Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ask! (and tell)

Ask me anything. Why? Because I'm currently on blogging probation and can't blog. I bet I will find your questions quite entertaining. Ask me serious questions or not so serious questions. I'm partial to silly questions (well, in this instance not in everyday life :) I have locked myself out of my blog and blogger. The only way I can access blogs right now is through my phone and I don't like it so much. I'll tell u guys how I did it if u r interested. So yeah humor me with u questions which I will answer when I can come back. Only Jehovah knows at this point. While u r at it, you might as well thank God for giving you a break from the mad woman that calls herself Madame Sting :)

Oh yeah.... to make this more fun (for me, really), I have decided to add the "and tell" part of this exercise. So you can not only ask me questions, but you can also tell me stuff. Stuff like what? How do u think i am in real life?

  • Am I tall or short?
  • Light or dark skinned
  • Good looking, average or aesthetically challenged.
  • Fat, plump, chubby, skinny or thin
  • How old am i?
  • Do i look like a child or a grown woman?
  • Does the name Madame Sting fit my personality and what i look like in real life?
  • What kind of person do you think i am?
  • Am i a troublemaker or a peacemaker?
  • Am i quiet or talkative?
Etc etc....feel free come up with your own stuff. Now for those of you who either know me or have seen my picture you are not eligible to participate in the "and tell" portion  unless you are telling me stuff that doesn't have to do with how i look or anything you already know cos that would be cheating, but you can ask!

Have fun with it. Go crazy but not too crazy.


  1. mmm....I think you are:
    - tall,
    - light complexioned,
    - Slim,
    - 24 years old,
    - Look like a child,
    - Yes, the name 'Sting' fits your personality :))
    - Troublemaker
    - A talkative

    Question: What area of Medicine do you hope to specialise in?

  2. hmmmm, i think you are:

    -short or average
    -chocolate skinned i.e more dark than fair
    -21 or 22, def not more than that
    -dunno bout the name cos i don't know ur personality
    -can be quite talkative but sometimes quiet, depending on the topic, surrounding and mood

    Questions - why don't you sometimes handle criticism well?

    like ur blog though.

  3. Well, I think u are:
    - tall, but not too tall, maybe 5'8
    - dark skinned
    - slim
    - 22 years old
    - childish looking
    - not exactly the picture of a 'Madame Sting' (in looks), but your personality is 'Sting'
    - a troublemaker
    - talkative

    Question: what would you rather be doing with your life right now?

  4. Hmm.. my impressions from being a silent follower of the blog for a couple of years now.. :)

    - Tall (6 ft and some?)
    - I'd go with light skinned
    - Light or dark skinned
    - Not fat.. But definitely not skinny.. (I seem to remember you were part of the fat burners blog a few years ago..)
    - Age ? Late-ish twenties
    - I think the Sting name fits *nicely* :)
    - I'd go with quiet on this one...

    The question - If you had to do life all over again, what one thing would you want to change most?

  5. STING fits your personality to a T!

    You are in btw slim & plump.

    nope, you are not fair, but dark in colour.

    average height, btw 5'4-7''

    definitely talkative like me o!

    mid twenties but not early 20's shaa!

    don't look like a child!, matured.

    question: do you indeed to relocate back to 9ja after your studies and practice?

  6. You are a trouble maker
    average height
    caustic, keep it real, talkative tongue
    Mid twenties
    Beurriful/look your age
    Sting fits your personality
    Appear tough on the outside, soft, mushy, feely and emotional on the inside

  7. Question: I'd love to hear how you locked yourself out.
    -average height
    -baby face
    -speaks when necessary and does it pretty well

  8. Question: how do you handle criticism?
    I think you're average heighted, fair and a bit chubby. Madame sting definitely fits your blog personality, i dnt think u're as tough in reality though :p

  9. Am I tall or short?
    Light or dark skinned
    Good looking, average or aesthetically challenged.
    Fat, plump, chubby, skinny or thin
    How old am i? 28
    Do i look like a child or a grown woman? child
    Does the name Madame Sting fit my personality and what i look like in real life? yes
    What kind of person do you think i am? sassy, bold, blunt
    Am i a troublemaker or a peacemaker? in between
    Am i quiet or talkative? quiet

    Question: Do you regret the whole medical school ish? ever wish you went for something not complicated at all?

  10. hmn, i think ur short, caramel toned, mayb a size 12(US), probably mid/late twenties (26/7), def trouble maker but can be deceptively quiet. talkative when you're in ur natural habitat. very colourful vocabs. the sting thing probably suits u to a T. (Lucifer's Apprentice, The Gateman to hellfire...seriously, who invents names like these...only Sting)

    question: what's your worst fear?

  11. I think you are average height
    - choc complexioned,
    - Not Slim and not chubby,
    - Late 20s
    - Look your age
    I think the name Sting fits you perfectly
    - I will not say you are talkative but you know how to express yourself

    Question: Can I ask you 3 questions? How would you like cupid to hit you? Why don't you want love in your life now?

  12. i'm very psychic and have seen a vision about this is not a guess. you are:

    - a girl
    - talkative as heck
    - hates reading micro
    - damn, hates reading school books in general
    - don't use a blackberry
    - and love your baby neice/god-daughter to bit

    please correct me if my vision turns out wrong...:)

  13. I think I've seen some pictures so I'm out. But tell me, have you ever been in love? Whats your best cheesecake?

  14. First time here! I'd just do a quick guess.
    I think you're
    - average-height
    - dark
    - between 22-25

    That's all for now sha.

  15. I think you are;
    Moderately dark,
    About 5.7ft tall,
    You aren't fat,
    You aren't that much of a talkative but you talk,
    And finally, you are likely troublesome.

    My question now is;
    What do you think about being very good blogfriends with me?

  16. - 5'7' in height
    - mocha
    - 23
    - Personality i see from blogging -prickly and stingly
    -I wont say talkative cos you wouldn't have a blog if you didnt love being heard :)
    - has a love/hate relationship with medicine. loves the medicine hates the knowledge

    Question - whats your deal breaker in a relationship?


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