Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tough Choice

Sometimes in life we have to make very difficult "purely head" decisions. Your heart says one thing but your head knows better. It is those times u have to grit ur teeth and bear it. Clench ur fists, harden ur heart and get through it. When it is over, you will be able to breath again.

I'm clenching my fists, gritting my teeth and bearing it. (I haven't become a white woman overnight, excuse the picture)

I need to be happy. I need some peace of mind. I need to breath.


  1. lol@ i'm not a white woman overnight.
    how r u doing?

  2. I think you should just take a break

  3. I know right! @downtheaisle

    Hope u good ma! :)

  4. Why not take a breather? A holiday to where no one knows you perhaps? Goodluck!

  5. Hey sting...

    long time...

    lol @ white woman...we get it tho!


  6. heheheheheh.
    You funny no be small..
    How are you? hope all's well with you?
    Your job and all?
    Just relax okay?Hope you got my mail?Will inform you after the negotiations.. Take care..

  7. You deserve a breather, so do feel free to take one!!

  8. Take it easy girl. u will be fine


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