Sunday, March 14, 2010


New week, new beginnings abi? Just walked 8.9miles in 1hr 55mins and came home to a breakfast of old fashioned oatmeal and almonds, sprinkled some flax seed in there for good measure. I no dey play again. Gotta lose this weight.

Why is it that guys complain when u r all over them, but the minute u start to ignore them and treat them like everyone else, they start to complain and become all over u? So that's the secret abi? Don't worry, i have  your number, Mr.


  1. Happy sunday....
    i want a gym body...sth to motivate me to hit the gym...been slacking dis days..arggh.
    guys are confused being.

  2. Good for you.. No time to even work my weight off,mcheew.. but time dey to chop lol..
    Ahhh for guys. i long since learnt that trick oh.. and its been working for me and even more so now that I'm off men.. (I'm now like a player guy)
    What word is that..
    Emmmm, you've been AWOL oh and we no like..
    WE are all missing you oh.. how far?

  3. That's the kinda motivation I need. Girl you seem fit oh, I need such inspiration. Keep it up.

  4. I know!!! About the guy missing you after you stop being clingy bit. It's hilarious - as they say, you don't miss the water till the well runs dry...

    The weight must go o - Amen somebody. I woke up this morning to work out, and it was a good one. I praying for the fortitude to keep at it. All the best dear.

  5. A 9 mile walk in 2 hours? wow! very cool!

    lol @ simeone

  6. I need some inspiration, chai!


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