Sunday, March 7, 2010

The little things

Oh mehn, today! I had a ball!!!!! Somehow, i was able to come out of the depression that was threatening to overtake me and just live. Just be alive and live!!!! So let me tell u guys about my day. I wish i could just capture this feeling i have right this minute and keep it forever (well, except the chest pain from the excessive second hand smoke i inhaled this evening).

So i worked Friday night (11p-7a), got home, slept 4 hours, woke up, and went to a Home show. Regular me would have said "hell no" to a Home show, but i figured what the heck, i might as well get out the house. We found 1200 thread count egyptian cotton sheets for $30!!!!! $30!!!!! I can die in peace now. My sheets in school are 400 thread count and they cost me more that $30 plus they were on sale when i got them. I had figured i would not be able to afford a 1200 thread count sheet until i became a doctor or something and that totally made my day! They cost over $200 on average. My brother-in-law said he had never seen me so excited about something before. 400 thread count sheets feel good to sleep on, i can't even begin to imagine what these would feel like. I can't believe i am gushing over sheets. It's the little things in life that make me happy.

So back to my story, we then go to the mall so my sister can get a dress for the memorial service tomorrow. I ended up with the cutest hello kitty tote, a hello kitty wallet and a pair of sunglasses.

I love going out with my sister. I always get free stuff. Always!! Then she was like, would u like to go get a pedicure? Of course i said yes. If you paying, i'm going. Besides i've never had a pedicure before. So we get home, change to flip flops and go to the nail salon. We have to roll our pants up? Oh, i hadn't thot of that. Sting hasn't shaved her legs for close to three weeks now and she has some active hairs growing there. Add the fact that it's thick dark hair, not a pretty sight at the moment, and to think she actually thot of shaving (for a second) that morning. What to do, what to do? Ma'am you have to roll up your pants higher than that. Shit! Alright, fuck it! While you are at it, i want a massage also, so curse me silently while u massage my hairy leg. Well, i didn't actually know the massage includes your leg. I thot it was just a foot massage, oh well. I have to pretty toenails to show for it. My leg seems lighter too. Don't tell me it was dirt making my feet darker all this time. I refuse to believe that.
I think i have funny looking toes. I had a friend burst out laughing at my stubby toes the first time he saw them. Good thing i am not sensitive about them cos i would have been hurt. Hey, what can i say, i am perfect in all my imperfections.

Back to my story, after the pedicure, we went to the wake or wake keeping as we say in Nigeria. It really was a party with lots of people and food and drinks. She was Jamaican, so of course there was rice and peas and oxtail. I love the jamiacan accent and patois. I wonder if non nigerians think that when they hear us speaking pidgin english. We were outside most of the time in the garage and lots of people came out to smoke. So besides the second hand smoke and the cold, it was fun. I laughed a lot cos some people were too funny, esp with them being slightly drunk, they just say funny stuff.

One of the uncles said something today that made sense. He said, the gods take the ones they love early. It might not be logical, but it helps to deal with your grief. She was just 51 and she died in her sleep. She wasn't sick or anything, she just slept and didn't wake up. She did have a heart problem but no one knew about it. Her kids are not sure if she did. The point is, it was a very unexpected death. The house did not feel the same without her in it. I can't get over the fact that i just saw her. Anyway, c'est la vie.

Funny story at the party, so they were starting to talk crap, and this chic was like stop, there's a child here. Guess who the child was? Me. I'm way older than her. My younger brother is older than her, yet she thot i was my sister's child. Ha ha ha! Nothing new there anyway. Funny enough when i got to work yesterday, this nurse was like, "She is so cute. Look at her, isn't she cute" Then she turned to me and said "I'm not gay or anything, i'm just saying". So i get home this morning and complain about how she said it like she was talking about a child. I took it as a compliment sha. I won't lie. I had been depressed the whole day before going to work, so that made me feel good for like a good 2 mins.

So my lovely day is over. Sadly. I honestly can't remember the last time i felt like this. I had a good day and i appreciate it plenty plenty. Enjoy my doggies and the rest of ur weekend too.

Nadia (daughter) and Kimiko (mother of Nadia in doggie bed)


  1. Amazing, you have such fresh feet. My feet are quite dark, Maybe its time for my own pedicure....and my toe nails are horrible too :(

  2. your puppies are so cute
    makes me almost want to get
    a couple of em'

  3. Wow i want those puppies:)
    Haaaa...i wish i have a sister:(
    Glad u had fun!!!

  4. lol Mamuje, i have fresh feet? That's a way to describe them. Thanks.

    Tisha, thanks. They are cute, although Lenie needs at hair cut at the moment, he looks like an old man.

    KabiOsi, u can come get Nadia, she refused to allow me sleep before i went to work. Acting like a little baby seeking attention. My sister would probably kill me cos that's her dog, but i'm willing to take that risk. Oh, i can let u have a sister too. I have 4 full sisters and 4 half sisters and i'm right in the middle of all that.

  5. Mehn I want a pedicure so bad! Haven't had one since winter started and it was time for covered shoes! Lol. I love that color and the contrast with your feet. What is it?

  6. i need a pedicure mehn.
    do you know that ive never shaved my legs since i was born?the hairs just dont

  7. EDJ, I have no idea. Didn't look at the name.

    Leggy, i seriously envy u. I have hairy legs with thick dark hair that are very obvious. I was told my maternal grandfather has super hairy legs, apparently i got his genes. Not shaving didn't bother me b4 i got to this country. I actually liked the hairy legs, now i've become americanized and disgusted by my own hairy legs, although that is usually not enough motivation to shave regularly.

  8. This is my ideal way of fun esp.when I'm not spending a dime of my
    You've got real sweet puppies,you know?
    My feet hasn't seen a pedicure for a long while,no time..I just hide it inside shoes.. I wish I could borrow your feet!lol, they so fresh!
    Hope you good?

  9. With those feet I can imagine people calling you a child or cute. You must be plump and cuddly and those hello kitty accessories...Me likey, lol..

  10. Omo, those ur toes really had me rolling over my room floor clutching my belly. Seriously. You must be plumpy then? Not in a bad way sha. lol



    Next your toes got me laughing. First word that came to mind: Undiscovered Tropic fruit!

  12. LOL.... u guys got me cracking up just imagining what u think i look like cos of my toes. My toes and fingers don't match the rest of my body. Believe it or not. Even when i weighed 50kg, my toes looked like that. My best friend in jnr sec sch, saw a picture of my feet and that of my sister and niece and she was able to identify my feet even though it's been a million years since she saw then.

  13. its true o..i can deduce your look form ur toes... btw.. really cute and..ermm..young,. lol..
    enjoyed the post..really

  14. don't let my daughter see the Hello Kitty stuff, she loves that stuff! Your doggies are cute!!!

  15. Nadia and Kimiko are sooooooo cute!
    I have had a pedicure once in my life too and my big sis paid for them too.

  16. them toes had me laughing too!!!:-)


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