Wednesday, November 11, 2009


3 down, one more to go on friday. Biochem, watch out. I intend to murder u. There will be bloodshed, i tell ya and i will come out the sole survivor.

I thank God for everything. I killed anatomy lab yesterday. Got only one structure wrong cos i changed my answer. Guess who's cadaver that particular structure was on? MINE!!!! I didn't go to lab not once this block, decided to put my time to better use. Apparently and understandably so, my lab partners might be tired of doing all the dissections, cos the other female in the group doesn't show up also. So this block as well as last block, our body donor was barely dissected. So i guess to "punish" us, the professors just stuck a pin in the gall bladder which was still very much connected to the liver and deep in the abdomen and you could only see the top. Here's where it got tricky (those sneaky bastards). The gall bladder is GREEN, so it's very easily identifiable, but i guess our lady had something wrong with her, and there was not a hint of green on her gall bladder. I initially put down gall bladder cos i was thinking based on its location it couldn't be anything else. Then i changed my answer cos i had never seen a gall bladder that wasn't green. Anyway, i guess karma had to get me for not going to lab somehow.

Oya o! Break is over. I have barely slept since Sunday. The last time i slept on my bed was Sunday. I just crash on the floor. I'm going to go eat, nap and then hit Biochem. Wish me luck guys. I really need to pass this exam.


  1. I wish you the best of luck girl. Go get them...

  2. sound more like an exam warrior than a student taking exam!

    Good luck with the remaining papers.

  3. i was starting to think you had been swallowed by the books. Congratulations, i don't miss those steeple chase exams, i got one of the foot bones once and i totally had NO idea!

    All the best with the rest.


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