, Neuro is hard. So make sure you stay on top of it. This is the time you give your life to christ cos you shall be praying fervently every night. lol.

    Seriously though, if there's a lab component, you can get "easy" points from there. Each school is different. My school questions were clinical vignettes. Ask me specific questions when you start.

  9. Loooool. Note taken. I will keep you posted. Thanks!

  10. '...into soups'.

    Hahahahaha. Crazy.

    All the best with school and all the best with the cook-ery. I hope food does not mess with your head again and your school work.

    But we have those days in class when food is on our minds.


    Again, all the best-est best.

  11. Hahaha can you get me one of those too! A househusband that is.


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