Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hola people,

So i told u guys abt my sister's "adopted" mom that passed away. It wasn't real for me until yesterday. Her grandson who lived with her was having a conversation with my sister about her and he said he missed her yelling at him, and my sister asked why and he said because he missed hearing her voice. I teared up and moved away. I can't imagine what they must be going through. Around today, gone tomorrow. How do u fill that hole?  After playing with dead bodies for 6 months last year, i thot i was desensitized at least a little bit. I remember one weird conversation i had with a classmate. We were going through all the bodies on our side of the lab in preparation for an exam, and she said "we need another penis". She said it so matter of fact, we both burst out laughing. Seriously, by the time we were done with the bodies, it was the stuff nightmares are made of.

I guess dealing with dead bodies and dealing with death and dying are two different things. I don't know if i've said this before but it wasn't even real for me until i saw a black cadaver. 98% of our body donors were white, and until i saw that black cadaver i guess in order to cope with what i was doing, i had dissociated the fact that these were once people like me and you from my mind.

Anyhoodle, i start work on Thursday bright and early. I going to c if i prefer doing 1st shift so i can have the rest of the day to myself. I'm working 3rd shift on Friday. We r supposed to orient on all shifts and all 4 units twice. So orientation on the unit lasts 8 days, with u spending 2 shifts in each unit. I think it's so much better than the last job i worked at cos there u only orient 3 shifts and u were not rotated on all units. So by the end of orientation u barely know anything.

So because i have been so gloomy lately, i decided to share my companions with u guys. These are my little shadows (until my sister gets home then they abandon me)

Nadia, Kimiko and Lenie



  1. death is a bitch but its inevitable...you live today and tomorrow you die..such is life!!pele dear

  2. I love the shoe u have as ur picture Pink Satin. It's so sexy.

  3. *sigh* death o death; I dnt even wish it for my enemies...it is tragic, there's no exchnge, no return, no i'll be back...gone is gone.

    Mnwhyl, ur companions r soooo adorable!!! I wish I had one, but my Mom says not in her apt...lol..so I hve to wait till I move out.

  4. "dealing with dead bodies and dealing with death and dying are two different things" you can say that again.

    I wish I could comfort you. Please accept my sympathy. Sorry oh.

    The puppies are a real distraction from the message you were posting about :-)

  5. Thanks Ms Enigma, i'm sure the doggies appreciate ur compliment. I don't know how adorable they are when i have to pick up poop, even after letting them out multiple times, one still decides to be sneaky and poop in the dining room every once in a while. Still not sure which one does that, but i have my suspicions.

    @Rita: Thanks. I wasn't close to the lady. My sister was, it was just hard to be in her house and she's not around. Surreal, really.

  6. sorry..Please I hope you get to be a better mood.. great friends(companions) you've got..

  7. It's interesting what you said about dealing with bodies vs. dealing with death and dying because back when I had med school aspirations I wondered if I could deal with cadavers. I don't know if I could to be honest.

    I'm sorry for the loss your sister's feeling and the emotions that were brought up for you and for her grandson.

    Your four-legged companions are adorable! Gosh!


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