Thursday, September 15, 2011

Re-Don't be afraid to be Anti-Gay

It's 5.30am, i'm exhausted but after reading a particular comment, i just had to do this. I saw the post earlier today, didn't have the time, energy or interest to comment. If you read my blog, you would at least have a sense of where i stand in the homosexuality issue. While i might not support what someone is saying, i believe we are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs, so i will defend someone's right be to able to say what they want to say. Afterall, it's a free world and if while stating your opinion, you end up looking like an o_O, it's all on you. For the sake of clarity, this comment is what i am referring to.

  1. As long as you are not gay, you have no leg to stand on to say it is a CHOICE. When did you decide to like the opposite sex? Have you ever been faced with that choice? Don't speak on what you don't know or are you a professor specializing in Homosexual studies?
  2. "Being gay is a bigger sin than committing adultery or having premarital sex". Blood of Jesus, hold me back. Are you FREAKING kidding me? After you just said "although a sin is a sin". Na wa o. Behold the second coming of christ. So now we get to pick and chose which is a bigger sin. 
So while i support Kit kat's right to believe what she believes and say what she wants to say, since it's a free world, i'm also allowed to have an opinion on it. Amongst other things, I find the title of that post to be very OFF. Don't be afraid to be Anti-Gay? What exactly do you mean by anti-gay? It's easy to say, i don't mind the people, i just don't like the act. Hmmm.... Ok! No problem then. Where do you draw the line? Can you really separate the person from the act? How will you feel if someone says, Don't be afraid to be Anti-Black? Oh yeah, they already said it and did it and people are still paying a price for it till today. I don't know though. I'm going to sleep.

*I had decided sometime ago to leave this homosexuality issue alone but i just can't help myself, apparently.
**I apologize in advance to Iwalewa and Kit Kat, who may or may not be offended by this post. It's nothing personal.
*** While there were other comments that caused me to raise an eyebrow, Iwalewa's comment got my goat. A sin is a sin is a sin. We don't get to chose which is a bigger sin and saying "in my opinion" doesn't make it any better.- This is one of my main problems with religion and the religious, you pick and chose. So at the end of the day, everyone ends up being a hypocrite. 

Here's a nice rebuttal to my post, where Ms. Iwalewa was nice enough to not explain herself to me :)
I think Sugabelly's post is worth a read too. Although, if you were pressed for time and you had to pick one to read, i'll say pick Sugabelly's, cos Iwalewa's was a whole lot of fuming at the mouth and not much substance.


  1. now wait a minute! why these sudden issue on gay?..kikat, 9jalines..& now you....W-H-Y?'s a sensitive issue and i had made my VIEW clear on it...& everybody's opinion should be respected.

    I had come across pro-gays insulting anti-gays..even calling them stupid! MUST WE ALL HAVE THE SAME OPINION? WHAT I DON'T LIKE, I DON'T LIKE, AND NOBODY HAS A RIGHT TO FORCE ME TO ACCEPT IT, PERIOD!

    I dislike the 'ACT' & not the individuals involved who might have great personality......some genuinely don't have control over their desires, but you would AGREE with me that SOME go into it out of adventure & material gains.

    Don't worry, with time INCEST would soon be just like PER-MARITAL SEX, we all know it is WRONG, but we do it, becox it had been ACCEPTED as the NORM..but is it still not a SIN?

    Please lets be TRUTHFUL to ourselves & RESPECT everyone's view without throwing INSULTS...that is what is called MATURITY!

    my 2kobo.


  2. Good to know u won't turn the other cheek if insulted. There was really no need for the threat. It's interesting that u feel the need to tell me that though. Thanks. Regardless, I'll chose to respect u and u know y. I don't play dirty but understand that I'm not afraid of anyone.

    How u made this about u, I don't know. I was referring to a specific comment and picking and choosing which is a bigger sin.
    I'll ignore the rest of what u said, cos I really need to sleep.

  3. @IbhAde ..... Madame Sting may not Insult you, but i would gladly get Start by telling you that i think about you and your views. You View and opinions are Asinine and Retarded.... i cant blame you, because you dont know better. the reason you hold whatever view it is you hold is because you are afraid to challenge the status quo and question where your Ignorant views come from.

    Actually you already told us where your views come from, Your Religion.... well i should not be surprised, Religion has often times been a Proponent to propagating hate and hindering the Progress of the world in which we live in. It was the same religion that up until 300 hundreds years ago, it still proclaimed that the Earth was the center of the universe and that the Sun revolved around the Earth (funny thing is alot of scientist where killed when they tried to disprove this stupid idea).

    It is the same religion that propagated and justified slavery, it is the same religion that oppressed Opinionated views of women and called them witches and burned them (Back in the Days, your Religion would have burnt both You and Madame Sting for having Views that were Controversial)

    All the atrocious things embedded in the history of religion and yet you sheepishly follow it with eyes closed and you regurgitate words and laws that were written for people of an oppressed time and you dare apply it to a totally different world.

    Most people dont know the history of their religion and they dont know all that the social and scientific advances which we as a society now enjoy, that religion tried soo hard to block the progress of.

    Homosexuality Occurs naturally in nature, all creatures from lions to birds have homosexual acts.... to bad the Gay Lion doesnt have a bible for him to realize that he is going to hell with all the other gay lions too.

    about the Gay issue, your opinion doesnt matter, neither are your opinion facts. @ibhade, Just because you close your eyes, That doesnt make the world disappear, The Fact is your opinion in the point reference is like closing your Eyes.

    @mademeScorpio.... im sorry for writing a mini blog on ur blog, i just cant stand people who say that they are for a Religion of Love and Tolerance and yet they are Fucking Hypocritical and they cant practice any form of social justice to their fellow brothers. the truth is, im a bigot to social bigots. (racist, homophobes and the likes)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Madame Sting, thanks for this post, your comments on my blog and for taking a stand against the injustice and oppression of gay people in our community.

    I agree - there is no such thing as separating the act from the person. That is just plain hypocritical...the Janus of oppression right there! A two headed monster! In some ways, that's worse than someone who expresses open hate. It's like gloved racism. Very poisnous, very damaging like a rat that comes to nibble at one's soles in the dark. You feel its impact but can't prove it. In this case moreso, because the hate has two faces.

  6. @Madame sting,

    LOL ... it's like you'll never get along with Iwalewa :D


    I know it's none of my business and this isn't my blog, but DAAAYYYUUMM!!! Name calling and what not, don't you think it's a bit excessive? We can remain civil while we disagree :/ #my2kobo

    @Adura Ojo,

    I agree with you. It is the pretense that really gets to me. If you are prejudiced and would discriminate against something, then just say it, so that everyone knows and can react accordingly. There's no point in trying to white-wash things.

  7. na wa na wa...

    In my Opinion... No one is born gay. According to the bible God created woman for man. If people confuse their sexuality and DECIDE to become gay, they shouldnt blame it on 'nature'... they shouldnt blame it on their 'genes'. They should say 'I have chosen to be gay'

    Now if you decide to be pro-gay or anti-gay its also your choice... which can be based on anything you want including religion. There is no need to call people names (@lovelife4sale).

    I am anti-gay practice. because there is nothing natural about the act/practice. But I do not ostracize those who indulge in such acts, as far as i'm concerned they know not what they do... and I love all God's children equally.

    My advise....pray for them, dont judge them.

  8. And the saga continues. Whether you're pro-gay or anti-gay, can we all just drink water and drop the cup? No need opening platforms for bigots (and they're there on which ever side you choose) to spew hate and prejudice.

  9. Wtf???... I'm not explaining myself to you... You've just succeeded in making yourself look retarded... You're being a little bitch. GROW UP!!!

  10. lol see drama much for respecting everyones so sand sand enter the garri of opinions lmao...madame sting i love the effect u have on people!

  11. It was people like you,LOVELIFE4SALE i was referring to and not my dear sister sting whose STAND i had known all along, and we have AGREE TO DISAGREE....i knew there would be INSULTS.... & i REFUSE to join the BANDWAGON just because i want to be seen to be MODERN OR WHAT-SO-EVER! i never denied am a RAZZ babe to the core and BELIEVE in my religion! IS TO YOUR OWN TENT O ISREAL! don't believe in GOD?..THAT IS YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!...a piece of advise, YOU CAN PASTE YOUR COMMENT AS A POST IN YOUR BLOG{since you do that perfectly well in some else's blog} AND LET YOUR CRONIES HAVE A GO AT ME, SO AS TO BE A BALM OR PANACHE FOR YOUR 'WOUND' would be a pleasure to me to read your cronies reply and have a good laugh!

    @9jalines & prism, dear sistahs, i could read BETWEEN THE LINES..i had NEVER hidden my view in blogsville, and just like Myne said, lets sheath our swords, because i RESPECT both of you, and have no desire to have a spate , i honourably bow out.

    Good night Ladies...or, i forgot there is a gentleman amongst us!

  12. @Iwalewa: LOL...says the person who thinks being gay is a bigger sin than premarital sex. I wonder what you know about being retarded, cos right now it's got your picture all over it :) I don't need any explanations from you anyway. Your comments are self explanatory. Like i said, don't take it personal, cos from the comment you just left on my blog, you sound like a big bitch. At least, i am a little one. LOL. Ha ha!!!

    @Ibhade: Glad to know it wasn't me you were referring to because we have already agreed to disagree on this issue and regardless, i wouldn't go out of my way to insult YOU.

    As for insulting some other people, such as Iwalewa....hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. I'm amused.

  13. The sheer amount of ignorance and stupidity that this post has generated is unbelievable.

    I posted a comment on KitKat's post but I might have to write a blog post. It's beyond disgusting.

  14. @Ibhade/Nitty Gritty:

    Do you even know WHY incest is not a good thing?

    Because it concentrates genetic disorders or anomalies.

    To prevent this, human beings evolved natural sexual aversion to people they grew up with as siblings WHETHER THEY ARE ACTUALLY RELATED OR NOT.

    That is why if you and Brad Pitt grew up in the same house as brother and sister, even though you are not related in the least, the thought of having sex with Brad Pitt will make you feel ill whereas brothers and sisters who were separated at a young age and accidentally meet without knowing fall in love all the time (usually with disastrous results).

    Aversion to sex with close relatives does not base naturally on whoever is your blood relative wherever they may be, it is based on people you grow up in close (sibling like) PROXIMITY to.

    People who deliberately choose to commit incest in spite of having grown up in extremely close proximity to their sibling either do not have the close relative sex aversion (meaning they are medically deficient of it) or they have to CONSCIOUSLY overcome it with their own WILL POWER.

    Seriously, between you and kit kat, I fucking give up. Please stop these damn snowball arguments trying to link two things (homosexuality and incest or homosexuality and bestiality) that are completely UNRELATED.

    Thank you.

  15. hmm all I can say Sting is good job - racking up those view counts with controversial topics lol smart!
    btw - stuff like this does bring out the real ish that pple are made up of. Take a look at some of the replies lol

    aii i'm peace of course.

    ps. GO AND STUDY! Med school no be come chop o!

  16. @Ibhade,

    I wasn't looking to start a spate either. You've always posted what you believe and that is fine. I still like your blog, and your personality. I was just posting what I believe. Like you said, there's nothing wrong in disagreeing.

    You will be missed on blogville. I wish you success with your business :)

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