Monday, March 8, 2010


Hello all,

My name is Sting and i have decided to become a flexitarian. What is a flexitarian and why did u decide to become one? My answer to your first question is "google it" and to the second "on a whim, apparently my life is not complicated enough"............................... Nah nah nah, i'm just playing.

So, what had happened was somehow somehow sha, i stumbled on this book on

 I don't know how or why or what in God's name i was searching for but i do know for sure that i was bored that day, hence my broke ass browing Anyhoo, after i found the book, i googled what a flexitarian was and i said aha! This is it, the answer to all my problems in life (yeah right).

So a flexitarian is pretty much a vegetarian who eats a moderate amount of meat. Now anyone who knows me at all, knows that my middle name is meat. I probably eat meat 366 and a half days a year. However, i heard that too much meat puts u at risk for colon cancer in the future and as much as i love meat, i think i love the use of my asshole better (sorry for being so crass. It happens from time to time, pls bear with me :) The thought of ever having a colostomy has put the fear of God in me. So i have been thinking about how to cut down my meat intake. I don't think i can ever be a vegetarian, some pple are just created to eat meat and i am one of them.

The book also promises weight loss. I have even heard that people go on a vegetarian diet to lose weight, case in point Ruben Studdard (Uh hum, i watched the Wendy show start to finish for the first time today). That's a little too extreme for me and it's not that serious. That's what exercise is for. There's a hundred recipes in the book which i am excited about cos i have become a chef overnight plus some other feel good stuff. My book arrived today.  I will try it out and come back and give feedback in about 3 months when all of u have forgotten i ever wrote this post, and even if u still remember, u probably couldn't care less.

Ciao lovies.

P.S I should give u guys gist about work. I really do work in a mad house!!!!


  1. Trust me, we wont be forgetting the flexitarian blog...*snapping fingers lightly* :-)We are waiting for feedback and if it works for you we would then consider trying it.... meat eating for me is psychological. I just cant eat a meal without meat.

    Last I was making a pasta dish...that required no meat...but I had to put some chicken in the dish.

  2. kai, oyino no go tell me! which one na flexitarian again o. u see wetin too much food dey cause. abi na wen u find enough chop to quench hunger, u go being dey choosy. it's all good. enjoy ur new eating type. i too love meat

  3. I have heard a new one now...flexitarian...hmmnnn... Good luck wth that...

    PS; tell us abot work....

  4. lo n je be? Isnt that what normal people are?

  5. LOL @ Lucidlilith.... ur comment cracked me up.

  6. Really
    What's up?

  7. Nice one...maybe you should carry us along..
    Flexitarian! lol

  8. There's a name for everything. What of those of us that have been flexiterians all our life? LOL...good luck dear and I will remind you oo...

  9. LL isn't Yoruba is she? Look at her spitting out Yoruba like a pro.

    It's true though: oyinbos are pretty much natural flexitarians since every meal doesn't have to have meat for them.

    Well, moderation in all things (including meat) surely can't hurt. Like Mamuje, eating meat is psychological for me...except for the fact that I do find myself craving beef sometimes.

    Looking forward to hearing more in a couple of months.


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